Hello my fellow jammers. I know all of you out there have been scam or have been scared. Its a very tragic time when it happens but do you know the reason they do it? No? Well I'm going to tell you a story about a scam and why they did it.

It was a beautiful summer morning and knowing me I was inside. I was very happy because the day before, I got a rare headdress. I would always have it on trade and declining everything! Then I saw someone by the username evilbunnycloud saying ' rare headdress giveaway my den!" I wanted to go because I wanted another headdress so I can have 2 and trade on away. I was very stupid. Long story short I lost yellow sweets, flower carpet, and my rare headdress.

Now I told you that part of the story because it is very needed.

I kept reporting and reporting. But then I realized, I don't even actually know why she did it! I thought it was because every scammer just wants more rares. I was wrong. She scams because she had been banned from AJ for no reason and because she had always been scamed! I never knew but what she did was still wrong. She begged for forgiveness and I said I will forgive you if you give me back my items. Right when I said that she blocked me and locked my out. I was devastated.

Now let me tell you the main reason every scammer scams. They have either: Been scamed, wants rares, or is just mean!

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