The sequel to The Toilet Item. This story was inspired by a 'toilet' AJ item on the internet. (P.S: the link leads you out of AJ stories, but its just a pic) Also nothing in this story is real, other than the fact that 'jammers' and 'Jamaa' is used in the story but that's just it. Like the information isn't real its just made up. Just so you know and not end up feeling confused.

However, one toilet was still left. A blue toilet, who was owned by Sunny Thecat.

Now Sunny, didn't know anything about the toilets, because the toilets were made two years ago and never mentioned...ever...

A mysterious jammer had traded her the toilet, claiming that its power could transform her into a member. You thought she was a member? Think again: the toilets were non-member also.

The mysterious jammer, a member, also showed her the glitch, the toilet glitch.

Sunny became infected. The toilet clung to her. She couldn't trade it, move it, gift it, or delete it.

Sunny did the glitch, and received an item. A bow. No wait, not a bow. The toilet bow.

Sunny put it on, and instantly, five more appeared. Five more toilet bows, I mean.

She gifted the bows to her friends, who kept gifting, and gifting, until the return of the toilets started....

The Toilet Army

Spooky Vineivy, a non member bunny, ran through the ruins of Jamaa township. The toilets had completely ruined the land with their bombs, and only few survived the stink and sickness it brought. Spooky had survived the sickness, but his friends weren't so lucky.

Toilets marched around Jamaa, scouting Coral Canyons. They used to be happy Jammers, like you and me, but were converted with the toilet bow. Lucky Happyjammer, a member snow leopard switfly ran through the rubble of the bridge.

Duchess Jellybird cowered behind a tree trunk. As an otter, she wasn't used to dense woodland and she got a few splinters in her paws. A toilet- no, an animal neared her. A hooded figure with a red worn, a wolf, smiled slyly at her.

"Lets go find the others, and defeat the toilets."

BTW Fact: Toilets are called 'flushers' and are artic wolves, normal artic wolves, with a variety of colors but no items.

The Creature Attacks

Duchess followed the wolf towards Coral Canyons. As they entered, Duchess spotted the great bridge, now sandy rubble. The great, almost unbreakable bridge that could support so many jammers, was now here, broken into pieces on the sandy earth. Duchess swallowed a wail of fear. The bridge had been here for so long, so to be turned into dust and rubble.

The wolf suddenly came to a halt, her ear twitching. She could hear movement, but this sound was from a deadly creature, hiding unseen. She took a tentative step forward, her paw shaking. Her wary gaze scanned her rocky surroundings.

"Run," she growled to Duchess, who perfectly understood and leaped towards the nearest rock. She wasn't very fast on land, but in the water she could beat almost anyone in a race. Just then, a large catlike figure lunged at her, snarling in fury. Duchess shrieked and tried to run faster, her little paws scrabbling against the dusty earth.

The hooded she-wolf leaped at the catlike figure, and pushed it off Duchess. She snarled, looking at the catlike creature with fierce eyes, flaming with anger. The catlike figure- who was a snow leopard- stared at the wolf in fear, and pushed her off. The leopard ran to the nearest boulder, mewling.

Clara's Story

As soon as the leopard slowly padded towards the boulder, Duchess took the chance to run to the she-wolf. Her small little eyes were wide with fear, and she curled her little tail up. The wolf gazed at the leopard, and hesitated before she asked it, "What is your name, young jammer?"

The leopard's ears perked up, and she turned her head. " name?" she asked, her voice trembling with fear. The she-wolf nodded, and flicked her tail. "We haven't got all day," she snarled in annoyance. "The flushers will come patrol at sunset, and we need to find shelter."

The leopard sighed, and she swished her tail back and forth. "My name is Lucky Happyjammer, but just call me Lucky. I survived the flushers' invasion, and, my friends just....." Her voice trailed off.

The wolf looked at Lucky with sadness, and nodded her head in understandment. "I see," she said in a low, dark, tone. "The same thing happened to me."

Lucky and Duchess looked at the wolf in confusion. "What do you mean it happened to you? The flushers? Did....did they invade Jamaa long ago?" The she-wolf shook her head. "No," she growled. "That is not what I meant." Duchess was taken aback by her sharp words, and sat next to Lucky.

"Here is my story," the wolf sighed, and sat on the dusty earth, her tail swishing. "It may be a sad one, but it's the truth, at least."

You have been taught lies.

Yes, lies. All of them.

