There was once a rumor on Animal Jam, it wasn't well known but it was really strange. The rumor said that if you get a black long never wear it, cause it will have effects in reality. Of course, I as a wise Jammer never believed that non-sense. I knew that people tell those rumors only to get attention, proving that they are trolls. My friend, told me that one of their buddies saw something really creepy after putting on their own black long collar, After exiting their inventory they jumped because of a wolf face with bloodshot eyes with small pupils was over their screen. It dissappeared after a few minutes, the person quickly quit after the event. I had a black long of course, but lil ol' naive me didn't believe in that crap still. I put it on, trying to show off my rares to other Jammers but, after that everything went downhill. Everyone seemed to be switching their colors to black. They had animations of hissing towards me, I typed in: "What!?!?" And after that my Animal Jam screen went BLACK. It faded back to normal, and I could see my Animal attached to a metal table, its paws and legs taped to the table. It tried to scream, but what managed to get through the mouth was gags and coughs. I heard some giggling and whispering, then footsteps which became louder and louder. Eventually, I saw who it was. It was a Pitch Black Arctic wolf, it was a female, I could tell by the eyes. She laughed and actually talked, "Hello there, victim!" I tried to break free from the table but the tape was strapped over 20 times, "Let me go!!!" I typed in the chat bar. I blinked and there was no tape on my paws or legs anymore, they were metal cuffs which were connected to the table and they were short so I could not escape. The girl arctic wolf took a rat, put it in a cage and put it on my stomach, "Oh shit." I said outloud, I knew this is how people killed victims long ago. The rat doesn't have any way to escape, but one way...Through the stomach. My animal screamed as the rat started digging a anormous hole in its stomach, it eventually reached the organs, which was when my animal stopped breathing and died. The arctic wolf lady stepped back, amused by what was happening, I noticed she was writing something on some paper. "It worked master!" She giggled as Greely emerged from the shadows. "Good Job, Mythical. But, I do not need you anymore for help. You saw what happened to the other Jammers, I kill them if they are USELESS for now." Greely clawed the she-wolf over the face and bit her leg. She yowled, kicking Greely over floor giving a sign to stop it. Eventually, after a long-time of battle, Greely killed her, and what has left of the arctic wolf girl is only her corpse which Greely threw into the bin. "This was very interesting, What do you others think?" Liza emerged from thin air. "That was really disturbing but we had to test it, didn't we?" Liza said.

Now, the alphas hide in their secret basement where nobody can encounter them, unless they have a black long. Some rumors can be true, you know? T H E Y C A N B E .

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