A naga is a mix between an animal and a snake , the bottom half is the snake tail and the top half the animal.

Now what happens when someone gets a hold of an oil that can make them one?

Chapter 1 : Snake oil

A blue wolf with yellow eyes made his way through a crowd to a stand. The black snow leopard running the stand turned to him ,"how may I help you?" she asked with a smile. The blue wolf came close to her ear and whispered "Naga potion " the clerk nodded " right this way. "

The leopard lead him behind a curtain and handed him a bag " the 300 hundred gens?" asked the clerk. The wolf handed her three pink gems, worth 100 each, and leaped off to his den.

Chapter 2 : introduction

The blue wolf was named pioneer. He had yellow eyes and a bubbly spirit. Ever sense he was 5 he had loved snakes. Now he was going to be one , well , half snake.

Chapter 3 : just a swig

Pioneer ran into has den and unpacked , opening the satchel. Drinking an entire bottle at once , he felt somthing come from behind him. He looked to see a snake tail, an blue one. He squeeled with happyness.

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