This is an Animal Jam Creepypasta, but it isn't as scary as most! Based off of the Hunger Games slightly. If you are squeamish, you don't want to read this. This pasta is made by KawaiiKoishii, KoishiSan on Animal Jam. Do not edit without permission. Thanks!

Hello. My name is Onyx. I'm just your casual snow leopard. I live within my tribe, which is located in Appondale. Due to being driven out of our home by Arctic Wolves, whom outnumbered us, we resolve to rallying with lions, claiming to have lost our manes in battles, and from distant leagues changed our physiques. Pretty sad time for my tribe, Kylrik, because we are plunged into poverty. You see, nobody comes to Appondale anymore, and because we are afraid, Kylrik is hard to find. So we have no rares which we trade for food. We are a tribe, not rich, like Arctic Wolves, whom are usually very rich and relaxed. We only dare to go on expeditions to trade with them. But they are selfish. It is very hard to bargain. Especially for the non-member animals, whom are sadly looked down on. We try to help them all we can. But one day, the Alphas, whom are now cruel, driven by rares, have held the Rare Games, each year.

About the rare games, well, each year the poorest tribes embroil in a vast war, killing off the others except for a mere few to preserve the tribe, so they can repopulate and go through the horror again. The prize is rares. Lots of rares. From Rare Item Monday's to spikes and glitched rings. At least 5 tribes must compete, or perish. We are almost... Controlled, you could say; by these ridiculous rares. Without them, we cannot trade them for resources with eagles and arctic wolves. Each tribe is one specific animal. The more unpopular the animal, the hardest it is for that creature to survive. Octopuses died. Turtles died. And koalas are hanging in there. Miraculous how they're still here, really. This year, Kylrik is going into war. I've been trained. But wolves and bunnies are alliances, and are much stronger and more powerful than all the tribes combined. Yet we are bigger. We must win. We have to!

Welcome to the Rare Games!

"Welcome, Jammers, to the 5th Rare Game tournament! Competitors, there are chests, within there are weapons and resources for you and your tribe to use. Some are hidden, some located in burrows and small Dens, and the big prizes near the middle of the arena. If you attempt to commit suicide or escape, you, and your tribe, will be publicly humiliated, and will become another of our slaves. You'll end up like scammers.", Liza grinned, her podgy face wrinkling with the smile. Each significant Alpha took turns speaking, and drawling on about basic strategy.

"ON YE MARKS, SET, GO!", Graham boomed, thumping the ground with his hands. It had begun.

"Okay, apprentices, go out and scout for loot. Hurry now, we don't have much time. Take any food or other tribe's items if you can! Go, Go, Go!", Chief ordered. His eyes were somewhat mad with panic, his mane of leaves shingling and rustling as he swung his head, fang glittering. The younger apprentice leopards sped off on all fours, scrabbing at the loot, and dashing back to our camp as fast as possible.

"Good, good! Onyx, I need you to start making caches of food, herbs, and rope.", Cope, a lieutenant, not much older than me, smiled, and nodded, then turned back to Chief, and they consulted quickly. Thinking fast, I quickly found some roots and bulbs, brushed them clean with my tail, and dug little dips for them, placing them inside. I quickly found more, and placed them around the starting ring. Apprentices were dashing and tripping over each other, supplying goods, dumping plants at my feet clumsily, then skipping off again. I swept them all into the little caches, between sapling roots, in little holes, under leaf pits. Anything. When I was done, roughly everyone else had finished collecting our supplies and organising them. We are known to be fast organisers. On our far left, Cheetahs were skittering around, dumping their items in one big pile, using their items to build a ridiculous hut. Poor things. But no time for that! I shook my head without a word, and listened to the commands being issued. I gasped.

