"Your doom is coming child.... you better run... while you can" The voice crackled in laughter.

The user's hands grew claws as the voice got louder. "ITS NOT TOO... LATE....." The user cried out loud with their claws banging on the doors as hard as they could. "YOU NEED TO SSSSTOPP...."

"Run Markehda... I am getting closer...." 

"Who the HECK... IS MARKEHDAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The user screamed.

Then suddenly, the voice reached inside the user and took their soul.

"Good night, Seaofcloudsss..... " The voice whispered as they swallowed the soul.

The blood-stained body swept away into dust and formed a dark red crystal gem.

"1 down.... 2,000 to go..." The voice mumbled.

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