I, the great and powerful Lunifer will tell you a story of randomness.


Once upon a time, in the lands of JAM-aa, were lots of jamoholic animals who ate jam. This is a kingdom of jam, and the shamans were royalty. Then a wolf cub... WAS BORN HATING JAAAAAAMMMMM! The parents were so ashamed... everyone was shocked... Even the shamans could'nt make a jamoholic outta THIS one.

Chapsticks 1

Die-ana was a rainbow wolf who hated jam. She hated it alot, and everyone hated her. Her parents TRIED to be proud of her, but they could not. Sooooo Die-ana went on a journey to find another kingdom. 

On her loooong way she was hungry, for anything other than jam. And then, she saw a tree. This was an apple tree. So she shook it hard with her handish-paws. But then a ugly fairy came out of nowhere and said "WHY U DO DIS.... DATS MAH APPLE TREE!!!!" Die-ana was shocked and apologized and did'nt shake the apples off. The fairy said "bcaz you did'nt shake mah apples il give you a porcupine to eat kthxbye" and then it flew awaaaay... 

Captor 2

Die-ana ate the porcupine but her mouth was full of quills so she talked like this:

y-moost i hob er percerpoone

As Die-ana travelled farther, she encountered a house shaped like an angry bird. A really scary angry bird. So she ate the house. AND THEN SHE SPIT OUT A NINJA BUNNYYYYY

This Ninja bunny was attractive (not as attractive as me though) and Die-ana fell in love instantly, despite he pushed the quills in her mouth even deeper. Turns out, the house was the ninja bunny's and he made a challenge to Die-ana, for revenge. Battle.

Clapper 3

-pokemon music- GFKOGHNDOHNDIGH






A wild ninja bunny appeared! What will you do?

Fart              Bite

Tackle          Self Destruct

Die- ana used Fart! It was not very effective.

Ninja Bunny used FEIHRU8OT7348HTW0RHW890THGW0-5TY34! It was a critical hit!

Die-ana is about to die! Die-ana used Self Destruc-BOOM-

and the ninja bunny died with die-ana

the end :3

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