When the Llama first came out, everyone in the Diamond Shop was going crazy trying to buy a llama. I was one of the first people to buy one, and I was very happy with what I named it: Mythical Thellama. I went to my Treehouse den, and customized my llama, making it have a black Top Hat, a black necklace, black elf bracelets, a black designer skirt, and black and white fur. I decided not to change the eyes, for I thought it looked adorable that way. I exited out of the customization menu, and decided to test the actions.

Everything seemed normal at first, but when I made it dance, Mythical started glitching and my diamond shop music was cut off. My game started lagging, and my llama glitched into a ram. I was really scared, and I tried to switch to my Arctic Wolf, but I couldn't! Instead, a chat bubble appeared over the ram that said,

wE shAll nOt Be RePLAced

"What do u mean???" I typed in and pressed enter.

iT iSn'T fAir

"Wat isn't fair?" I typed in once more.

wE sHaLL gEt OuR rEvEnGe

"Revenge on who???"

wE aRe aLIVe

wE fOuNd YoU

wE cAn SeE yOu

I freaked out and unplugged my laptop, crying in bed. I was genuinely TERRIFIED. I decided to dial Animal Jam Headquarters to see if they knew about this. "Hello, this is Animal Jam HQ, what do you need help with?" A female voice answered. "Hello, I would like to ask a question concerning the llama,"

"Yes, what is it?"

"Well, today, my llama glitched into a ram, and started saying things that...... scared me."

"What exactly did the ram say?" The AJHQ representative asked, her tone turning serious.

"Something about 'revenge' and the ram being alive."

"Looks like we've got a little explaining to do,"

Then, the woman said that when they were coming up with ideas for a new animal, they had started on working on a ram. However, due to difficulty with the animations, the idea ended up getting scrapped and started working on the llama instead, accidentally leaking it in the process. What they didn't know was the ram files were still there, hidden in a folder that AJHQ never found. What else they didn't know was that the ram, had a mind of it's own. When they figured it out, they started trying to delete it, but the computers would crash instead. So, they had to leave it there and cover it up with new updates. She also mentioned that they also have gotten numerous calls from people who reported the same thing happening with their llama.

When she hung up, I decided to log on to Animal Jam to see if it was completely normal. Fortunately, it was, and my llama was back to the way it was before.

Recently, I had quit Animal Jam due to being hacked of my items, and moved on to playing Transformice. However, I still remember that very incident, and it still scares me just thinking about it. One day, when I went on Transformice, I saw a familiar text that said,

"WoULd YoU LiKe To PLAy?"

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