"I wish for children to see the truth." (Done!)


Before we begin... who am I? I am Eternal. Eternal TheWolf. Just call me Eternal. This is my story... of the mirror....

"This is it! The best idea yet!"

"What is it?"

"A Magical Mirror that will grant any wish!"

"Like what?

"A Jammer can ask for anything, any rare, any beta! Anything! It will come true!"

"Anything? Even for bloody gore?

"Ya! Isn't that amazing?"

"Since you allow that... let me improve how bloody and gory it is... and magical..."

"Ok, just be careful!"

Dreams Can Really Come True (Chapter 1)

I was walking around Jamaa. I sat near the News Bulletin Board. I took a peek at it and saw something very cool, but quite tragic for beta people. Animal Jam made something called "The Magical Mirror." It said it could grant any wish, even betas and rares. Best of all, it was for non members and members! I bought one, which only cost 300 gems. I placed it in my den. I stood there at first. The Magical Mirror sat there quietly. Then a female voice said,

"What is your wish, master? Just say I wish then I'll grant it!"

My eyes widen as it spoke.

I finally said quietly, "I wish I had a black long."

The Mirror glowed black and white. A long black collar appeared in my inventory.

I smiled and yelled happily, "This thing really IS magical!".

I ran out of my den to tell all of my friends. They heard of it too! But sadly, when I went to Aldan to trade the black long for other stuff, no one had anything on trade.

Everyone was saying, "All betas are worthless now. You can get them from The Magical Mirror."

They were recycling their betas! Headdresses, spikes, beta tiaras, etc.

I looked around and frowned. "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea."

Unlimited Wishes (Chapter 2)

After 1 month after AJ released The Magical Mirror, an Arctic Wolf discovered that it grants more than wishing for an item. It can give you ANYTHING. Clan Cats wished for a stronger clan and more cats, The Magical Mirror granted so. Scammers wished for their victims to be more gullible. Granted so. Mate-beggars wished for mates. Granted so. After a while, Animal Jam was buzzing with activity. Lots of stuff going on since The Magical Mirror came out. Even a few of the Alphas' bought it! The Magical Mirror was so popular that AJ started charging diamonds AND gems for it! 1000 gems and 5 diamonds were the new price. I then started to dislike the mirror. It granted any wish. Literally anything. It can be a horrible, graphic wish. Someone can even wish that Animal Jam never existed! Thankfully, that hasn't happened. After that, I recycled my Magical Mirror. Then I went to bed. But what I didn't know that it cannot be recycled, traded or gifted... you are stuck with it...

Dark Secret Within (Chapter 3)

When I woke up the next morning, everything was gone besides the bed. All of my furniture was gone. Expect for The Magical Mirror. I got up slowly and stared at it. I narrowed my eyes and I saw something in the Mirror. It looked like a panda... it looked like it was in pain. I widen my eyes and they looked like saucers. The panda in the mirror was gone. I shook my head. I looked around and my furniture was still gone. I thought a thief wished all of my furniture away. I went up to the Magical Mirror and said the words,

"I wish my furniture was back."

The Magical Mirror stood there quietly. It didn't grant my wish. I groaned and went to Jamaa to buy a new Magical Mirror. But, everyone was angry because THEIR Magical Mirrors weren't granting wishes either. A message from the HQ appeared in the sky. Everyone looked up.

It said, "Attention Jammers. We are notified of the problem of the Magical Mirrors not working. We will fix them. Please stay calm. And hold onto your hats..."

After a few minutes it disappeared. Everyone was confused when it said, "Hold onto your hats." Then, everyone could hear a blood-curling scream. Everyone ran to their dens and hid. Including me. I slammed the door and hid under my bed. Then something horrible happen. The Magical Mirror spilled out blood and darkness. I was confused. I heard my neighbors scream as the exact same was happening to them. It was happening to everyone!

The Truth About the Mirror (Chapter 4)

I literally started to scream and run out of my den. After a few people saw me what I did, they did the same. Then after that everyone was huddled up at the Mira Statue. Many people and mumbling "What's happening?" Then on the ground, there was blood. When everyone looked up they saw all of their Mirrors in one spot. Then there was a voice from the mirror at the front.

"This game is full of 10 year olds who haven't learned what REAL animals face! You think animals dance, play, trade and have fun? WRONG! Now you will learn what they truly face!"

All of the Mirrors morphed into realistic animals. They started to claw and attack everyone. The screams can be heard in the entire land of Jamaa. Some people escaped to other places but when they crossed the line, a realistic animal killed them. I was horrified when some animals started to eat others! I couldn't take it anymore. I ran into a realistic animal on purpose. It was a lioness. It roared in my face and pounced on me. It sank it's powerful claws into my stomach. Blood was leaking out and you could see everything. I closed my eyes and I didn't open them.

The Purpose of the Mirror (Chapter 5)

I opened my eyes and I saw nothing. Everything is black, and I was floating. I heard a beep above me and I looked up. I saw the words,

"That is how real animals play. You are dead. This is how you will be for the rest of your invisible life."

I yelled out, "But why make it like this? There are a few 8 year olds and you horrified them to DEATH! What is the purpose of this anyway?".

I saw more words appear saying, "The Mirror shows you the lies that this game, Animal Jam shows you. Then the Mirror is wonderful and tells you everything! Isn't it glorious?".

I looked up confused. "How is this glorious? Kids are supposed to learn this when their older! Not now! You can ruin their lives!". 

The words appeared above me, "I wish for children to see the truth. This game tells them lies.".

I replied, "But at this young age?".

For a few minutes, there was no reply. Then I saw a Magical Mirror appear. A human figure appeared. It was a man.

"I am the Magical Mirror.", he said eerily.

"I was the one who made it to show you the truth."

I floated towards the Mirror and went inside of it. I saw many doors. They opened and closed. I didn't know where they lead. I then saw a little orb. It was very bright. It made the inside of the mirror have color. I grabbed it and stared at it. But only for 3 seconds until my eyes hurt. Then, I saw the man floating towards me enraged. I quickly floated out of the mirror with the orb. Then, it shattered. After that I disappeared and I opened my eyes.

The Aftermath (Chapter 6, final chapter)

My body was healed, the Magical Mirrors were gone. Everyone else who died awoke. Then I felt something hot in my paws. I looked down and I still had the orb. It was the power source of Magical Mirror. This was the thing that made it grant anything, and made it powerful. I realized there was more, but then I learned it was destroyed when the main power source was taken out. Yup. That mirror I went in was the first one and had control over the others. After that, no one talked about the Magical Mirrors. No one ever heard about it, or the man. The beta people who recycled their betas were begging for betas and rares. I still have the orb today, but I never granted any wishes. Why? If anyone knew I had it... Animal Jam can be ruined.

Well, that's the story of the forgotten Magical Mirrors. If you ask anyone about it, they'll just pretend they don't know. But deep inside, the Magical Mirrors are remembered as a nightmare.

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