Phantoms: they used to be peaceful creatures. They lived in peace, but when they sighted a jammer, they would run towards them and attack them, because of fear that the jammer would kill the phantom. Ever since, phantoms were called 'bad'. I lived in the phantom king's castle, and the phantoms there treated me nicely, like a guest of honor.

They named me 'Caira', or Clara.

But one day a phantom patrol was near Jamaa Township and were spotted by some Jammers. That's when the Alphas appeared, who were in hiding or studying someplace, and found out a way to capture the phantoms. And when they capured the phantom patrol, they did many, many painful experiments on them. Until, one day, the phantoms suddenly died because one of the experiments.

So ever since the phantom patrol was captured, the phantoms doubled their patrols around Jamaa, scouting out of Jamaa's borders. The Alphas were afraid that phantoms would break into the heart of Jamaa and attack all the jammers there. So that's why they created 'adventures'. They wanted jammers like YOU to capture the phantoms and put an end to their 'evil'.

It's true, Greely became friends with the phantoms by temporarily becoming one with his machine, but, the phantoms found out that it was him, one of the Alphas that experimented on the patrol, and thats why they captured him. They put up 'Wanted' posters and wanted to capture all of the Alphas because of the phantom patrol they had captured.

The Alphas made jammers like you do the work of capturing phantoms! The phantoms only wanted to live in peace outside of Jamaa, and those phantoms you capture with the chomper plants? They are patrols scouting their territory for jammers that intrude. They aren't 'evil', they think that Jamaa is 'evil'.

So the phantoms let me go, but they still were my friends. One day, almost all the phantoms were captured and put an end to, and only a few survived but were scattered. The phantoms who treated me as family were now gone. All I could do was cry. I hid in the shadows of Jamaa for long enough. The flushers rose up against Jamaa, and they're just like the phantoms. Only their 'territory' is Jamaa, our Jamaa, and they want to defend their territory.

That's why I've gathered you two here. Well, found you and gathered you here. You can help me defeat the flushers without actually hurting them. The Alphas are somewhere, away from Jamaa. Now its our turn to be the heroes.

Duchess and Lucky stood petrified, their eyes wide with confusion, surprise, and fear. Clara nodded, and looked towards the dried up river, which was once full with life. The waterfall had dried up also, and rubble closed the entrance to the cave of Epic Wonders.

Duchess and Lucky followed Clara's gaze and stared at the rubble that was blocking the entrance to the big cave. "We're!?" Lucky said, and stared at the closed entrance. Clara padded over to the entrance blocked with rubble, and moved some stones away, forming an entrance small enough for all of them to go in, and also small enough to be unnoticed. "Go in," barked Clara, pointing her paw to the small entrance. Duchess squeezed through but came out the other end easily, because of her slick body. It took some time for Lucky to get through the entrance, but with a final shove from Clara, she got out the other end, with her tail hurting a bit. Clara easily came through, and closed the entrance a bit, just in case. She padded over to the orbs of the cave, which glowed dimly. Expensive items were scattered about, which were half-bathed in dim, blue light. Clara tossed some items to both Duchess and Lucky, ordering them to put the items on. She passed a golden bow and arrow to Lucky, along with a silver glove and golden samurai helmet. To Duchess she passed a crossbow, golden glove, and a DJ headset. Duchess looked at the items in confusion, and put them on. Clara put on a golden pirate sword, scorpion claws, scorpion helmet, and scorpion tail.

"This is what you will put on when entering Jamaa Township, where the flusher's camp is. Flushers are very dangerous, and you need to summon all your fighting skills if they are to attack. But remember, stick together, as they will try to scatter you. We leave at dawn."

The Flusher Camp

Sky waited patiently, sitting still, tail held high.

As a flusher, now, things were complicated and friendships were ended because of the attack on Jamaa. A memory flashed in Sky's head. It was the toilets, crushing Jamaa and converting Jammers into flushers by dropping the jammers in their mouths. Now everyone here was a flusher, and the deserted, destroyed, and absolutely crushed Jamaa Township was their camp.

Of course, they found a few surviving Jammers but let them go easily. Small jammers couldn't do any harm to them, just like a fly couldn't harm a person. Jammers were now enemies, but easy to defeat enemies. They wouldn't pay attention to them, because nobody could stop the flushers.

Every jammer who was caught became a flusher; a porcelain artic wolf with many colors. They were as fragile as glass, but at the same time as strong as a diamond. Sky was a white flusher with a blue dragon on his side. It was supposed to be a sign of strength and courage, but right now Sky didn't feel strong or courageous.

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