Work of Kylrik

"Alright, warriors! We're going to need a shelter. Shelton, Onyx, Banjo, Junis! You can work with rocks and soil. Onyx, Banjo, slice up rocks so we can build walls. We aren't like monkeys, but we have a way with defence, and this will be the best, Shelton, Junis, water the soil so it acts out as paste, so we can use it to stop the rocks from falling. Then, reinforce it with mud, so when it hardens it'll be stronger. No cracks, no crumbling.", Chief turned to us, explaining our jobs. Banjo, a mottled black and sandy leopard, nodded briefly, and we began slashing up rocks. Shelton and Junis, the mudworkers, had already began making the pasty, cement-acting soil. I scooped up the rocks with my massive paws, sliced them into unnatural blocks, and applied the paste. Two hours passed. The wall was done. The lumber cats, who within our tribe were well-known for being as muscular and as strong as lions, Arctic wolves, even, skin tough with work, had finished making our cabin. Then something hit me.

"Cope, shall we put something to stop our base from catching fire? Wolves live near the volcanoes. They're bound to kill us with flames.", I blurted out. It was true. Yet our tribe didn't go too modern, we used nature four our survival. "Good idea! Also, good work, Onyx, and the rest of your team!", Cope grinned, and I immediately set to.. Well, more work. I'll skip out the rest of the work, because it'll get REALLLLLLY boring.


As the day went on, our work slurred, and Kylrik was surviving well. As the youngest apprentice of each tribe, the Duni, wailed their signature whine into the air, to signal the tribe it was time to eat. It was already getting dark, and Noctura was rousing. A Panther, Noctura, yawned, and stepped out into the darkening night. As we ate our meat supplied shared within the tribe, Noctura would sing us to sleep.

I love her voice, and I can remember her war lullaby so well as she sang,

 Hush, Hush, Close your eyes,

Take breaths, and don't cry,

Our tribe is strong, beyond demise,

I, Noctura, awaken in the night,

To sing to you, And you shall not die,


Noctura was the Panther within our tribe who slept through the day, and would guard us during nighttime. Her claws were like talons, her legs like springs to jump, and her jaws stronger than those of sharks, she was a gifted night defender while we slept, when we protected her and each other through day, her strength was equal to everybody in our tribe. I love Noctura, no, not literally, but she's a lovely snow leopard.

Noctura circled the camp, while she inspected her sleeping tribe mates. She sighed wistfully, and she began to sing, like she always did into the night, when she had a problem.

 Oh, Mira, in the sky,

the first day here there is no fight,

There's a will, a won't, a shall and a might,

but as soon as it turns light,

as the stars are swallowed, as well as the niiiiiiiight......

Nothing to protect their vesture,

How many will die, not just one?

But every member is like a treasure,

they are my daughters and sons!

As she sang all through the hours, circled once more, and rested.

First Blood Spilled

"Up, Up everyone! Someone'll be upon us!", Chief barked heartily, shaking the drowsy warriors, and he divided us up. Before, I was to give a speech, being the tribe's shaman. Although, our old shaman was killed by a roleplayer, I was young, yet I took up the job, being the apprentice healer.

"Good morning, mates! We fight today not for our cubs, not for our lives, but for our tribes, our survival! Our future depends on every breath you take, every claw mark and drop of blood you spill and cause, will be destined for glory. We will win this, but only if you fight for your tribe, your future, your life! We will soon be dividing everybody up to do different jobs for a great cause. We need these rares for our survival, health, and not simply for outfits like member Jammers 'need'! Now let's get out there, strike fear into their hearts, and survive! to Glory!"

"To glory!", the tribemates chorused and roared, and so half of us were to guard, and the swiftest warriors were to stock up on loot from the centre of the arena as fast as possible, and kill anyone in their path. I was in the second half, feet pounding against the sodden earth.

I could see the chests through the fog of the morning. I locked my vision on a large chest. I charged harder, but I was too late to stop myself from crashing into another jammer. A fox. There was a tangle of legs and pelt as we scrabbled and bit, until he pinned me down, teeth bared like a dog, snarling and spitting.

"This is mine!", He hissed, tail lashing with rage.

"Stop dribbling on me, kitten.", I taunted, baring my teeth in a vicious and mischievous grin. He, however, did not find it amusing, and sunk his claws into my throat. Hard. I yelped, and kicked hard with my hindquarters, and he staggered, releasing his grip. I let my claws slide out, glinting, and stood on my two hind legs - Only a few animals could perform such an aggressive posture, and his eyes went wide with fear. He scratched at my legs, and tore a large mount, ripping off one of my claws, laughing at my yowl. I immediately lept into the air, and there was an awful crunch as his legs snapped. He was still alive. "Wait! IF YOU KILL ME YOU'LL NEVER FIND OUT ABOUT THE-", Stabbed with my claws. I saw Banjo had came out to see if he could get some items, and gasped.

