Smiling is a waste of time for me.

They always say, "Never smile at a crocodile,". Most jammers think it's a rumour, but in my case, it's true. I'm just a grumpy female croc that sends a scowl to everyone that smiles at me. The name's Terra by the way. I've been like this for as long as I could remember. My den's empty and rusty, but it doesn't bother me anyway. What really bothered me was the disgusting, happy, outside world. Ugh. Heck, I could beat Greely himself at a try-not-to-smile contest.

There's a story behind why I'm like this though. I used to be like them. Till phantoms took my family away. The only thing that was more precious then rares. I know, I know, it sounds like the typical "oh noez mai familee did" Sueish backstory, but it left this effect instead. Those stupid, good for nothing phantoms made me like this, but I don't show my story off for attention at least.

Today was the annual Summer Carnival. I had a few things from that, and jammers with no Carnival tickets kept begging me for some. Or jammers begging for adoption. It went on for a while, until I had the last straw. I heard continuous knocking from my door, and I saw a bunny with the heart pattern in purple, blue girl eyes, and a white coat. I rolled my eyes. "What do you want now?!" The bunny replied, "Mwiss, cwan you pwease adopt me?" I glared at her and slammed my door shut. From my den, I could hear her crying and saying, "PLEASE REPORT HER!!!!! WAAAA!!! SHE'S MEAN!" I opened my door, tackled her, and shouted, "STEP ANOTHER PAW IN MY DEN, YOU'RE DEAD!" The bunny wailed as I slapped her cheeks repeatedly.

Two Alphas, Liza and Cosmo, saw what I did, and forcefully tore me off her. "Miss, calm down!" Cosmo yelled. Liza brought the bunny back home. A few minutes later, she teleported back to us and said, "What were you thinking?!" I simply replied, "I gave that bunny brat what she deserved." "Terra, this has gone too far. What you did, was unforgivable. She's a child for Mira's sake!" Liza yelled. "I'm afraid we have to throw you in prison, now please come with me-" Cosmo was interrupted by me sinking my jaws into his head. He screamed in pain as blood went off it. Liza grabbed me forcefully and used her magic to shut my jaw. I tried to launch another attack, but she was quick enough to dodge me. She trapped me in a giant bubble, and with a wave of her staff, I was in the dungeon.

I had to pretty much live there. The food tasted awful, and the beds felt like stone. Guess this is what you get for doing that. One night, I tried to sleep on it, but I couldn't. From the corner of my eye, I saw an Arctic Wolf. I figured she was one of my cellmates, so I ignored her. I heard her say, "There is still a chance to change the past for your future, you know." I replied, "What do you know about that?" "Grab my paw, and come with me." I opened my eyes and looked at her closely. She was glowing against the gloomy darkness of the cell. She had large Fairy wings, which were obviously bigger then the ones at Jam Mart Clothing. I was hesitant to do it at first, but then, I realized if I did, I won't be in this depressing room anymore. We teleported to the Summer Carnival. I was disgusted, until I saw a young crocodile smiling with her family, munching on cotton candy together. She looked familiar, but I couldn't put my claw on it. Then I realized,

It was me. I felt like bursting in tears. The joy I once had with my family. My mother making jokes, my father making hilarious faces, and me and my brother laughing hysterically. I cracked a smile. It felt wonderful. I haven't smiled in so many years, that I forgot how it felt like. The Arctic Wolf seemed happy, too. Then her face changed into a serious expression as we traveled somewhere else. Where we went was the same event that happened yesterday. "Look closely at what you did. Did you think your family would be happy to see this?" She said sternly. I shook my head no. I slowly started realizing my attitude towards others.

The Arctic, whom I'm just gonna call Arctic from now on, waved her paw, and we went once again to the dungeon. It was a slightly older me, laying on the floor,

Not breathing.

I was panicking a lot. "Oh my Mira, oh my Mira," I chanted. "If you think this is horrible, look at this." Arctic waved her paw, and we were at my funeral. There were no visitors, it was just empty. Not even the slightest bit of life showed up. I gasped. If my attitude never changed, it would lead to this. I started crying. Arctic laid her paw on my back, comforting me. "Don't worry, as I said, you can get a chance to change your past and future." "And how?" "You'll see." Arctic teleported back to where I was before the incident. She smiled so warmly. "But wait, I didn't catch your name-" Before I could continue, she was gone. The familiar knocking on the door sounded. I held my breath, as I went to open it. The same bunny said the same thing. I replied, "I'm sorry, but I can't adopt anyone right now, But if you want, we could be friends." The bunny smiled and said, "Of course!"

Nowadays, I've changed. From the grumpy croc I used to be, I became as happy as a child opening their presents on a Jamaaliday night. Me and the bunny, whose name was Rosy, became the best of friends. I became known as the most happiest animal in Jamaa. And I owe it all to Arctic.

Sure, the "Never smile at a crocodile" thing is still going on, but, you should smile at one.

After all, one simple smile is enough to change someone's life. And that was exactly what Arctic did. That smile she sent before she left changed me forever.

Copyrighted to Wolfandpizza 2015

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