WARNING: This has violence and may be scary for young kids.    ( First Creepypasta, so dont hate )

It all started when I was 12. I just came back from school, and I decided to go play Animal Jam. I was a panda named Mythical Majorpaw. It was a pretty average day, just as every other. Same scammers, same places, same shops, same everything. I went to Coral Canyons to meet my friend, Awesome Thewolf.   

" Hey, Myth. What's up? " he said.
" Nothing, you? " I replied
" Not much. Was just going to Wolves Only Party in a few minutes. Wanna come? "
Of course, I accepted the invite.

About 10 minutes later, the Wolves Only Party was starting. Awesome begged me to come, although I didnt have a wolf. When I told him, he just recommended to sell my panda. Honestly, that plan didn't sound too bad to me at the time. I sold Mythical and made a wolf replacing her.   The party was fine, until I was interupted by a Jam-A-Gram from an unknown jammer. It read:  " Go to the server  ' Draa ' at 11:50pm  tonight for a free Lava Archway! "  How could I possibly decline? 

That night at a quarter 'till 11:50, I met the mysterious jammer. She was a red and brown panda, dressed in a rare black spike and a purple royal cape. 

" I see you came... "
" Well, duh! Who doesn't want a- "   she cut me off there.
" YOU FOOL! " she said, as her user showed  Mythical Majorpaw.  I gasped in fear, hoping it was a coincidence.  Sadly, I was wrong. All of a sudden, my screen froze and a black and bloody red panda flashed on my screen. I heard her screech through the computer.  '" YOU HAVE BETRAYED ME. IF YOU DO NOT MAKE A NEW PANDA BY MIDNIGHT, YOU WILL SEE THE CONSEQUENCES.. "  I was terrified. With that warning, I rushed to make a panda. When I tried to though, it had no accept button.   What will I do... ' I thought to myself, trembling. It was already 12:00pm. I heard a bang on my window. Slowly peeking open the shades, I saw her. The panda was standing there with claws with flesh and blood dripping off them. In her mouth showed my mom's head severed on a wooden stick. I blinked and in a split second, the panda was gone. I turned around, only to see my life flash before my eyes. Luckily, that next minute, my brother, Benny, came in to check on me and saw the beast. Although he slayed it, his arm was lost in the fight. Our dad never believed our story, although we had proof. 

Now days, I am an eagle named Eternal Grandeagle, protecting people from deleting animals. Most people never believed me and called me a paranoid freak. I left them with a warning, and told them the words I heard from deleting Mythical....
"You delete me... I delete your soul."

(c) The Boss of You