Now, you know the Lost Jammer, right? Well, let me tell you how he came to be. One day a user by the username of Decomposing, walked though Coral Canyons. He was a New Jammer, and knew the legend of jumping on the bridge so it would break. He jumped on the bridge and a Member Arctic Wolf said: " Eww, a New Jammer! He thinks he's so cool!" Teased the Arctic Wolf. This made him sad, and he was about to get off when the bridge broke, and sent him and a ton of other animals falling. He fell on his feet, while all the other animals squirmed in pain. Then he saw the Arctic Wolf who had teased him. He took her Non Member Sword, and stabbed her in her stomach. " Oww!" She cried. "Well, that's the pain you made ME feel!" He yelled. " I'm sorry!" She yelled. "No!" Said Decomposing. As he climbed up the fallen bridge, other animals begged for him to take them. "NO!" He yelled. He climbed up and customized his wolf all black and named it AwesomeSunnybrave. From now on he is know as Decomposing, The Odd Lost Jammer. The End.
IMG 20160403 151318

Decomposing, The Odd Lost Jammer.

Note: I'm sorry, this was a terrible attempt at a Creepypasta, if you liked it I'm glad.

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