Chapter 1. Captured (song: Falling Inside The Black by Skillet)

"Come on, Luna, finish packing!" yelled Sunny. She had already equipped her pink Backpack after stuffing it with these items:

  • All her rare items
  • Her 5 favorite outfits
  • Her purple Giraffe Plushie
  • Her white Giraffe Plushie
  • Her rare Worn Blanket
  • Her pink pillow
  • Her rare Pirate Sword and her light blue Long-bow

Sunny could sense Phantoms just a few miles away, so they needed to hurry. Luna yelped, "I can't find my yellow seal or my red one!" "Oh my god Luna, your yellow seal is right on that chair! And have you looked under your bed?!" called Sunny. "Oh, found them!" yipped Luna. She stuffed all of her pack-able belongings into her black Backpack and equipped it. "Come on, Luna, we need to run! They're almost here!" Sunny burst out the door, Luna on her tail. As they dashed into the woods, they were unaware of the danger that lay ahead.


Sunny and Luna

Sunny and Luna. ((pretty sure you can guess who's who


After fifteen minutes of running without a break, Luna was so tired she could barely move her chest enough to breathe. Sunny had to stop so her sister could rest. After the break, they began running again. The forest around them became wilted, browned, and dripping with a strange purple goop. Spanish moss shortened their vision length. Luna shrieked and fell to the ground, slipping on the odd goop. Sunny stopped, helped her up, and streaked off with Luna dashing at her side. But then Sunny slipped. She was moving so fast she slid all the way into a large pool of the goop. A crystal cage dropped onto Sunny as she struggled to move through the goop. Luna shrieked as she slipped in, also caged. Suddenly, a button showed up that said, 'Escape'. Luna and Sunny pressed it in sync, but instead of freeing the two arctic wolves, all it did was alert several Phantoms that their plan had worked. When the phantoms had arrived, the sisters had long since somehow hidden their backpacks by throwing them into a bush.

Chapter 2. The Prisons

Sunny woke up in a purple metal cell with a window on either side. A slab of partially rotten meat lay on a stone block on top of a purple metal shelf. Next to the raw pink-brown meat on the shelf was a dish of slimy water, complete with algae growing inside the bowl. A quick glance around showed Sunny that the cell came with a bed made out of goop-y piles of rough fabric on a rusty metal shelf attached to the wall near the floor. The windows were actually only barred views into the neighbors' cells. "LUNA!" she wailed suddenly. She had no idea where her sister was. "Over here!" came a faint cry from the cell to her left. Sunny stuffed as much of her face as she could fit through the bars of the window. Sure enough, there was Luna. She was lying on the hard ground, struggling to crawl towards her bed. "Oh, Luna!" she gasped. Luna was entangled in goop-y steel shackles that immobilized her hind legs. Bloodstains covered her forelegs and face. Her long black fur was tangled in black-and-blood knots. "What happened to you?!" screeched Sunny. Luna gasped in pain before whimpering, "When they took us out of the cages, -which you wouldn't remember- they clubbed you over the head instantly, because you looked more powerful than me. The whole time they carried the cages here, you were swearing. A lot. Every sentence you said was some nasty curse-word and something about the Phantoms. Back to the main story, they knocked you out as soon as they opened the cage. I looked weak, but that's only my disguise. They let me out awake. I fought back, and killed three Phantoms. They raised the alarm, and soon enough I was fighting for my life. Dozens of Phantoms were around me. I killed about seven more, and I got a Phantom Tentacle. I don't know what it is, what it does, or what it means, but I still have it, even though I lost the battle."

Chapter 3. The Phantom Tentacle

"Here, let me see it," Sunny said, glancing around. A large goop-y, limp, and strange object was passed through the bars. It appeared to literally be a Phantom's tentacle. The base was shredded and torn, as though it had been clawed or bitten straight off a live or dead Phantom. Sunny thought out loud, "It appears to be a type of... weapon? But it doesn't feel right in my paws. I wonder what would happen if some animal slammed it down on the ground, maybe used it as a club?" She howled, "PHANTOMS!!!!!" I THINK MY SISTER COULD LOSE THE SHACKLES NOW! SHE WON'T FIGHT BACK!" Sunny said the last words with a meaningful glance at her sister. After a burly guard unlocked the shackles' padlocks with a spiky key that Sunny instantly memorized, she poked her face through the bars and said, "Luna, we should meet our neighbors!", then mouthed, 'Make some allies, so we can get help escaping'. "Okay!" Luna agreed as Sunny passed the tentacle through the bars.

