Once upon a time there was a super rare emo wolf with cool hair and a baseball cap. On the screen one day it said

"Come to this hacker's den if you dare..."

and there was blood everywhere so he got nervous! He went to the hacker's den and there was jammers heads on spikes and there stood Fman122, WretchedJungle and The Lost Jamer!!!!! :O he was so spooked but he was so curious that he continued! Fman122 said to him

"TuRn bAcK bEfOrE yOu diE..."

Suddenly the map button vanished and he was stuck!! suddenly his super cool black long spike was gone!!!!! He was so spooked!!!!1 He thought it was a glitch but it was super duper real!!! Le gasp!!!!! Wretched jungle had blood all over him and said

"LoOk BeHinD YoU...."

Then the super emo wolf looked behind him and saw a man in a cloak!!!! The man killed him until he was dead!!! Then ripped off his arms and legs and ate his heart!!! He was never seen again!!!! Then before he finally died he heard the man say

"I GoT YoU NOw!!!"


This is a trollpasta, don't take this seriously. After reading the AJ Stories Cliches page I had to make the most cliche story ever.