"He was going to tell you something!", he blurted out, staring at my bloodstained paws.

"He paused too long. That, my friend, was just him attempting to survive, a weak tactic of a weak Jammer."

"What? How is a pause some sort of trick?"

"Well, he was thinking of a lie, and I'd hesitate, and he's pin me down, bite me, or something.", I explained.

"oh! I never knew that!", Banjo exclaimed. It felt sort of awkward, so I turned my back and peered inside the chest. I gasped. Three steaks, a coil of rope, and a out three water purifying chemical packs. Perfect! A small smile spread across Banjo's face as he checked the fox I had killed.

"He's got a spike!", he gasped.

"That won't be any use to us, though, unless we find a wolf, bunny, or Arctic wolves, if they actually even bother to compete.", he continued, but slung the green spike onto his shoulder, as I carried the items in the chest in a satchel, and returned to camp.


When we got back, mothers were frantic. Heads darting, tails slashing with mad fear, they seemed to be searching for something. I arranged out the new items in a pile with the rest which scouts and apprentices had collected, and went to view the drama.

"My cub! my cub!", wailed Shima, a mother of a newborn cub, only a few weeks old.

"Sandie, Sandie, come back to me!", she mourned, crazily thrashing and turning up stones and logs, and other females tried to calm her and find her cub. Sandie, the cub, was obviously not in the camp. I knew him well, for a cub, behind the mass of fur and squeaky pleas for milk. He was mischievous, but quite stubborn and not very thoughtful. He would have probably strayed from camp. I sighed. Chief and Cope were talking in urgent and hushed tones, then raised themselves on two hind legs, and yowled for silence. The camp seemed to freeze. Not even the winds gave a tune. Cope cleared his throat.

"Attention, Tribemates, Cubs and elders! We understand that our treasured Sandie has gone missing. He has probably went By-Ling. For those whom do not know, By-Ling is the term described for when a tribe member strays from their home or territory, in search of something or to escape.", Cope informed, his hazelnut coat bristling softly in the wind, his speckled white spots and underfur remained still, as if his pelt was one living being, swaying on his own accord. His body, however, remained still.

"We will arrange our fastest outflanker pack runners to begin a search. Shima, you may visit Onyx and Banjo if you require a dose of herbs to help you calm down. Do not stress, my mates, for we are the great Kylrik, mighty cats of the forest!", he finished with a booming impact of a bear, pounding the ground with his broad and muscular paws, lightly jumping, slamming with a great force, then lightly picking himself up like a leaf on his shoulder had been there. There was a clash and clatter of everybody chatting and theorising. I returned to my nook in the cabin, a little burrow with moss and chipping bedding. I had scooped out rectangular crevases like shelves out of clay, with my medical resources and stones lined neatly up. An apprentice had delivered a small raw steak from a chest, presumably, and was lying at my paws. I gently bit in, thinking hard. Would this cub return? What would his punishment be? Is he even alive? I had finished my meat by then, and stared hard at my paws. Hours passed as quickly as dew from nearing grass rippled into the freezing lake over centuries more to come. I listened intently, making sure a tunnelling rabbit wasn't making its way into camp, when a gong sounded. Oh, no...

Unfortunate News

I quickly left my burrow, out of the bush covering it, thick with gorse bushes, marigold and leaves, and stared at the hologram in the sky. A cheetah. Predictably, they had been wiped out. The gong sounded again, and a wolf head appeared. The second would mean that the wolves had wiped out the cheetah tribes. Once more, all was quiet again. About 5 minutes later, Shelton and Junis, who were albino twins, caked in blood staining their fur, eyes wide with urgency, anger and terror, yowled into the sky. Just as MORE gongs sounded! Together, they screeched the news.

"The wolves are on a killing spree! Sandie is being held a torture hostage, they want water purifier, and lots of it in return!"

I quickly dashed over to the twins, and asked Junis what was going on.

"What? Why are you both caked in blood?!" I hissed.