Chapter 4. Charcoal

Peeking through the bars on the right, Sunny saw a sobbing black Snow Leopard with dark green eyes and blue lightning bolts on his fur. "Hey, what's wrong?" asked Sunny softly. He turned his head, green eyes wet, and replied hoarsely, "They pushed my brother off the top of the Phantom Crystal machine." Sunny gasped in horror. And to think she knew how cruel the Phantom could be! "Oh, I'm so sorry! It must be so heartbreaking!" "You don't understand," he muttered, turning his head away. "What's your name?" called Sunny. "I'm Sunny!" "Charcoal," he grumbled. "Charcoal, come here. I have a plan, and you could be useful." "How?" he rasped. "Charcoal, you seem smart. Can you calculate the Phantom's rounds?" "Of course I can!" "Okay, I need you to do that for me. Once you do that, I need you to calculate when you'll be able to get the Shackle Key. Since she's killed about ten, the Phantoms put my sister in shackles when they transport her." "I see," muttered Charcoal. "I can definitely help with this. We must get out." He lifted his paw, showing a thick scar on the paw pad. "The Phantoms made a cougar do this to me when I tried to thwart their plans. It was my first day. I thought if I could get away with smashing small parts of the giant engine, instead of plugging in better spark plugs, I could delay the big attack they had planned on. You know that attack, don't you? If it weren't for Greely, Jamaa would have been destroyed. Well, the Phantoms caught me when I smashed the pieces. They tried to use a fox to punish me, but she refused. Then they used the cougar. He killed the fox, slashed straight up my pad, and turned into a Phantimal." "What is a Phantimal?" "Well, they are animals that have worked with the Phantoms against their will for so long, that it became their will. When the animal turns into a Phantimal, it will drop painfully. Phantom-y purple square-swirls will appear in its fur, which switches to a dark gray main color, and a black secondary color. Its eyes will be dark purple. The animal loses most of its hope and all its memories, and deals double damage when punishing an animal." "That sounds awful!" gasped Sunny. "And that's not even the worst part. See, as a Phantimal, the beast has 0.0005% hope. When it loses that little bit, it turns into a Phantom, and kills the nearest slave." Sunny gasped. She couldn't let that happen to anyone! Not herself, Not Luna, not Charcoal, not anybody! "Charcoal, listen to me. We. Are. Getting. Out. Of. Here."


Charcoal the snow leopard.

Chapter 5. Ocean

Luna looked into the bars on her left, spotting a light blue fox with deep blue eyes and the same color fire pattern. The fox clawed metal scraps ferociously off of a panel on her wall, scooped it into a big pile, and pulled out a blowtorch from under her bed. "HNNNGG!" grunted the fox, leaping as high a she could off her bed to reach the shelf that had her food and water, only to fall to the ground. "PHANTOMS! I DEMAND THAT YOU LOWER MY FOOD AND WATER SHELF!" demanded the fox. "What a bunch of dopey butt-heads!" she added under her breath, tucking the blowtorch and metal under her bed. "I swear, this cell was designed for a giraffe!" A large phantom entered the cell containing the fox, unscrewing the bolts in the shelf and lowering the shelf so that the fox could reach it, then screwing the bolts back in. When the Phantom left, she pulled out the blowtorch again, grabbed her water, and scooped the metal scraps to her. She strapped on some goggles Luna guessed she had swiped from a dead animal, considering the small splatters of blood on the side. The fox then pulled out a detailed sketch of a strange piece of equipment, which was labeled as a 'Machine Stabber'. It was a sharp piece of metal with a textured handle for better grip, a blocker at the top of the handle to keep the paw from sliding onto the sharp piece, a long, sharp end perfect for impaling small parts to a machine, and a cover to make it look like a tool Phantoms would use to fix their horrid machines. The fox examined the sketch closely, then tucked it under her bed and blow-torched the metal scraps, occasionally shaping the object swiftly with her own paw. When she finished the shape of the stabber, she dunked it in the water, cooling it into one object. The fox concentrated deeply, thinking, measuring, calculating, until finally, she clawed more metal scraps off the panel and crafted the tool-shaped cover in the same fashion. When she finished it, she tried the cover on the stabber to find that it fit perfectly, then tucked all her supplies under her bed. "Hello, fox, what is your name?" called Luna, startling the fox. "Oh, no, did you see all that?" "Yes, fox, but I won't get you in trouble. That was a very clever design." "Oh, thanks. My name's Ocean." replied the fox. "Hello, Ocean. Nice to meet you. My name's Luna, and I think you could help. Come here." Ocean trotted over to the bars, stood on her hind legs as high as she could, and whispered,"What's the plan?" "Ocean, I think you could fix these unstable bars in my cell," she said, then whispered so only she and Ocean could hear, "You can make tools to help us escape, you've clearly got craftsmanship all figured out here." "Gotcha. I can probably hijack the cell system and probably the boom-seed storage, too, and let 'em rip. Then I could get everyone out through the tunnels I found a while back. Then I can hack the self-destruct, and we'll never see this old dump again." "Amazing plan, Ocean! I'll tell my sister Sunny about it."


