NOTE: I know before I said that I quit this wiki, but every once in a while I might come back to write 1 story. Ok, enjoy this!

Written by XxMysticalMoonxX

It's the Night of the Phantoms. Almost everyone's favorite holiday on Animal Jam. There's a spooky party, a haunted mansion avaliable, candy, new clothes, etc. I, Mythical VonMoon, the nm lynx, enjoy this myself. But what's the best part? The Phantom Vortex. I love going there. I like the music, which is strange. There is almost no one there, so I like being there myself. I like it when you stand on 1 phantom, it goes into colors. I heard the 4 phantoms are like a(n) Phantom Authority from hundreds of years ago, but that's another story. What I am here to discuss? The game.

There's a game in the middle of the vortex. I USED to play it. Sending phantoms to the portal to protect your candy. For a while, I liked it. But then, I thought about something. "Where does the portal take them?" I then decided to build a phantom robot. I placed it on the game board and then someone came up to it and played the game. They sent the phantom to the portal. For a while, the camera showed only blue. But then, when it stopped, the image popping up was horrid...

The phantom bot was in some kind of small room. Dead phantoms were everywhere. The floor was made out of spikes. The phantoms couldn't fly in the room because the room has some kind of magic that disables the phantom's ability to fly and send electric shocks. The spikes were sharp and some phantoms were already killed by it.

That's not the only thing in the room. Instead of air, poison was in the room. It could kill phantoms within an hour. It's a long and painful death. The poison attacks the lungs and heart. The phantom cannot breathe. It makes the phantom go into pain until it can't take it anymore and dies. But... that isn't the most horrid part.

This part scares me the most. It's so brutal and cold. Phantoms have families, just like you. Phantoms are FORCED to watch their loved ones to be killed in the room. There is no escaping the room. They mourn over them, and then they get killed.

So... that is what happens. They are squished in a room with barley any space, they can't defend or save themselves, and they are punished a death sequence... just for trying to steal candy. After the phantoms die, I see their bodies being made into CANDY. That's right, CANDY. What kind of candy?

The candy is called "Phantom Bar". I think it tastes delicious. It is crunchy on the outside, and soft on the inside. The bar is completely black, when you get in the center, red goo comes out. I thought that was just cherry, but it's actually phantom blood. Phantom remains are mixed in the bar. After learning this, I never ate Phantom Bars.

So... that's the story. And please... I have a favor. Never play this game, I beg you.

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