Post a comment if you want your character (NO POWERPLAYERS!) in the story. Character applications must have a detailed description and a brief summary of the character's fighting style. Oh, you can have more than one character too.

Just warning you, this... involves quite a bit of realism, logic, magic, and time travel. It thankfully will have no blood in it, but there will be fights.

For those who want to know about current characters.


A deep cyan well-muscled eagle with light blue head feathers sat on a dangerous ledge at the top of Mt. Shiveer, watching the sun go down. Oh, how beautiful the sunset is... and the eagle didn't even care about the winds that would give others frostbite. The eagle, a famous explorer called Snowflake Snowylily, preened her light blue flight feathers, admiring the sunset. She accidentally froze the shaft of a light blue primary flight feather on the end of her wing, but didn't care. At all.


Meanwhile, somewhere down in Deep Blue, black shapes circled around a medium blue dolphin who was obviously trying to hide in the entrance to the Den Shop underwater. The shapes got closer, revealing them to be phantoms. Wait, what were phantoms doing in an industrial part of the Jamaa Ocean? The dolphin looked around frantically, trying to find a gap in the phantoms, finding none. The dolphin curled up in a ball and squeezed her eyes shut, waiting for her impending doom.

A phantom tentacle lashed at her forehead, but struck the helmet instead, sparking with purplish pinkish electricity. Another phantom with usual blue electricity slid two of his tentacles around the dolphin's tailfin, preventing escape. Yet another blue electricity phantom struck at the dolphin, creating a large burn mark on her side. The pink electricity phantom, who seemed to be the leader of the little troop, slashed at the dolphin's eye, leaving a permanent mark under it. A single bit of skin where the mark was, too small to be noticed, turned slightly purple.

The phantom troop abandoned the poor dolphin, who was now severely injured underwater with nothing. A few days later, the underwater Alphas were still keeping the animals away from Deep Blue. The animals didn't know why they were being kept away...

Two weeks after the dolphin was attacked, a bigger troop of blue-electricity phantoms came back to the STILL unconscious dolphin and carried her off to the underwater part of the Phantom Castle, complete with it's own arena...


Phantoms swarmed to the huge stone.... thing that was the Phantom Castle, it was formerly The Great Tower, but was upgraded heavily after The Phantom Siege. A single phantom was different from all the others in appearance, it had cyan markings and a single cyan iris. It was on duty, positioned right outside the cell of a rather famous Arctic Wolf explorer who even the Alphas though were dead.

The Arctic Wolf, Snowflake Shiverclaw, had a cell right in the middle of the Castle's prison 'Basement'. She was the most dangerous to the phantoms, and her cell was so secured that at the slightest movement, the Phantom Watchers in the four corners of the room would activate. In the middle was one of those sticky crystal things that could hold an animal inside. The two cells next to hers were pretty much identical, but the basic cells didn't have Phantom Watchers or sticky crystal things.

Other cells, which had the basic design, were cramped and mostly near the edges. In one cell, there was a black and white rabbit. In yet another one, there was a seal. There was also an arctic wolf, two actually, and a crocodile also in cells. All the cells had at least one Phantom Guard right outside the entrance. A pre-recorded voice boomed throughout the Prison. "ALL PRISONERS, TO THE ARENA!" Of course, Snowflake Shiverclaw wasn't taken out of her cell, but the other animals were escorted to the 1st floor, the one with the Arena. Animals were forced to fight eachother to the death in the Phantom Arena every tuesday....

The Phantoms escorting the animals were tense, waiting for the annoucement of who got to fight in the first round... "FIRST ROUND: LITTLE SNEEZYHEART VS. MAJOR MAJORMAJOR!" The phantom escorting the rabbit dropped his hostage roughly into the area, and a small troop of phantoms dropped a black lion with a neon orange mane and a matching spiked collar into the area too. A sort of... screen thing flashed 3... 2... 1... and as if on cue, the lion lunged at Little Sneezyheart the rabbit.

Little Sneezyheart barely managed to sidestep and leap onto the lion named Major Majormajor's mane. Major Majormajor sunk it's fangs into the cold hard floor, it wasn't able to stop it's attack. Sneezyheart screeched into the lion's mane and it fainted. The rabbit was lifted out of the arena and the lion simply disappeared. "NEXT ROUND: SHYSTAR VS. SMELLY ALIENPUPPET!" The phantoms giggled at Smelly Alienpuppet's name as it was called for the next round.

An arctic wolf, white with gray overfur, green lightningbolt pattern, and mostly blue armor with green samurai swords was dropped in. She was the contestant named Shystar. On the other end of the arena, there was a pink and purple giraffe with brown heart markings named Smelly Alienpuppet. The giraffe named Smelly Alienpuppet was the first to strike, kicking at Shystar's skull. Shystar was too slow and took the hit, but sliced Smelly Alienpuppet's hoof, leaving a mark. Shystar didn't let the giraffe strike twice in a row and cast a Fire Wall sort of thing to block incoming attacks. Smelly Alienpuppet tried to get around the Fire Wall, but failed and burnt.

The Phantoms carried Shystar back to her cell as the defeated Smelly Alienpuppet giraffe's burnt remains vanished and the Fire Wall was cleared.


The dolphin woke up in a small thing like a cavern, vision blurry. It had a small bit of air at the very top with a hole so thin that an ant could barely fit though it. As her vision cleared, she noticed bars made of oil. She knew where she was now.... Phantom Prison or something like that. The water smelled absolutely horrible, and her air was going to run out soon, so she swam up to the top of the water-cell.

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