Ocean the fox. She's my favorite to write about tbh

Chapter 6. Time for work! (song: Walk by Pantera)

Sunny woke groggily to the sound of a Phantom hitting a button outside of her cell. She was dragged out of it, screaming in terror. "Shut up right now or you're gonna get it on your first day, and wounds don't heal well in prison!" laughed the Phantom who had pulled her out. She silenced herself as she was hauled to her feet roughly. Spears prodded her from behind to get her moving. She was taken to the Phantom Crystal machine. There, she saw that several animals had formed an assembly line. Falcons filled bowls of Crystal Goop. Eagles carried the bowls to a pile, where a large green tiger passed the bowls one by one down a row of neon foxes. The foxes handed the bowls to a golden lion, who poured the bowls out into a pipe. When the goop passed onto the conveyor belt, it would run through a line of compressing machines, activated by a row of levers.Multi-colored kangaroos lined up at the levers, pulling down when a grey arctic fox yelled "Pull!". "But where do I go? They've already got it figured out," said Sunny. "Look up," snickered the guard. She did, spotting a ladder. There were dozens of wheels on top of the machine that powered the conveyor belts, which were being turned by a snow leopard and an arctic wolf hooked onto the wheel each. A snow leopard who was struggling to turn the giant wheel by himself was being punished several times without mercy because he could not work. Sunny gasped. Charcoal was that leopard! She scrabbled frantically up the tall, rickety ladder. "Charcoal, I'm here! Phantoms, stop punishing him! He really won't be able to work if he's too hurt to move!" she cried, rushing over to the wheel. The phantoms turned towards her, grabbing a chain, a spiky collar, and a double-hook. He squeezed the tight collar onto her neck, loosening it, and put the double hook onto the chain. He also attached it to her collar as she realized the chain was welded and goop-ed onto the wheel. "Now, you two, stay on opposite sides of the wheel and walk counter-clockwise. If your wheel stops turning, we have a cheetah who has worked here for a while. His expert attack for punishing is to bite a weak spot until the animal faints..." Right as the phantom left laughing manically, the cheetah raced around the corner of the roof. "How did you get up here?!" cried Sunny as she walked in circles, turning the wheel with Charcoal. "Don't talk to him. He punishes animals who talk to him while they work because they might not be doing their best when they stop to chat. But, to answer your question, there is a large Phantimal eagle that carries him around," grunted Charcoal, pulling with all his strength. "Oh, I see. But, will he hurt me because I didn't know?"asked Sunny nervously. "No, if you're a newcomer and you don't know, he lets you off easy. But he'll probably hurt you next time, unless you can think of a really good excuse he'll believe," replied Charcoal."

Chapter 7. Punishment (song: Open Wounds by Skillet )


Xavier the Lynx. I know he's not in this chapter, but it's getting crowded where he is involved.

