This happened to my girlfriend, let's start the story now...

Once upon a time, my girlfriend logged into her account. The Headress item is her dream AJ hat, so she went to a trading party, to find one and she saw a guy that had a headress in his trade list. So she traded it with a black spiked collar, black rare rhino plushie, black rare spiked wristband and black rare horn. But, he denied and said "Sorry for saying this, but I'm too afraid to trade it away. You see, it's my dead girlfriend's, she died last month, before her death she gave it to me and she said, "Don't give away to anyone." "My girlfriend said "Come on, I don't really care about that, I will give my stuff if you want!" The guy said "Ok" and he accepted the trade, my girlfriends was happy and she wore it for a few day's. Later she logged into her account, thats when she saw a little message "GIVE BACK MY HEADRESS." She was terrified, she thought that some hacker trolled her, but she still wearing her headress. Even that creepy message popped up every, single, time she logged in, but 3 month's later the message changed it to "Why you not scared of me? I am going to see you soon!" But she didn't take off her headress, she went to her den. She saw an arctic wolf's head on her most elegant table, she was frosen to her seat, she barely slept that night. The next day, it was a monday, she went to school after school finished she went to the toliet, she saw a message on the mirror, it was, and I quote "SEE YOU IN THE AFTERNOON" then the light in toliet flicking she screamed again, the teacher, principal and I went to the bathroom. What's wrong dear?" "The light in the bathroom is flickering and someone is hunting me down.." Said my girlfriend, she went back home and logged into her Aj account. The sever had only her in there, then her screen went black, her arctic wolf was in the dark room, with an eyeless female arctic wolf. The eyeless wolf asked "Why did you steal my beloved Red Headress?" "NO I DIDN'T"" said my girlfriend "You lied.." Said the eyeless wolf. "I SWEAR I DIDNT!!!" Said my girlfriend "Yes, you did.." said the eyeless wolf. "HOW!!????" Asked my girlfriend. "You took them from my boyfriend." "WHO IS YOUR GODDAMN BOYFRIEND?????" "The one that you traded stuff like the black rare spiked collar for." "THEN WHY DID YOU FOLLOW ME THIS TIME?" "You should bother to know it already, he said you shouldn't take my headress." Said the eyeless wolf. "SO? DO YOU THINK I TRUST PEOPLE TOO EASY?" "said my girlfriend. Then the eyeless wolf ran toward to her and said "You still have time before you DIE, you can save yourself." My girlfriend gifted the headress to the eyeless wolf. Thank you, for this you will live, however you must tell everything to your boyfriend or girlfriend. She told me every last single bit, its been two years and everything's ok.


The headdress.

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