A large cloud of black birds flew from one far away forest to the outside of Jamaa. They'd been sent on a mission, to save the Sandcats who would decay into nonexistance if they didn't help. One crow, bigger than the others with a purple cape, started cawing. "We are almost there! Remember, most of the sandcats have wires wrapped around them. Use your talons to destroy the wires, and then pick them up in pairs to bring back to the empty Treetop Village." the large crow, Onyx the Crow Alpha cawed. The others only nodded in understanding as they flew closer... and closer... and closer to the spot. Two crows broke off from the flock, they spotted an unusual tan-colored cat with red eyes, Sahara the Sand Cat Alpha. They swooped down, seeing the wires wrapped around Sahara's neck and body.

They cawed loudly to let Sahara know that help was here as they dove down. One of the crows cut the neck wire and the other crow made sure Sahara wouldn't fall as soon as all the wires were removed. Eventually, all the wires were cut off and the crows lifted Sahara in their talons, flying towards the empty treetop village in VIvidwing Forest where the sandcats would be safe.

(TechSaur, you can control the sandcats in this story while I control the crows and other birds.)

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