The next day for work, Sunny, Luna, Ocean, Charcoal, and a cheetah named Ella (she was bright gold with deep emerald-color spots and same-color eyes) were put into the same room. No phantoms were in the room with them, but a large lion was. He gave out the instructions, then pretended to leave, fooling everyone. Sunny was supposed to mix a powder with water to make Trapping Goop, then pour it down a pipe where Luna was supposed to shape the goop into a ball, then put it down the conveyor belt to Ella, who would wait until Ocean made a blaster, then put it into Ocean's blaster, and Ocean was supposed to pass the blaster to Charcoal, who would load up canisters with loaded blasters. But, Sunny beat up and broke pieces of the pipe, Luna and Ella did the same on their end, Ocean scavenged for metal pieces she could craft with and Charcoal practiced his best battle moves on the containers. The lion leaped out with a mighty roar, knocking Charcoal to his feet. Sunny gasped in horror as the lion ripped his claws up the snow leopard's stomach, sending blood squirting everywhere. "Charcoal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" cried Ocean. "He's like a big brother to me! Every time we've worked in the same room, he's helped me! We- I- How could you!" Ocean went in an angry frenzy, too horrified and raging to speak. She jumped onto the lion's back, leaving deep claw marks. "You'll be punished twice as harshly now!" roared the lion, slashing her off his back and slamming her to the floor. The blue fox was nearly killed by a crushing blow to the head--with claws included--that sent her flying into the wall. The lion winced, blood dripping from his black shoulders. His purple mane ruffled. "Ocean!" yelped Luna. "What are we going to do!" Luna was in her 'weak' disguise again. She smirked secretly to Sunny, who, realizing exactly what was going to happen, winked back knowingly. Luna whined, "Please don't hurt me, please, I'm just a yearling." "Well, you were a bad puppy. And you know what happens to bad little puppies?" growled the lion. "THEY GET A BIG, BIG WHOOPING!!!!" With that, the lion rose onto his hind legs, roaring and slashing at Luna. She easily rolled out of the way, lunging out. She tore a chunk out of his hind leg, causing the lion to fall. He crashed hard onto his back, but he rolled. Ella raced in, a battle cry erupting around the room. She bowled over the lion with a yowl of fury. The lion picked her up by the back of her neck, biting in deeper and harder each millisecond, until she fainted. Blood stained the lion's muzzle as he slammed her around like a rag-doll, finally dropping her. With only Sunny and Luna left to stop this lion from doing his gruesome job, they knew exactly what to do. The lion's huge bloody paw swung and nearly whacked Luna in the head. Luna grabbed onto the paw as it whooshed past her muzzle, hitching a ride and tearing a claw as she went flying. She landed on her paws, skidding to a stop just before she would have hit the wall. Lion's claw in her jaws, she charged the yowling beast, shoving him over, but he slapped her muzzle as he fell, leaving a deep scratch on her face. Sunny picked up the lion's claw as Luna dropped it, stabbing it into the lion's nose. She stayed there until the last second, causing him to slash his own face. The lion picked up Sunny, slamming her onto the ground. Her vision hazed and duplicated rapidly. Luna yelled, "Sunny, get up!", snapping her to her feet. The lion growled, charging rapidly. Sunny stuck the claw into his eye as Luna jumped onto his back, scraping the lion. The lion fell onto his back purposely, crushing Luna and knocking her out. He swatted Sunny in the face, but she shook it off, biting his muzzle and clawing his chest. She got so mad at him, without even thinking, she almost killed the lion.

Chapter 8. Recovery (song: Not Gonna Die by Skillet)


Ella the cheetah. Finally it lets me put this screenshot in!

Sunny woke up with a sore snout, remembering yesterday's fight. A phantom floated up to her. "I have been ordered to give you the reports from yesterday's fight. The lion died. Shame, too. We wanted to keep him. He even wanted to work for us without becoming a Phantimal. The rest of you are okay." Sunny immediately checked on Luna, who seemed okay apart from a couple scratches on her face and a sling on her foreleg. "Oh great Mira, I sure do hope they don't put me on the Crystal Machine before this fixes itself!" sighed Luna. "Glad to know you're okay. I'll check on Charcoal. Could you give me Ocean's conditions when I return?" asked Sunny. "You too, and sure," replied Luna as they left to check on their friends. Charcoal huffed queasily as Sunny approached his cell, grumbling, "I'm okay." He gasped, buckling over. "No, you're not okay, come here," sighed Sunny as Charcoal dragged himself over. "Here, I always keep some Mira Pills with me. They won't completely heal you, but they'll remove pain almost instantly. The downside is, you have to drink the disgusting water from the bowl, or else you might choke," said Sunny. "Okay," said Charcoal. He took the capsule from her paw and left to grab his bowl and take the pill. Sunny came back to her sister, handed her a Mira Pill, and told her the instructions. "Oh, and Ocean's unconscious. Her head is wrapped up and she keeps whining her her sleep. Should I wake her and give her a pill?" asked Luna. "Yes, I've only heard whining when an animal is scared or hurt. Here's the pill," replied Sunny. She handed Luna another pill and told her to bang the cell bars until Ocean woke up. "Wait, where's Ella? I want to give her a pill too," said Luna in a whine-y voice. "Oh my great Mira. I forgot about her. Phantoms, where the heck is Ella?!" barked Sunny. A Phantom floated up, sighing, "Ella the cheetah, correct? She is in cell Room~18-Cell~20182-Wing~North." "Would that be anywhere near my cell, Luna's cell, Charcoal's cell, or Ocean's cell?" questioned Sunny, because the area-code or whatever confused her. "Well, she's actually right next to Charcoal. See you later," sighed the Phantom, leaving. Sunny padded back to the bars on her right, rising onto her hind legs once she reached the window. "Charcoal, apparently Ella is right next to you. Give her this pill if her neck hurts," said Sunny, handing him the pill.

