This story is a continuation of my previous story, The Secret Portal of Jamaa

Chapter One

I had actually done it. I had done it...I had jumped into the portal. I had squeezed my eyes shut as soon as I had dived into it, and they were still closed. Soon I began to get a hold of myself and take in my surroundings by touch.

I seemed to be floating in a mass of space...but there still seemed to be something under me, too. I felt warm, comfortably warm, and didn't feel like there was any kind of danger or evil nearby. But...where was I?

I finally mustered the courage to crack open one eye. Eventually, I opened both. The first direction I looked was down. It looked as if I was on top of a cloud. I forced myself to look up and around me. I was astonished my what  I saw.

Up, down, left, right, green, orange, blue...I was surrounded by hundreds, millions of portals, all different colors, styles, shapes and sizes. My beak dropped open. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all...

Suddenly, I heard a snort of laughter and a scuffling of paws. More than one set of paws. 

I slowly turned to the sound that was coming from my right side. A young-looking fox and a tiger were running around and behind the portals, obviously having a good time together.

As soon as they saw me, they froze and stared. Finally, the fox stepped forward and said, "Hi! I'm Juniper MagicFriend. Call me Juniper. And this is Puppygirl." She nodded towards the tiger then smiled. Puppygirl stepped forward, too.



"So...would you mind telling me why you two are here?" I asked.

Puppy and Juniper looked at each other and then back at me.

"Well, we can't exactly tell you...unless you know what a Wiki is...I...ur..." Puppy seemed to regret what she had just said.

Juniper looked down at her paws nervously and shifted around a little. Then she said, "How did you find this place, uh, I'm sorry but you haven't told me your name."

"You can call me Sparkle. And, I found this place through a couple of friends. Kmfmarigold and Flaming Firehound." I said bravely.

Puppy's face jerked upward. She looked me straight in the eye.

"Kmfmarigold as in Happy Snowystar and Flaming Firehound as in a hyena who can't stop laughing?" She said with a straight face.

"Yes...So you know them. Good." I replied.



Both Puppy and Juniper looked very nervous and even somewhat angry, though.

Was there more to this secret of Kmf's than I thought?

Chapter Two

After a few moments of silence Puppy sat down with unmistakable frustration.

Juniper looked upset, too.

" something wrong?" I ventured to ask.

They looked up. "Well, it just happens that-" Juniper began but then was stopped by Puppy's dirty look.

Well this is awkward. I thought to myself.

I finally decided to end the awkward silence abruptly and jump out where I had come.

As I landed outside the Portal and it slowly began to close up, I swore I would never return. It was a secret, whatever it was that was in there, and I wasn't supposed to have found it.

As I trotted to a clear area to transport back home, I thought about Kmf. She was part of the secret.

I couldn't bear the thought of leaving her behind because she was involved with all this.

I couldn't bear the thought of not having a friend.

So, as I started to fall into a deep sleep that night, I changed my mind.

I would find out the secret...

Slowly and steadily,

But I would find it out.


To be continued

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