There was Sunclan and Moonclan (CUSTOM ANIMAL JAM DENS), The Moonclan leader, Moonclaw (Icymoon) and the Sunclan leader, Sunclaw (You'll know soon). Yes there are end credits, Lol. And Moonclaw's guard, Moonpaw. (Berryclaw).

Once, In Sunclan.. It was Raining so hard and there was Fog everywhere, Sunclaw couldn't see anything, Except for a Potion-like Bottle in front of her, She picked it up with her paw, and looked inside it, There was nothing in it Except now there was water in it from the Rain. The sun leader saw another bottle, She went over to it, And saw another, Now it was making a trail! She followed the trail of bottles and the Rain became harder, She could hear her heart thumping as Loud as if she was dying, Becuase the rain almost blew her off and got her Lost in the trail. She followed it for an hour until the Rain blew the bottles behind and in front of her away, She was lost in the forest with No way home. Suddenly, Before she knew it, She was glowing.

GlowWC sunclaw

Moonclaw's PoV

I Was walking around in a circle, Thinking. Moonpaw tried to Break me out of my Zone-Out mode, But nothing worked, I Continued walking in a circle, Think think think, That's all i did. Suddenly, Sunclaw's Guard showed up. He talked to me, And i was still in Zone-Out mode, I Couldn't make out what was happening around me. All i could make out was Something about the sun warrior, Next something about Lost, Suddenly i broke out of Zone-out mode. WHAT!? Sunclaw is Missing!? WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME EARLIER!? I Said. But i did.. He Said. Oh.. I Said. Sorry.. I Continued walking in a circle, Starting to zone out again. I Was thinking How sunclaw could Dissapear, it doesn't make any sense! Sunclaw's guard walked away, Upset that Sunclaw was missing and I Didn't want to help. So i left it to him, And he came back. Can you help me? He Asked. No. I Replied. He glared at me, Then sighed. He didn't walk away, i Could tell he had an idea With that look in his eyes. I DECLARE WAR ON MOONCLAN! He Yelled. WHAT!!?? I Gasped, And almost fainted. WHY War!?"' I Asked. Becuase we can't Do anything with the Leader gone! He Replied, Then he walked away, Going to tell the rest of Sunclan about the War.


Regular PoV

WAY Later, the War was over, Hundreds of Warriors were gone, And it was Sunclaw's fault. After that, Moonclaw went to a Snowy area, While looking for Sunclaw. Snow began to Fall on her fur, And it became Too hard for her to Not hold onto a Tree. She cried for help, And her feet were Turning to ice Before she knew it. She walked to Moonclan, Then walked to Sunclan, And it was One minute left Until she Froze completely. She got Help with One of the Sunclan Warriors And stood in the Hottest spot in Sunclan, The ice on her Began to thaw, And the Ice was melted now, Then her Body colors began to Change, And the Patterns and Colors on her Turned into the Sun Leader's Colors! It revealed that SHE was the Sun leader, And what was Glowing earlier was a Spell that Fooled her into Thinking she was the Moonclan leader, And Soon, Everything turned back to Normal becuase More cats (Wolves, in AJ) Were joining the Two clans, And there was a New Moonclan leader Soon enough.

Everything was Normal again, And The warriors Learned a lesson to Keep hidden During rain.



Mythical Icymoon, Rosealuck14, Moonclaw & Sunclaw.

Snowflake Berryclaw, Bloomingfrozenwolf1, Moonclaw's Guard.

(Can't Remember.) (Can't Remember.) Others.

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