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The Alphas were content with their new choice for Libra. They new she would do well, but Greely was still not amused. Because they found Libra, he could not be in the newest adventure "The Phantom Fight". This angered him, for he barely made it in The Hive, let alone being alowed to have an adventure with his name in it. "Those pesky jammers still think i am dead!" he grumbled as he strolled through the shadows of Jamma township. He knew two adventures was not enough for him. He would become the most powerfull alpha, every jammer would see him as that, and nothing, not even Libra, YES! Even Libra would obey him. This thought tingled in spine. Libra was a new alpha anyway. He must rid of the newer ones first...

Jessie was startled by the sound if her alarm clock beeping. She pressed snooze, and gazed at her ceiling. Her animal jam poster was visible in the corner of her eye. It's "play wild" slogan was obviously compelling enough for her to pull her laptop on her lap and log onto animal jam. This time, the "Alpha meeting" was not an option. There in it's place was "The Phantom Fight." That must be the new adventure she said out loud. She clicked on it, and again was startled by her alarm clock's noises. She turned it off and returned to her laptop. The image of a strong, beautiful eagle soothing out of the sky appeared. The phantoms fleed in fear, even the Phantom King himself was startled.

Two buttons appeared on her screen. One (the smaller of the two) said "Alpha mode" the second read "Script". She reviewed the two, and clicked script. Her eagle was talking by its self. Stating facts and calmly explaining the adventure. Two phantoms appeared in a movie clip, they bickered and argued. The phantom king appeared and scouled at the two. The phantom pair continued to argue until one of them blew. He actually blew! He was ingulfed in a neon purple blaze of raging fire. Setting a nearby bush into searing flames. Checking her surroundings, Libra carefully read over her script. The jammers would have to find corks to plug the pipes, get fresh water and stop the purple inferno from setting fire to all of Jamma. Four jammers appeared. The first was named Fauna Vinelily. She was a well-dressed artic wolf. The second. A white and red tiger, the third a fox colored with grey and ice blue markings, and the last was name rosy artic rose. She observed the jammers closely. They would soon be test subjects to the newest adventure. Libra's first try.

They first looked at eachother then bounded after the corks. After plugging about two of the gross phantom pipes, Libra noticed a flash in the shadows. She looked above and dicided to try "Alpha Mode". She noticed that her avatar was un visible to the players. She bounded after the figure in the shadows. Leaping into a soar, she raced, and flung herself after the creature. She extended her large talons and traped the flailing creature under her claws. She couldn't believe her eyes! It was Greely! He flailed under her extended tailons, trying to excape her grasp. She screached in fear as he sunk his large teeth into her leg. She let go and steped back, checking on the jammers who were now searching for the phantom key. "Those jammers will be my slave." Greely growled. Still on alpha mode, Libra shreeked and grabed him by his scruff. Energy building off rage, she launched into the sky flapping as hard as she could. She could not controll herself, she reached the clouds and suddenly stopes moving. She saw something she thought she would never see. A flash of gold and blue streamed across the skyline it was beautiful. It was Mira.

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