Chapter 9. Volcano

A loud roar startled Ocean. "Volcano will you K N O C K I T O F F! RIGHT NOW!!!!" she screeched. "I'm trying to nap before I have to try to tame that stupid cougar-eagle-coyote-Phantom thingy in half an hour, so I want to try to sleep!" "WELL I HAVE TO MEET WITH A KING IN 20 MINUTES BECAUSE YOU AND YOUR DUMB FRIENDS KILLED THAT OTHER LION SO THEY WANT TO KEEP ME INSTEAD!!!!! I WANT TO GET RID OF ALL MY ANGER OUT BEFORE I MEET HIM OR ELSE I'LL KILL THAT F--------!!!" "Whoa whoa whoa, holy Mira Volcano! Calm down before you swear! Who knows how many little leagues were caught!" Volcano sighed. "I know, I know. I'm just so- so ANGRY!" "Try taking a nap. Sleep is very-" she giggled,"-relaxing!" "Alright, fine, fine, fine, I'll try." "Thanks, Volcano."


Volcano the Lion

Chapter 10. The Elemental Animals

One day, after a few weeks of being captured and enslaved, a huge Phantom Guard with a giant spiky club opened her cell, dragging her out. Eight other animals were trapped into a multi-animal shackle set. The animals were Ocean, Volcano, Charcoal, Xavier, Leaf, Ella, Galaxy, and Luna. Ocean was snarling ferociously, biting at the Phantom who guarded her. Volcano was roaring so loudly the Phantom beside him vibrated, the expression in its eye saying 'Help me PLEASE'. Charcoal paced nervously as Ella chewed at her chain. Xavier and Leaf stood paw in paw, back to back, making fury noises at each other's guard Phantom. Galaxy buried her face in her tail, sobbing in terror. As Sunny was clipped right next to Luna, Luna whispered, "I have no clue what we're about to experience. We might have to meet a king, we might have to fight two kings (but I know we can do that), who knows?" Suddenly, a large Phantom approached. He hissed,"Sunny in front, followed by Ocean and Galaxy at her sides. Then Leaf and Luna follow Ocean at her sides and Charcoal and Volcano follow Galaxy at her sides. Ella, three feet behind Ocean. Xavier, three feet behind Galaxy. The animals scrambled to get into that order. They were marched along, down a seemingly dead-end hallway. Then a Phantom pressed a button. He hissed, "Sire, we're here. And we've brought them. Should we press the blue button now?" A loud voice sounded on the other side. "OF COURSE YOU SHOULD, DOPEY!" The phantom pressed a large blue button that read, 'Spell Off'. The door opened with a loud whirring sound. A huge King and four smaller


Galaxy the Fox

Kings came into view. "The spell is off for this room. I think it's time," said the large King. The other Kings finished, "Time to fight!"

Chapter 11. Ella's Magic


Leaf the arctic wolf.

Ella yowled. She stood yowling and swaying her tail. Her false tail that her father had made for her, her tail that looked like green Elf Tail Armor. Her tail she had gotten as a cub, when she had been kidnapped. When she had been kidnapped by a hyena, when he had grabbed her tail. When she managed to escape the hyena only by accidentally tearing off her tail. And now, the look in the Kings' eyes, the look that said they would tear off that tail, that look said everything. And that look triggered in her, something she never knew she had. As a King sent a Phantom after her, that something came forth. That something... It took hold of her strength, doubling it. It took hold of her awareness, tripling it. It took hold of her focus, quadrupling it. And that new enhanced focus, it concentrated on her paw. Her paw, the one flying forward, the one glowing a bright green, the one slamming onto the floor. And as she looked at what that paw had done, a massive boulder of emerald crashed downwards, crushing the Phantom, its death erupting into streams of black goop, streams of black goop flying through the air. Before, her tail had swayed in anger and fear. Now, it swayed in aggression. Aggression, and a calm sense. A calm sense and a look in her eye that sniped, 'Catch me if you can, losers! We all know who's the boss here!'

