May 16th, 2015

Maybe it was just growing up, you know? Or maybe it was because of what my friends were doing, and I wanted to do it, too. Animal Jam dating! It was so very easy, don't you know? Eheh, it was always too easy to find some guy, pretend I was that cool girl who understood how irritating those stupid mate beggers were. Too easy to comfort them about that ugly wolf who ditched them for a more handsome guy. For me, I started to love this, always double-dating, becoming popular among boys. Sometimes, my boyfriends would gift me things. It started small; rings, necklaces, skirts, dresses. I would over thank them, and they loved it. Their presents would get better. Raccoon tails, den betas, NR spikes, rares galore. My greed grew. I pretended that I was non rare and depressed. Those gifts actually got better, oh, yes. I had become so rare, so rare. People would just accept my trades due to my beauty. Because my boyfriend was a "hacker", or because they were a "tough jock". Maybe I should try for headdresses this time. I saw someone very rare just yesterday..

May 21st, 2015

I've started to scam, okay!? One of my school friends showed me some helpful YouTube videos, and scammed a few idiots while I was over at her house. I still use my dating tactics, but less. Girls are always smarter, but I've seen a few lesbians on there. I can pretend to be a guy, it's not that hard, honestly! Today, I've gotten a ton of rares. People are trading me black longs for my lovely new light pink headdress I scammed off a helpless non-member. Too bad their trades aren't good enough for me. Nothing is good enough for me!

June 1st, 2015

Sorry I haven't been writing. Well, today, I met this guy on Animal Jam. He was a member, and his wolf was so handsome! Red, black, and tan, with this awesome blue eyes that match his long spikes. He was gifting me amazing things, and told me how pretty I was. I t-think I might keep this one, he's so nice to me. And I benefit so much! He has given me so many things, my inventory is almost full. I hope he loves me forever, and ever!

June 2nd, 2015

He invited me to meet him in real life! He told me he's a totally hot 14 year old; my age, too! Well, ehe, one year older, anyways. We're going to meet in a cute little park down the street on June 13th, or at least, that's what he told me. If I r-remember correctly, he promised to bring chocolates and flowers with him! I'm getting all his long spikes after our date, because he says he loves me more than everyone!

June 14th, 2015

I'm scared. I went to the park, but he wasn't there. All I saw was a man sitting on a park bench, and he kept looking at me, I felt so uncomfortable. I left the park, and I went to his den when I logged on, and waited for him to come. When he came into the den, he made a smile emoji, but I was angry. I told him he blew me off, and he told me that he was at the park, and that he saw me. He said my name to me. I asked him why he didn't come over to me, but he said I just left too fast. This time, he gave me his address, to his house. I think I'm going to visit his house, but just tell my parents I'm going to the mall. Maybe I'll finally get to talk to him.

- - -

Ms. Birchwood sat on the couch, slumped over and sobbing. After seven months of searching, they had found their daughter's body. She had been violently raped, and had her throat slit, after being stabbed multiple times in the eyes, spine, and in inappropriate places. The police explained she had choked on her on blood and died, and that the man who had done this was yet to be caught. He was a child predator, using the game to find children living nearby, before raping and killing them violently. No one ever found this man, and why wouldn't I know? After all, I raped the little brat. Stupid little kid, didn't see it coming. How do I know everything, about Ms. Birchwood crying? About her diary? Well, I'm on the police force, you see. Investigating myself! Hah! They're never going to find me out. They will be more after her. I promise..