So you've all heard of the AJ llama, right?

Well, you know what happened to it?

It got stuck in a well.

And here goes the story, of how it got stuck in a well.

The Llama Needs No Drama

Bert the llama went around Jamaa, as always, with his green knitted hat and his green tie. All the jammers looked at him and laughed, some were surprised, some took pictures.

Bert the llama don't need no llama drama.

That is, until he got stuck in the well.

The Well

The well wasn't well so it tried to be well but it failed at being well.

Bert the llama went around the well once, but then when he walked around the well again, the well

let out a lot of water and grabbed him by the tail and pushed him in.

Bert the llama was a sad, wet, llama stuck at the bottom of the well. Jammers threw huge stones into the well most of the time, so every two minutes...... CLONK!

Bert got a big bump on the head.

Bert the llama was stuck there for a week, until Jammers decided to destroy the well.

And you can say, it did not end well for Bert the llama.

So that's why the llama got, 'deleted'

The end

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