Chapter 12. The Battle

And with that, it began. Sunny had studied an elemental animal in books, and she knew what to do if she was one. She knew she wasn't the Jewel one, because she had just seen Ella do that. Volcano suddenly lunged over her head, snarling. He attached himself ferociously to the smallest King's tentacle, climbing it, swinging himself to different sides as the King tried to slam him off. 'Get it off, get it off, it burns, it burns, it burns!" he shouted frantically. Smoke was beginning to rise from the tentacle where blood from the lion's claws spilled out. The lion made his way to just above the eye. "ELLA! I'M GOING TO NEED YOUR HELP, BECAUSE YOU'RE THE FASTEST!" Volcano roared. "MAKE HIM SLAM, NOW!" Sunny immediately caught what he was trying to do. A Phantom King's offensive and defensive lightning powers came from his giant eye. Since Ella was a cheetah, she could trick the King into thinking he could crush her, then race out at the last second. When the King slammed, he would lose his power for thirty seconds, just enough time for Volcano to break the magic. They followed the plan, Ella barely making it out unscathed. Volcano's paws glowed red as he flexed his deadly claws, slamming them into the King's eye. Smoke rose from the now blind King's new scar. He began spinning in a rapid circle, deadly to anything that came into his path. Luna had given the Lion's Claw to Charcoal, and had kept the Phantom Tentacle. Charcoal aimed precisely, shooting the Claw straight through the King's eye, killing it. He ran, tearing the claw out of the corpse's eye. Sunny knew she wasn't Fire or Jewel, and as Galaxy ripped off a King's tentacle with a rainbow, she knew she wasn't Color either.

Chapter 13. The Battle part 2

Charcoal's sides heaved. He focused entirely on storms. He looked down at his paw, not noticing any magic. He focused harder. -FWOOOOM!- A loud noise sounded off. A Phantom King backed away in fear. He jumped at it, knowing what this was instinctively. He leaped through the air, flexing his claws, watching them grow longer, watching them shoot sparks. He sliced his claws, leaving a three-foot-long, five-inch-wide gash straight through the King's eye. The shockwave threw Charcoal across the room, but he hit the ground standing, skidding backwards on all four paws. He leapt again, flying towards the king. He rotated to the side, with a fierce bodyslam that broke the King's magic. 'Everyone jump!' cried Mira in their heads. Charcoal sprang off the top of the King's head to jump, and everyone else hopped onto a random King's tentacle. Huge lightning bolts blasted through the ground as the King's magic ended. Leaf barely made it up in time, picking up Xavier and putting him onto a tentacle. Suddenly, an alarm sounded. Mira screeched in alarm inside of the Elementals' heads. She frantically shouted, "You'll each have to kill a King! There will be a King and a Guard in each room, and you'll have to show your strength by killing the King! Then the guard will report it to the Fortress King.' Charcoal blinked at this alarm, nearly dousing out the fire-y glow to his eye. He growled, lunging at the last King in the room, noticing everybody do the same. Everybody's claws stretched out a little further. Everyone had a glowing eye. Everyone was going to win. They surrounded the King in midair, right eyes glowing neon colors and leaving color trails behind them. They swung their outstretched paws in the same direction, ripping through the King. The shockwave blasted everyone nearly into the walls, but the Elementals landed on their feet, skidding backwards. The Phantom King made a really WEIRD sound, before erupting into colors and dust. "We -huff-, we d-did it!" cried Luna weakly. "And now, it's time to stop the Phantoms once and for all," wheezed Ocean, punctuating the sentence by wielding the Machine Stabber. "Guys, here's the plan. I make everybody the weapon they're most comfortable with, plus I make a few lock picks and a Machine Stabber per Elemental. Then, we find a perfect distraction, be it a malfunctioning machine, another Jammer, yourself, anything to get you away from what you're doing. Once you've got that distraction, go fast. Pick the locks, go into rooms, kill Phantoms, anything you have to do. We meet in the weapon room, quick chat on how the Fox we're gonna get outta here. Then, we grab weapons, as many weapons as we can carry, and go to different wings, passin' 'em out. Any Jammer trapped in their cell, bust 'em outta there. We gotta get 'em out as quick as we can. Ella, I'll put you in charge of gathering the enslaved Jammers. Volcano, ya gotta keep 'er covered while she's at it. Kill Phantoms, take hits, breathe fire like a frickin' dragon, anything ya gotta do. Xavier, whadd'ya got? Healing?" "Yeah, Ocean, I have healing," said Xavier. "Okay, good. Your job is to go with Ella and heal all the wounded Jammers she finds. The rest of you that I didn't assign, you just gotta go. Go fast, go far, free slaves, go, go, go. Don't stop till you reach the woods at the edge of the badlands. Wait for the others there. Wish me luck, I'm going to hack into the system. I-I'm gonna disband the pedaling Phantoms, and I'm gonna hack open the covers. I'm gonna use this thingy and break the cores." Her voice was rising slightly, as if she were desperately trying to convince herself something. "I'm gonna save everyone, I'm gonna avenge everyone! Charcoal's brother, Leaf's father, Xavier's sister, Galaxy's aunt, Volcano's mother, Ella's parents, the hundreds of Jammers who died here-" Tears welled in her eyes."-M-my- my... My little baby sis..." Tears started to trickle down her cheeks. Charcoal put a comforting paw on her shoulder, burying his face into her neck, crying too. He finally took a steady breath, removing his head from that position and looking at her, face to face. "We know what you've endured. We've gone through similar things, and we all know how much it hurts. But, we believe in you. We know you can save Jamaa. You can do it, Ocean," he murmured. She sat beside him for awhile, taking deep breaths, but as soon as most of the Elementals weren't looking, she moshed her face into Charcoal's shoulder, crying. She didn't want anybody to see.

