( WARNING: Do not read this if 6 or younger ) It was a normal Sunday morning when i logged on to animal jam. then a message from Greely popped up on my screen. it had blood on it and a wolf tooth locking it shut. i pulled out the tooth and read the message. all of a sudden all the animals around me were dead. i was shocked, but mostly frightened. the log out icon was not there neither was the X to get rid of the page. but one animal was there.then i noticed a black monkey with a name that said project and red glowing eyes. then Greely and Liza appeared the whispered to me: This project will succeed.... then they vanished in blood red dust blood was on the monkey's hands and feet.

the monkey was coming close i changed to my snow leopard, and put swords and armor on myself and ran to my room and grabbed my knife i hide just in case. a speech bubble said: you can't run. you can't hide. its over. Then my leopard started to turn to dust. i did not log on to animal jam for 4 weeks. when got back on everything was normal. but be aware that Project never finds you or your server.....

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