Okay, so, I thought I would leave a super hard riddle-kinda-question-thing for y'all to work out! If you give me the correct answer, you could win a rare bow and arrow on AJ!

Okay, so, before I start the story, I'll y'all a clue:

rysta tac nsiocrgs lohawkturgh.

If ya manage to figure that out, search for it on the red place which is within the name of a spider's home.

Riddly diddly... hehe...

Anyways, if you manage to figure THAT out, do your research on the first clue! Then, compare it to my story and give me the answer in the comments.


If you can answer me this:

What do the four wolves represent? (You need to understand the first 2 clues for this.)

You get to choose between 2 rare bows! (If the answer is correct, that is.)

Plz don't rage at me, I know I made this riddle-iculously hard (I worked hard on that pun XD) for y'all...

-ImLonely (lone)

The Story 

You walk down the deserted road of Jamaa Township, not knowing where you're going or why. As you round a corner, a small figure comes into view. You walk towards the figure and realize that it is actually a bunny, a young one too. As you draw nearer, you look closely at her. She has a bonnet on her head, tied in a neat bow, and a turquoise designer skirt. She looks somewhat lost or rather scared, so you slowly approach her.

"Hello there," you call softly to her, trying not to scare her. She turns to look at you, but doesn't speak.

"What's wrong, are you lost?" You ask. No reply.

"Its pretty late." You tell the small bunny.

"Do you know where your house is?" You press on, determined for an answer.

"Are you lost?" You question her again, starting to worry.

"N-no..." she looks at the ground.

"I can take you home if you want," you say.

"Okay..." she replies.

"I live over there..." she points further down the road, so you decide to take her home.

You turn around and start walking, but soon stop after a few steps when you realise that she is not following you.

"What's wrong?" You tilt your head at her.

"C-cold..." she replies.

You quickly hand her your scarf, and she gratefully takes it.

"Is that better?" You ask, hoping she will follow you now.

"T-t-to tight..." she squeaks.

You loosed the scarf for her, apologising.

"It wasn't your fault, and thank you..." she says politely. 

It wasn't your fault.

Together, you both set off down the street. You walk in silence.

A few minutes later, a house pops up into view, and you guess this is the bunny's home.

"Is this your home... uhh... what's your name?" You ask, trying to avoid the awkward situation.

"Yes... yes, this is my home... you can call me Cat." She squeaks.

"Okay, Cat, take care!" You smile at her.

"You too! And uh... thank you!" Cat smiles shyly, before running into the house.

You suddenly realise that Cat took your scarf, your special scarf. 

"Cat, wait!" You call after the bunny, but to no avail. You sigh and have no other choice but to follow her in.

You walk up the small, dirty path to the mansion. On either side of you, there is a lawn. Small clumps of grass are dotted around it, with the odd patch of clovers. Surrounding the lawn on either side is an iron fence, covered in red roses. Nettles and thorns surround the striking flowers, while swerving in and out of the rough iron fence. 

You approach a grand set of doors which are slightly ajar, so you slip through the gap and enter the house. Looking around, you take in multiple things. 

This house seems strangely familiar, but you cannot recall why it does so. The house is fairly normal, apart from the dust that has settled over the years and the cobwebs dangling from the ceiling. 

You spy a set of wet footprints leading down to the basement. You guess these are Cat's, so you follow them.

The footprints lead you down a set of stone steps, slowly descending into the darkness. They cease, turning into a dimly lit corridor. At the end of the corridor, you see strange objects, but you're too far away to tell what they are.

You walk through the hallway, looking at paintings on the walls. There are family portraits, photos of pets, children's drawings, etc.

Your eyes slowly slide onto three figures at the end of the hallway. You are now close enough to see them a bit better, and  they appear to have doll faces.

One of them is very tall, dressed in a top hat and tail coat. Another one is small, dressed similarly to the other one. Finally the third online looks like a dog. Looking closer at the weird creature, you see that it has the face of a baby, twisted into a crying expression.

Mkay, brace yourselves guys, it'll be a long story. I can't add anyone in, sorry about that. This will take some time to make, so please be patient. Thanks c:


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