Chapter 14: Help from Friends

Volcano woke up in his cell, angry over seemingly nothing. He roared loudly, a signal that everybody had discussed to make sure the others were still in their cells. Volcano and Charcoal would roar, Ella would chirp, Sunny and Luna would howl, Galaxy and Ocean would chatter loudly, Leaf would bark, and Xavier would yowl. He heard all the response noises. Perfect. It was time to discus the perfect day. Suddenly, an eagle screeched in response to his roar, and a horse whinnied. The horse called out, "I'm in! I heard the Plan at my work station, and I really wanted to join! Since the Phantoms are idiots, I'll spell my name! M-h-a-r-i-a!" 'Hmm,' thought Volcano, 'A horse and an eagle could be useful. We could get more Jammers out on the back of a horse, and an eagle could fly Jammers out and come back for more. I could let those two animals in, and then send Charcoal off to protect them.' "Alright, you two. You're in." The eagle screeched in joy.

Chapter 15: More Work

Sunny yawned, opening her eyes. A Phantom Guard dragged open her cell door, hissing, "You need to go to the boat. There is a river that you must pull it through. The engine quit working, so you must pull the boat to the dock and do the work the Guard there asks of you." "Sir, yes sir!" responded Sunny. She had learned that if you said 'Sir, yes sir!' to a Phantom when he told you what to do, your meat would wind up a little fresher that night because you were so obedient. The Phantom's expression lifted, and she knew she had made the right move. She trotted to the river, which was literally a long, wide stream of Phantom tar. Gross! Oh, well. She walked to the front of the malfunctioning boat, but she suddenly stopped, hearing faint cries from the bottom of the boat. There were... animals down there? She quickly jumped into the boat, running down. There were several creatures down there, all in cages whilst they painfully experienced side effects of the Phantom Labs. "Aha! Caught you!" yelled a Phantom from behind, making her jump. Sunny whipped around, gasping. It was a guard! "Now you have to kill them all. They gave us a breakthrough, but now they are worthless for experiments. Kill them!" snapped the Phantom. He jabbed Sunny with his sharp spear. "Ugh, fine!" she yelped. "Please kill us," rasped an experimented fox. "The others are in too much pain to speak, but we all agree on one thing: You should end this." The other experimented animals nodded, some having to nod with their paw due to neck pain. Sunny couldn't. She tried to walk up to them and quickly stomp their heads, but she wound up petting and comforting them. She just couldn't kill them. "GET OUT OF THE WAY, IDIOT! CAN'T YOU SEE THEY WANT TO DIE!" shouted the Phantom, lunging forward. He slapped her in the face so hard she went flying. He leapt from experiment to experiment as she watched in horror, snapping necks, stabbing his spear through heads, and skewering out hearts. Sunny wept in terror and sorrow. She just... couldn't.

