Somewhere in the unknown part of Animal Jam...

The Rainbow Flower 

Chapter one : Missing?

Queen Icy woke up with a bad headache

‘Water, give me water’ she moaned

But the water of the kingdom was stolen so Icy could only drink nectar.

Queen Icy is the queen of the kingdom of flower guardians. Queen Icy is about ten thousand years old because the flower guardians can live for a hundred thousand years so she is actually quite young. All of the flower guardians have wings but only Icy has a shiny golden and butterfly shaped wing, something the flower guardians do if they want a flower to grow quickly then they just have to touch it and if a flower was dead and the flower guardian touches it then it would come back to live. Every flower guardian has their own flower which is their house and since Queen Icy is the queen her flower is gigantic to them because they are the size of pixies but the things they guard are amazingly big.

Queen Icy has a loyal and wise servant named Bob.

'Queen......' Bob began

'Wait!' Queen Icy rudely interrupted ‘I know something is stolen again right?’

‘Yes, but the thing is none other than our treasure the Rainbow Flower!’ Bob cried out.

Queen Icy fainted.

Chapter two : The thief

Queen Icy woke up it the hospital which they call flower-tale.

‘What happened?’ Queen Icy asked

‘Well you fainted Queen’ Bob responded.

Queen Icy started to fly away

Queen Icy and Bob were talking about the Rainbow Flower

'I can't believe it would be stolen' Queen Icy cried

'Well It is very valuable' Bob explained ‘Queen, the guardians who guard the Rainbow Flower saw the thief’

‘Who did it? Who did it?’ Icy exclaimed

‘Lilith of the kingdom of the kind did it’ Bob responded

'Lilith is the daughter of Lona' Icy said thoughtfully ‘but Lona is very kind!’

‘Yes but Lilith is the exact opposite of kind!’ Bob exclaimed

Yes it was true Lilith is the exact opposite of kind because if Lona touches a sad person then immediately the sad person would be happy but if Lilith touches a sad person that person would never be happy again unless Lona touches the person but if Lilith touches a happy person the happy person would be sad but luckily everyone in the kind kingdom could make the person happy.

But if Lilith touches any ordinary person who in ordinary kingdom the person would be sad but if she touches anyone who is not in ordinary kingdom then nothing would happen. Many people dislike Lilith but Lona loves her very much.

Chapter three :

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