"We tried to fight them, but there was at least six wolves there!", Juni blurted out.

"We didn't know there would be so many! They're killed off the giraffes and polar bears easy!", Shelton added.

"So they're on a killing spree, you say?", said Chief. He had found them, too.

"Yes!", all three of us sighed, and Chief's gaze turned from stern and concerned to a horrible grimace. Three shadowed figures, snarling and growling, were approaching the walls as we eyed them through the slots to view them from, with a tiny cub being kicked along at the biggest figure's paws.

I'd Kill Them...

"Shut up, Sandface,or whatever you said you're called, unless you want me to wrench off another dewclaw.", growled the centre biggest taking the lead. The wolves had came to bargain with us in exchange for Sandie. I knew it. And I knew what they wanted. I watched them drag him along. It made me infuriated, the way he abused a baby animal. Or she, maybe.. Whatever a disgrace for a wolf it was. I'd kill them. I'd kill them. It was fair. I'd give them nightberries. I'd kill them.

Return of the Wolves

As others had noticed the threatening growl of the biggest wolf, Kylrikans were peering through the slits in the walls, fit to kill these wolves with horror and rage for Sandie. Sandie stared directly at me, his soft green eyes expressed only pain.

"Open up, dirtbags!", the smallest wolf, whom was probably a yearling in-training, yapped gleefully with the freedom to swear at us. I saw Cope and Nala, his mate, another high-level lieutenant, conferring about who to send under a small tunnel.

"Juni, maybe you could fir underneath our tunnel way out of our walls?", Nala approached, eyeing Juni. She shrugged. "Sure. Just don't let them rip me in half. My brother loves me.".

Just before, I remembered the wolves wanted water purifier. They were savage and rare-obsessed. Not very resourceful. I slunk away to my tunnel. If my tribe was easily going to give away our supplies, I'd use my supplies instead. One of our water purifier bottles was finished and empty, so I scooped up two night berries, crushed them, and mixed them with the powder, putting it into the bottle. Then it occurred to me that they wanted lots, not just one bottle, and the powder wasn't white because of the berries. I'd have to take my chances with these thugs. I leapt out, and without warning, plunged into the tunnel. Juni was suprised to see me, but said nothing, eyes wide.

"Their leader's name is Ragsmire. That little one's Boron, and the other wolf is Podnem.", Juni whispered. My gaze turned hard as I saw Sandie, shackled, snapping and cursing at them, his teeth red with his or his enemy's blood, if he had fought back a bit.

"Get off me you cold-blooded hunchbacked sea-shockets!", he spat, writhing, trying to get himself free. The wolves payed no notice. Pod cleared his throat. These wolves sounded foreign. Mt. Shiveer-born, presumably.

Just a Pinch of Poison

"Ahem. You tribe wants sub Sandface. We want water powder, pure water. We will kills him here and raid you camp if you refuse.". Typical. They would be dead from dehydration if we refused. But Sandie, a cub, would have hid blood shed on these wolves' paws and fangs. I took a step forward. I could feel tension behind the walls of onlookers, and Juni trembled. I held forward the bottle.

"This is water purifier.", I said gruffly. Ragsmire squinted, pushed past Pod, and snorted.

"Why is it purple? Why one bottle? I kill Sandface. More!", he growled.

"Don't you dare call him Sandface, or you will not be pure!" I lied. The three wolves tilted their head.

"This water purifier, only a little pinch, is incredible. It will hydrate and quench your thirst without even having to apply it to water. It is magic. But only those with a pure soul must have a pinch. No more than a pinch. It grants you strength, sustains you, you will be at the top of your pack.", I continued. This was nonsense. But the wolves were transfixed. Ragsmire snatched it immediately, and took a PAW-ful. He laughed. I knew they would want 'power' it would 'grant.'

"I will kill you all! I call him Sandface! You are weaker!", he began to taunt. I smiled sweetly. His face changed from a malicious smirk to confusing, then his eyes rolled back into his head, he writhed, gargling and spamming in agony, and lay still. I heard his spine beginning to snap, yet he was alive. He would have an unbelievable, inhumane death. His chest heaved. I ignored him.

