((This is a multi writer story, both FoxStray (Wind) and WolfyPearl (Wolfy) are working on it.))

The room the six Alphas, a bunny, a wolf, a tiger, a panda, a koala, and a monkey were in was small and tent-like, the sloping walls red with yellow stripes. It had a large wooden table in the middle which they sat around, studying a map. The Alphas were discussing on were the deleted animals could be hiding. "Guys, I don't really think we should murder them, I mean, they're animals like us! Can't we spare them?" The youngest of the Alphas, Peck, spoke. "No. They're just annoying pests in the Animal Jam code that's been left by Animal Jam Headquarters. It's up to us to clean them up." Sir Gilbert, tiger alpha, growled. The pink bunny alpha cowered in fear at the sound of Sir Gilbert's voice.

Meanwhile, somewhere in a far away forest, a yellow bird flew into a massive hollow with a short ceiling and a long wooden table really fast. "Theyareafterustheyareafterustheareafterus!!!!!" the yellow bird squawked as he literally bounced off the walls. A crow named Onyx caught the yellow bird and put him in the only non taken chair. "Good, we were waiting for you, Topaz." he squawked. Diamond, a dove across the hall, started to speak. "We know the Mainland Alphas are after us, and we have to defend ourselves. How should we make sure we survive?" she chirped calmly. "I'll rip their throats out if they get here!" snarled Garnet, a cardinal with full battle armor. Diamond sighed. "Any ideas that DON'T include fighting?" "Maybe set a trap for them!" chirped Citrine, an oriole who looked to be half robot. "Good idea!" Diamond chirped back.

Back at the Alphas' tent, the Alphas were having a hard time reading the map. Cosmo the koala had outright given up and started packing his things, mostly boom seeds, chomper plants, and of course food. Graham the monkey was the only one focused as Peck had distracted Greely the wolf and Sir Gilbert with her constant chattering. "Peck, would you shut up?!" Greely yelled loud enough for the rest of the Alphas to hear. It was also heard by a wolf and a raccoon outside of the tent. The wolf wore a pair of nerd glasses placed carefully so her blue eyes could still see and a simple pirate sword with blue fur and a white underbelly. The raccoon had on a ribbon scarf with a black ninja mask covering her sea green eyes, and a pale blue fur coat with white stripes. "That wolf's got some anger issues," The wolf, named Victory, chuckled. "No time for laughs! If we wanna get their Alpha Beads then we've got to stay quiet!" Melody, the raccoon, whisper-yelled.

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