Chapter 16: Plans

The Elementals were gathered in a room during their free time. "I suggest we go to a workroom, pretending to supervise," suggested Xavier. "And then we rally the animals," added Galaxy. "And smash through the walls," finished Charcoal. "We probably want to choose workroom 86-B9, because it's right near the courtyard. We should have the attempt in two days. Tomorrow, we'll spend the day searching the courtyard for escape places," rumbled Volcano. Mharia and Endie the eagle were there too. "We should also make escape routes," noted Endie. "Yes," agreed Ella. "Then, we get out of here."

Chapter 17: Preparation

Ocean was hard at work. The was a huge dent in her cell where she clawed the metal, creating weapons and lock-picks and Machine Stabbers. The fox forged rapidly, working herself to sleep. She barely stayed up long enough to finish the last lock-pick.

Chapter 18. Preparation 2

Charcoal practiced his best battle moves. He fought hard with training dummies, and grew his strength by the hour. His forelegs bulged, providing enough power for a gripstrength enough to crush a Phantom easily.

Chapter 19. Exploration

The animals were put to work, cleaning the courtyard. All the Elementals, plus Mharie and Endie. Perfect. The eleven Jammers cleaned, dusted, mopped, and swept the courtyard. They'd sneak little explorations in, for example, when Endie flew up to dust off the barbed-wire ceiling, he prodded at a corner with the duster, noticing a gap large enough to fit one falcon at a time without damaging them. Ocean spotted a very soft and tender piece of ground. Poking at it, she felt that it went three feet underground, and all the way past the poisoned barricade.

Chapter 20. Assistance

The phantoms gave every animal a week off. Now was the time to escape. Endie rounded up falcons, which were decidedly the first animal to be freed. One animal at a time. He ushered them, one by one, through the gap in the courtyard. A Phantom spotted them, but Charcoal was guarding the escape with Volcano, as he always was supposed to do. He stabbed the Phantom, then crushed its stunned body. Next were the eagles, then the owls, and flamingos, on and on until every animal capable of flight had flown their way to Jamaa. Then came the land animals.

Chapter 21. The Great Loss

There was another animal with the Jammers, an animal known as the Elk. The Phantoms then figured out the plans. As an Elk clambered through the tunnel Ocean had carved from the soft ground, a Phantom snatched it. Charcoal tried to stop the Phantom, but it was too late. The Elk was strangled. "Ekckdlinkidjsl!!" it cried out. Then the Phantom cracked the Heartstone of Elk. "No!" cried out Sunny. Luna immediately ran to comfort her sister, as she knew Sunny couldn't STAND seeing something die. The Elk of Jamaa were no more.

Chapter 22. Pets

The Elementals were at a meeting. Sunny and Luna sat side by side, tails entwined. Xavier was sitting on Leaf's head, making sure nobody tried to touch the Arctic Wolf. Volcano's massive paw gently rested atop Ella's back, whose tail wrapped around his leg. Charcoal hail his tail tucked around Ocean, who was inching closer to him by the minute. Galaxy gently cradled her pure white kitten Watersky, who she'd rescued from the Pet Prisons. Endie draped his wing across Mharie's back. "Alright, what's the plan? We've got the flying animals out of here, other than me and-" "THE PETS!!" screeched Galaxy. "OH MY GOD! We have to free them NOW!!!" "But somebody has to take them all to Jamaa! They'd get slaughtered out here, trying to make it back home by themselves!" cried Mharie. "Who will take them back? We have to get the pets out of here and back to Jamaa before I blow this place to the ground, not after!" "Right, yes." agreed Endie. "But who will leave for Jamaa? You can't come back once you leave with the pets..." "I'll go!" blurted Galaxy. "I can't let you do that, Galaxy," stated Mharie. "I'm no Elemental, but back in my home, they called me the Prophet. I was able to tell the villagers exactly what would happen as a result of their choices. The Phantoms might have muddled my senses, but you and Ella are going to do something amazing together. I'll go."

Chapter 23. The Pet Rescue

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