This is a Trollfic based on The Protector Awakening and The Beast Awakening. It is not meant to be taken seriously in any way. 

Story belongs to Diamonddragon88

Sharktopus does not

The Beginning and End of the End

SO, once upon a time, a monkey who worked at the Tierney Aquarium captured a huge Shark/Octopus hybrid she called Sharktopus, and her rich uncle who was an overall jerk exploited the Sharktopus for gems.

One day, PETA organizers set the shark free and it promptly ate all of them. The shark then walked to the ocean, which it could obviously do because it's in Jamaa, and wreaked havoc on beachgoers. 

Pretty PreciousPaw the wolf who believed she had the most creative name ever shouted to her friends,"HEY GUYS," she yelled because she forgot her caps lock was on,"LET'S ALL GO SWIMMING EVEN THOUGH WE'RE IN A CHEAP HORROR MOVIE AND EVERYONE KNOWS THAT SWIMMERS ARE COMPLETELY SAFE."

The band of wolves dove into the water, swimming like graceful swans with their heads cut off. Sharktopus, in an attempt to put the readers of this story out of their misery, elected to devour the wolves whole. 

Pretty's fellow clanners were like," ZOMG THEY BEEN EATEN" and they sent out a rescue squad to destroy the sharktopus using their CLANNER POWRZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When they got into the middle of the ocean, they realized that Sharktopus had magically spawned an entire army of sharktopuses, and that they were now, in fact, a sharktopusnado. 

The clanners, in fear for their lives, swam back to shore. Everyone took cover in their homes, fearful of what the future might bring. The Sharktopusnado ravaged Jamaa, eating up the alphas, the Aquarium, and worst of all, THE DIAMOND SHOP (Gross sobbing). 

Unsure of what to do, the remaining animals took a final stand. They grabbed all the TnT, Diamonds, and anything they could salvage, and created the biggest bomb Jamaa had ever seen.

The time was ticking. Ticking away ever so slowly....











And then a skeleton popped out.


or is it?

No, just kidding. This is really the end. Go watch TV or something.

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