Please note: This is not Part 3. It's a cliffhanger for you to get ready. Enjoy! Part 3 will come soon!

"Owwwww!!!" Countess cried in pain. Her head hit against the portal. How strange... "Isn't the portal supposed to be open, not sealed?" Sparkle said. "It's not supposed to be sealed!" Countess cried. "Let's just go to my den. We give up anyway. We've done a lot, let's wait for someone else to be hero of Jamaa." Sparkle suggested, glumly. Countess got up off the ground. They both walked away sadly, Countess' feet making a 'swish swish' sound as they walked. As they turned around a corner, a phantom's evil face appeared in the portal. "Mwahahaha, they're gone. Nothing can stop us now!" The phantom said. He unlocked the portal and a bunch of phantoms spilled out. "Let's start a war against Jamaa, for discovering our weakness, that stupid nice phantom." The phantom king announced.

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