Screams rang out as jammers dropped one by one. The sky was black, filled with hundreds and thousands of phantoms. They all fought bravely, but it was unsure about who would be victorious. Suddenly Liza screamed and started crying. Cosmo was dead.

Chapter 1:

"Mimi! Mimi! Mimi! Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up!" The koala bounced up and down, waiting for her friend.

"Alright! I'm here now, Kiara." Mimi laughed, rolling her eyes. The two silvery grey koalas smiled at each other. Kiara squealed. "Let's go now! Let's go to Forest Cliff!" Mimi nodded, grinning at her hyper friend. Forest Cliff was, well, what the name says. It was a forest that ended at a cliff.

Kiara- The New Koala Alpha

"Are we there yet?" Kiara looked at Mimi and laughed. "We said that at at the same time!" The pair said again together. The sun was now dappled on the rich soil. "Almost there!" Mimi told Kiara, knowing that it wasn't a long walk through the forest before it got to the clearing that ended in a cliff. Finally, after their long hike, the trees ended. The two young koalas blinked, the world suddenly seeming a whole lot lighter. "Let's set up our picnic, Mimi!" Kiara clapped excitedly. Just as the koala's sat down to eat, a long, loud howl rang out right behind them!

Chapter 2:

"RUN, KIARA!" Mimi yelled, jumping to her feet. They both ran, toward the cliff, then stopped, not wanting to near the edge. A shadow burst from the bushes behind the picnic blanket, and stalked towards them snarling viciously, saliva flying from it's jaws. Mimi screamed and backed away. The wolf looked between them, then followed Mimi. "Help me, Kiara!" Mimi cried, scrambling on the edge of the cliff. The wolf turned and looked at Kiara, challenging her to help Mimi.

"YOU!" Kiara spat at the surprised wolf. "YOU DESTROYED OUR PICNIC! DON'T YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK TO MAKE IT! You strolled out, destroyed our gorgeous picnic, and came here, breathing your disgusting breath all over me, and made me look at your fowl yellow teeth!" Mimi stared at Kiara.

"Um, hello? What about me? You know, your best friend on the edge of a cliff about to fall off!" Kiara returned a blank stare. "Oh! Right!" she exclaimed, then turned back to the wolf. "And you, Mr. Wolf! I don't care what time it is, but you also... Oh, yeah. You also have put Mimi in danger!" With that, Kiara charged towards the wolf, shoved it out of the way, and grabbed Mimi. "Grab a sharp stick, Mimi! CHARGE!" The two bravely rushed at the wolf, but an invisible barrier-like thing stopped them. The two gasped, and covered their mouths. The wolf was glowing and changing forms! The wolf turned into a gorgeous bird. A well known bird. "Mira!"

Chapter 3:

"I'm the new koala alpha... I'm the new koala alpha... I'm the new koala alpha!!" Kiara shouted, full of joy. She looked around at the circle of alphas. They gave her doubtful looks, then one at Mira. Mira sighed, and looked at Kiara, who had a hurt expression on her face. "Give her time. Even I am a bit doubtful, but there is something about her..." Mira said softly, so that Kiara wouldn't hear. Edmund straightened his long neck and peered down at the young, hyper koala. Then he sighed, giving in reluctantly. Mira smiled at Kiara. "I hope that you understand that you will take the place of Cosmo, and learn how to use the plants." The alphas looked very doubtful. Otto moved his trunk and whispered something to Liza. Liza nodded.

"Kiara the Koala, thinks she's so awesome! But she can't even make a boomseed, or even if she tried, make a weed!" Otto teased, as Kiara once again failed to make a boomseed. The others laughed. Tears came to Kiara's eyes. "You're so mean!" she shouted, the tears flowing down her fur. She shot angry glances at the alphas and ran off. Mira flew down from a nearby tree and shook her head. "Your not being very encouraging, alphas." She stared purposefully at Otto. "Or nice." Otto hung his head.

"I guess we should find her."

"Maybe just two. More might overwhelm her." In the end it was decided that Otto and Liza would go search for her. After an hour, they found her sitting by the fire in Sarepia Forest.

"Go on, make fun of me. That's what you're here for, right?" Kiara sighed.

"NO! I mean... No. Look, on behalf of all of the alphas..." Otto trailed off and looked at Liza.

"We're sorry." Liza finished for Otto.

Chapter 4:

"What's the meeting for?" Graham asked. Murmurs went around the group of alphas, trying to guess the reason. Kiara joined these murmurs. Slowly the group fell silent, one by one. Kiara looked up. Mira! "I have called this meeting for a special reason." The beautiful bird began. "Long ago, an irreversible curse was placed... On my sister. Her memory was lost, and she was turned into... A koala." Some of the alphas gasped, and looked at Kiara with a question in their head. Was Kiara the sister? Suddenly, Kiara felt wisdom flow through to her veins. "Am I the sister?" she asked. Mira stared straight at her, an expression of tearful joy on her face.

"Yes, yes you are, sister."

Alternate Ending

"Am I the sister?" she asked. Mira stared straight at her.

"Why in Jamaa would you think that!" she spat in disgust, annoyed that Kiara would think such a thing. Kiara felt all the wisdom flow out of her. "Oh..." she said, embarrassed.

"Kiara the Koala, thinks she's so awesome! But she can't even make a boomseed, or if she tried, a weed!"

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