The all black wolf sat in the Pillow Room. It was the same thing day after day, hour after hour, second after second. The wolf, Monster, had never known anything more. It was simply the rooms of Jamaa. As far as he knew, there was nothing more.

A white fox in a purple designer skirt pads up towards you. "Hello," she greets him warmly, quickly putting up the smile emoticon.

Monster simply nodded in response.

"I'm Snowflake." The fox continued, "What's your name?"

"Monster," the wolf replied, only half paying attention. His eyes were locked on the ground.

Snowflake frowned, "is there something wrong?"

Monster looked up to face her. An observant one, she is, he thought, a rare quality these days. "I'm just bored. Been through it all, tried everything."

"We could do something together if you like." Snowflake offers, quickly sending a buddy request to Monster, who accepts.

"I gtg." Snowflake said finally. She and Monster had been hanging out for about an hour. Talking about nothing in particular. It had been pleasant.

Monster placed a cold hand on Snowflake's. "Snowflake?"

"Yes?" Her soothing voice was curious.

"Where do you go after you say 'I gtg'?"

"Why you go out to the real world, to live your life of course. But you know that. Don't be silly." Snowflake half laughed the words.

"Real world..." Monster looked confused, "what do you mean? This is the only world."

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