It was like any other Animal Jam day. New Jammers trying to get my phantom armor and rares, New Jammers trying to buddy me. It was all like normal New Jammer stuff until one New Jammer Penguin came to me and said to me "What you see is not real but what is real you can't see" and i had no idea what he was talking about. Then I heard the doorbell ring from my den and the Penguin had disappeared. Then I thought to myself "No way that Penguin came to my den it is locked plus he is not my friend" until i clicked the button that leads me to my den and I was right he didn't come but it was another Penguin who had the same username as me (Ac654) the same Clothes, patterns and colours as my Penguin and the same name as my Penguin (Sir Snowymoon) then i remembered what that New Jammer said "What you see is not real but what is real you can't see" so i thought he was fake i thought he was not real and what he truly was i couldn't see then the Penguin faded away and i saw my best aj friend saying "Hello??!! are you their?? HELLO???!!!!!!" Then i said "Sorry i was dreaming" and she was like "Of course" then she said "Sorry gtg see ya later" then she left and the Mira Emblem she was standing on turned into a stone mat looking thing which said "The Penguin's Night" then i logged out.

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