So, a normal day, I went, on my Laptop, then Animal jam, and thought of Black longs, headdresses etc. So, I was going to scam. Trying to make it beliviable, I said "Trust me win orange long" And I did have that, and someone traded BIG... a black long, red, light pink headdress, chinese-like one, too. I thought, "Oh, big trade. Who'd fall for this?" I accepted, ran away, blocked the euser. Then, I thought "OMG GOOD!" I wore the lp headdress, and black long. Liza then went to my den aying, "Watch this video!" We then went to the theater. I saw a video of me scamming. "Amazing, right? I thought, Lets just go to bed. And someone was at my door. I awnsered, it was Mira, and Liza. I screamed from what I saw. Liza and Mira was covered in blood! I shouted "MIRA!!!" I then saw Liza, saying, "Your turn." with a maniacally smile. She then got a bloody knife, stabbed it in my back. I then said, "What are you doing!". I then laid dead. END.

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