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Written by Pikalil.

Chapter 1

Mythical stood at the end of the marching formation. He trembled and shook; the training today was jumping into a frozen lake. The general, Sir Gilbert, called for them to stop. Few of the army trainees smiled, knowing it was time for dinner, but they knew they wouldn't be able to eat. Mythical was one of the many who didn't smile, cold and shivering. His fur was wet and glossy. His moon-shaped necklace reflected the light of the moon. The snow glowed, and crunched under the weight of many animals.

Their spirits were low, many lost their lives in a recent battle with the phantoms. A weight, even heavier than on the snow, was carried on their backs. But the ones that did smile, tried to cheer up the others, even suffering the disappearance of their close friends. Finally, Sir Gilbert spoke out.

"I know our recent skirmish... was traumatizing for many of us. I lost a close friend as well," Sir Gilbert continued. The army members knew the close friend was the rabbit alpha, who only told Sir Gilbert his name. "I surely hope I don't offend you when I say this, but we need to stop moping and avenge their lost lives! And maybe... just finally bring peace to Jamaa. Unrest will be no more!"

Later that night, Mythical was outside of his tent, replaying the scenes of the battle in his mind. It was all such a blur to the light-pelted wolf. He was on the verge of remembering what cold-hearted thing killed so many spirited animals, but he heard talking coming from Sir Gilbert's tent.

He peeked inside of his tent, only a little bit, and saw the manifestation of perfection. Or so he believed. Mythical, as he would tell you back then, he would describe her as,"Just mythical. Beautiful, unreal." Later, Mythical would find out the gorgeously colored bird was named Mira.

"Sir Gilbert, I heard about what happened. There's IS a reason I came here. I know someone who can be the new bunny alpha. I want to ask you permission? I'm afraid you may think I'm replacing him.", the silky bird said. Her voice was smooth and charming.

Sir Gilbert was taken aback. "You know about... that already?! I'm sorry, I just didn't know it would travel so fast. The truth is, I know he would do anything for you, Mira. And I would too. You don't have to ask me permission! If it's for the good of Jamaa... I would accept the new alpha. Just like Cosmo. He's so good with healing our troops, and working on a life-giving remedy, asking the PLANTS for help! I just know your choice will be perfect, just like everybody else."

"Thank you, Gilbie. I'll tell you about her. She's an amazing artist and is quite feisty. She doesn't know about her destiny yet. She's little, but I can show you her."

"You can? Where is she?"

Mira spread her wings, giving off a colorful display which Mythical would've described as godlike, as he didn't know about the mythology of Jamaa, coming from the Southern Isles. Underneath her wings was a purple bunny.

"She looks truly promising.", Sir Gilbert stared, inspecting the bunny.

"Yes, but she will take some time to grow. Do you want to raise her, Gilbie? I know, certainly, that you will be an amazing guardian."

"Yes, Mira. Anything for the good of Jamaa."

"I must take my leave now, Gilbie. I will have Valentina and her fleet of eagles send you more supplies. Good bye." Mira walked out of the tent and saw Mythical, who quickly fell back when she did.

"Do you need any help, Mythical Superspirit?", she asked, her voice sweet, as if everything was going to be okay. Mythical felt soothed.

"Uhm, y-yes. T-hank you.", Mythical said, blushing, as she took his hand, and helped him off the ground. "I-I, just want to say you're.. b-beautiful."

"Ahh, I thank you as well. I have a gift for you...", Mira calmly said, her voice flowing. She plucked a feather from her body, but not just any feather, a feather with every color, in fact it was a spectrum.

"Ee!", Mythical took the feather, barely fainting. "I think I should get more r-rest. Will I s-see y-you a-again?"

"Believe me Mythical... you will." And with that Mira flew off in the sky, leaving a trail of aurora behind her.

Chapter 2

Mm, I don't really know how I would begin MY point of view. I don't see and understand things the way other animals do. I'd rather say unnamed though, for the spooky purposes. Just call me Arctic Wolf. Just Arctic Wolf.

As you heard me say before, I do see things differently than other animals. The snow to me was grass, the grass that would be walked on so much and the dead trees almost seemed like bamboo sprouting out from the ground.

Okay, here's where I explain what I mean "see things differently". I really don't. But I do interpret things. I don't enjoy sharing what I see anymore because from a very young age I was scolded for sharing everything I saw.

But as I sit here, a half-full book is sitting at my paws, and the army, a sea of animals are sitting next to ME. So I guess I have to write something.

I came from a very tropical area, so snow didn't really exist. It was very strange for a normal arctic wolf, but I'm just not that. So many animals said I wasn't normal. But, just because I wasn't normal, doesn't mean that I wasn't special. I was something very different, but I was the same I had ever been. Eh, to tell you all the truth, I'm just stalling. I WASN'T special. I was just normal. Nothing else. I was unnoticed, and I liked that. I was just a face in a crowd of many faces.

War was something new for all of the army members. They hadn't even known what a war WAS. Most. War was a very new concept.

Yet, I couldn't help feeling that it wasn't. That a war happened long before our world was created? I remember faint flashes of a war that I've never experienced.

And yet, that night when we all slept, where we all described it as "cold", was certainly very warm. And this wasn't just my interpretation. My eyes stared at the leather that made up the tent, and soon after, I realized I couldn't move. I really couldn't. At my side stood a lurking, dark shape. I tried to scream, but couldn't. My tent-mate, you could say, I thought was fast asleep. But, no, she, all-Mighty, screeched. There were more figures. More screaming from other tents.

We needed help fast, but a wolf by the name of Mythical and others ran into the tent. The figures warded away from them. I felt brushing against my legs, and then the wetness of the snow. Shouting.



We ran into one of those dark figures. Screams. It smiled.

"That is the War Jester!"

"Oh my Zios, you almost gave us a heart attack."

The Jester's smile wore away. We stared at them, just waiting for a reaction. The smile came back. "Fire crackers."

"Fire crackers?" The crowd was confused.

"What has that got to do with anything?"

"Is that even a THING?"

Chapter 3

Writing is one of my favorite things, to do, and being a koala, it is MUCH easier to write than others. As you are reading this, I am looping beautiful symbols and creating something called words. Those words connect into sentences. The sentences become a story. And yet, I don't feel accomplished enough, even helping write on this scroll. To be honest, this scroll may not even survive for future generations. The year is 1XX. A hundred years with prosperity, and what? Our high and mighty ruler disappears! Oh, that's not even the worst part. The wife brings us a death wish.

We might not even win this war, which is very possible. In fact, the chance is so possible, we should just give up. I saw that attack coming. And I know I've warned everybody, but I didn't. I had to, so we could have a chance of winning. The future is determined by what we do in the present, and that's just my problem. The past always comes to bite us in the behind. And of course, that maniac, the War Jester, had to stress us out even more.

Enough griping. Less about the war. More about the animals participating in it.

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