"Take it back. Use it wisely, no more than a pinch, or you will die.", I warned. They took it from Ragsmire's shaking, bent paw, and unshackled Sandie. Perfect. "Now get off our territory, shrimps.", I spat. They ran away, excited with this new power. Sandie was quiet. He scrambled under our tunnel with me, and Shima yowled, dashing and scooping up her son, holding him close as if he were going to vanish if she ever let go. Sandie purred. Chief looked horrified.

"What did you do? Did you just give them that?! Why didn't you tell me we had that powerful item?", He roared. I remained calm, and laughed.

"Ah, don't worry. It was a trick. I mixed that bottle with two night berries. That stuff I said was Arcdrops. Yes, Arctic wolf droppings. Rubbish. They will mix it into their muddy water, and drink it. Poisonous.", I smiled. Chief sighed with relief, and praised me. He later turned to Sandie.

"Sandie, what happened? What do you know?", he asked, containing himself. Sandie took a deep breath. It was time to tell what he saw.

Sandie's Story

Onyx was staring at me as if I was the only thing she saw. Chief, however, was only listening to my words. So I began.

"I found the tunnel, and I'd seen a bunch of marigold leaves outside. So I scrambled under, and I began running towards them. Then the fog rolled in. I couldn't see. I think I stumbled onto something, and turns out it was Ragsmire. He just grabbed me without warning, cuffed me when I began to cry out for help, and he took me away. I dunno how he knew where he was in the fog. Anyways, he took m to their camp. There's a LOT of wolves there. They all wear spikes. They put me in the cave there, and started beating me. I have no idea why, probably it was funny hearing how cats squeal. After that day, Ragsmire, Podnem and Boron started nudging me along. They were speaking softly to me. I have no idea why, again. Then they started snarling, and I saw Boron beginning to gather his haunches. I bit him. As hard as I could on his ear. I swear my teeth touched, must've punctured it. Then they just took me here. They barely explained anything. They took off my dewclaws. Ripped 'em right off. Sorry I don't know much.", I finished. There was silence. I felt bad.


The sun was shining brightly on my dark fur, glistening with frosty dew. All was quiet, as the tribemates yawned, stretched and roused peacefully. Our camp was alive with purring and greeting. For once, it felt as if we were back home. Back, back home. In Shiveer. But then it occurred to me that we were low on supplies. The alphas made sure no prey would be born, only found in chests. I pushed my way into Chief's cabin. He was bolt upright. Before I could say anything, he spoke.

"Onyx, we are going to have to invade another tribe. We will need to kill them all. The wolves'll kill everyone off first if we don't. Let's start with bunnies. They're surprisingly dangerous. That spike from the fox can make a false bribe. You are my most trusted warrior, you will need to lead the invasion. Am I clear?"

"Of course. Who shall I bring, Chief?", I asked. Chief looked thoughtful.

"Shelton, Juni, Banjo, and Shibaan. Nockture will attack in the night. You know how dangerous she is."

"Great. Right away, Chief!", I saluted, and bound away. I assembled my troops, and explained the mission. Queens and mates were whispering, Cubs and apprentices bounding with excitement. We set off at dawn, striding with grace. Shibaan, who was born blind, but with incredible senses, led the way. She wove between the trees perfectly, sniffing out any traces of rabbits. She halted. Shelton bumped into her, and apologised. Shibaan smiled lightly, dipped her head, and pointed with her tail to the burrow. We formed a circle.

"Alright. That' the burrow. We are going to need to move quietly and quickly, or they'll hear us. Juni, Banjo, go and gather sticks and stones to pelt. Onyx, Shelton, you're going to need to gather some boomseeds. I'll go back to camp to fetch weapons and night berries. Roar with your heart if you need backup.", Shibaan planned. We nodded, and split up. Moving as one, I and Shelton gathered supplies. I quickly found a dozen boom seeds, and Shelton quietly worked away on slingshots and poison ivy to apply. I found some termites. Perfect! I quickly grabbed an empty boomseed shell, and scooped the termites inside, sealing the lid with palm leaves. They would eat away at their items. The spike was glinting on my neck. It made me feel somewhat sick at how animals worshipped spikes. I had rares. Just a few. Not for decoration, though. That's sick.


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