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Before I get into things, let me introduce myself. I'm Bright Eyes, and I'm the proud founder of the Loving Saviours. Other animals, like me, wish to repair the economy of Jamaa, through anything - even that mean Thunder Squad. Thunder Squad - I remember their leader, Jawbreaker, and his defeat. But the sad truth is that another, crueller leader has taken his place - Bonebreaker. The land's still apocolyptic, though Darling's voice sings away in my mind. Anyways, me and Strongheart - a kind male snow leopard - plus the group were scouring the colorless town for anyone whomn needed shelter. Suddenly, my nose picked up on the scent of a bunny. "Strongheart," I said. "I smell a bunny that needs help." He replied, "Ok. I'm going to use my ears, you use your nose! We're gonna see if we find the same animal!" Nodding, the group used their best senses to scour out the weak bunny. A cry rang through the air, which sounded like - a bunny in pain! Man, Bonebreaker finds victims fast! Rushing towards the source of the sound, Strongheart peeked over the ruined wall of a building to find a whimpering bunny under the painful torture of Bonebreaker and the rest of the Thunder Squad. I was peeking over the wall too, but I couldn't resist defending a helpless bunny. Rushing in on the scene, I got a closer look at the injuries the bunny had sustained. Other than looking fairly starved, it looked like there was a painful claw gash in the flesh accompanied by a knife wound. Saddened by this, I screamed, "What sick animals are you?!?!?!" Cold eyes turned my way, but I wasn't one to fear the Thunder Squad. The strongest members of The Loving Saviours joined me, including Strongheart, and the two groups battled it out, but me? I was tending to the rabbit's wounds, because I care. Nuzzling the little rabbit, he then revealed his name to be Kindle. The battle ended too, with the Loving Saviours' triumph.

~Back at the Loving Saviours camp~

Kindle was still bleeding, though blood loss was prevented via bandages. Gently applying some healing lotion onto the bandages, our nurse, Pleatlove the cheetah, gave Kindle some food. He opened his eyes, and seeing the predatory yet caring nurse, Kindle went back to sleep, thanking himself to be put in such loving paws. Strongheart was on the lookout for any Thunder Squad members along with Shybrave, our proud lion guard. I was baking in the kitchen along with Strong Bound, the hyena chef. Everything was peaceful, until - "The camp is under attack!" That oh-so-familiar wolf voice - the voice of Bonebreaker. "Gather the warriors!" Shybrave screamed. Turning off the oven (yes, we have an electricity generator), Strong Bound gathered up a crossbow and some bolts and ran for the back of the camp along with 39 other warriors. Under orders, Pleatlove locked any possible entrances to the hospital, but she left the vents open, for the only way to get into the hospital via vents was to climb to the ceiling. I was one of the warriors defending the front of the camp, and we were prepared for oncoming forces. Bonebreaker himself came up to the front. "Let us take over the camp, and lots of bloodshed will be saved!" He shouted. I wasn't one to give up the camp too easily, so I said, "No! We'll fight!" Then war ensued. It was chaos. Shouts and everything! But even worse was that our food supply was raided. It turns out that Thunder Squad had an eagle who stole as much food as he could carry, and it was lots of food that he could carry! But in the end, our camp was safe. All in a day's work of the Loving Saviours.

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