Animal Jam The Story Of The Lost Jammer By Fingman & Friends Decompose1

Note: One name has been changed in this story.

The Story

It had been two years since the FMAN rumours began on Animal Jam. Jammers had been about their business for quite some time without fear of getting hacked, minus the occasional fake FMAN users popping up around Jamaa. Some could say that Jammers were bored of everyday life on AJ; there wasn't anything exciting or new to discover. The game had gotten old for some experienced users.

Suddenly, in late May of 2015, everything changed; new rumours had started. I was very confused, as all of my buddies told me slightly different stories about a "new FMAN". Some claimed he was formerly a regular Jammer, who was scammed and then devoted the rest of his life to hacking Animal Jam to obtain account information. Others said he was an AJ staff member who was fired and used inside information to access others' accounts. I couldn't tell what was real and what was fake. All I knew for sure was that someone was taking FMAN's place as the most feared AJ player, and that someone had become known as the Lost Jammer.

Everyone in Jamaa Township knew about the Lost Jammer, but not a single person seemed to know his username. "Oh, I've heard that he has night black, darker than you can choose," said one Arctic Wolf. "Doesn't he have really small eyes?" recalled another user. After asking every member in the room, a normal-looking nonmember seal approached me. "I know the name of the Lost Jammer," he said. I thought he was joking, until he said, "Decompose1." I searched up the username and there it was: a user tag depicting a nonmember dark-black wolf with beady eyes.

Instantly, I checked to see if the user's den was unlocked. It was. I clicked on the den button and waited anxiously. An hour seemed to pass before I actually got into the den, although it probably only took a few seconds. As usual, the den was a Small House. Not a single item was in the den, except for a singular orange mat in the centre of the floor. I took a few screenshots and saved them to my hard drive, but I didn't think they could be of any real use.

Animal Jam The Story Of The Lost Jammer By Fingman & Friends Flying Decompose1
Animal Jam The Story Of The Lost Jammer By Fingman & Friends Custom Nametag

I checked the user tag once more. The wolf didn't look too different from any random nonmember. I started to think that the seal gave me a fake username until I noticed the wolf's name. "Awesome Sunnybrave." The exact same name as that of FMAN122's wolf - it couldn't be a coincidence, even though the two wolves looked completely different. I then realised that the user might not be a new FMAN; instead, it was possible that the account owner was FMAN. FMAN122, the story that even AJHQ condemned (you cannot type FMAN's name in Chat).

Shocked at my discovery, I sent Jam-A-Grams to the famous Jammers I knew, hoping that they would cover the Lost Jammer story in a video or blog post. Julian2, Bepper, Generally AJ, LilacPetal, Snowyclaw. The world had to know.

Animal Jam The Lost Jammer FMAN Decompose1

After I had clicked "Send" on the last Jam-A-Gram, I thought about the user behind "Decompose1." It could be a sick joke, I realised; maybe it's all fake. The seal could've been set up by Decompose1 himself. It was very possible that it was a complete hoax. Disappointed, I was about to sign out when I got a Jam-A-Gram. It was from a user I had never heard of, "Kody2405". It read, "Come to my den for answers."

I did as the letter instructed and entered Kody2405's den. Inside was a penguin dressed in an orange spiked collar. "This is ridiculous," I thought. The penguin told me, "Set up three tiki torches on top of a standard AJ sewer cover in your den. That's how you'll summon him." Confused, I asked, "Do you mean the Lost Jammer?" He responded, "I believe you know his username already. That's who I mean alright." I left his den to do as he asked.

Fortunately, I happened to have the items needed to "summon" the Jammer. I set the torches up, creating a circle around the sewer cover. I waited for something to happen, but nothing did. "Summoning a Jammer, how stupid. I should've known this was fake," I told myself. I typed in the "Lost" Jammer's username to report him to AJHQ when I noticed the lit-up trade and game buttons. The Lost Jammer was on.

"Maybe the Lost Jammer really did come on because of the items I placed. It's possible that he's a hacker who can see the items placed in every den, and this particular combination does something that requires him to log on..." I wondered. I entered Decompose1's den, and sure enough, he was there. Strangely, the orange mat that was there earlier was gone. In its place sat the black wolf himself, looking as if he was waiting for something. I waited, too, for something to occur. After five minutes or so of no speaking, another jammer entered the den.

Animal Jam The Story Of The Lost Jammer By Fingman & Friends Decompose1 Sunset

I tried to click on this Jammer's name, but it wasn't working. The colour seemed off, too; it seemed more faded than a regular name tag. I blinked and looked at the Jammer again - they looked very faded, as if they were somewhat transparent. I didn't think anything of it, because the new Jammer's transparency was most likely a glitch and nothing to be afraid of.

The Lost Jammer finally spoke. "~~I, too, can become transparent.~~" I read from the speech bubble. "That's odd," I thought, noting that you cannot type tildes (~) in Chat.

And just like that, the Lost Jammer was gone. He really did become transparent.