The Search for Spaghetti


"What is it that you want? Why do you bother me in my dream?" Tomato snapped, growling at what seemed nothing but a voice.

"I will give you whatever you want if you follow my orders," a deep voice said. There was a dim light, and the shape of a wolf appeared.

"Your friend Awesome has been our enemy for years now. I need you to give him this." The wolf pushed a plastic bag towards Tomato. "It's a headdress that will glitch his game into non-existence."

"And what's in it for me? You promised me something!" Tomato argued, furious. If they wanted to kill his friend, there had to be a reason.

The wolf was quiet for a second, as if thinking. "You will get to restart your account as a rare and beta one. That's what's in it for you."

Tomato shook his head. "NO!" he screamed angrily. "No rare or beta in this world could be compared to Awesome! He is awesome, unlike you mysterious wolf here."

The wolf laughed. "If you're not going to cooperate, we might as well control you."

Tomato struggled against a forced that pushed him down. "No! I won't let you hurt Awesome! Ever..! I promised..."

Far in the distance he could hear the cackling of an angry wolf, then everything was dark.

The Dream

It was midnight. Awesome had stayed up cackling at cat videos. He was tired. So many thoughts flew through his head. Weird ones like, I wonder what dog meat tastes like or Is there a dirt and grass ice cream flavor? But among all those late night thoughts there was one that stood out to him the most. Maybe, just maybe, the phantoms didn't kill Spaghetti and maybe he still might be alive? As his tired eyes fluttered open for a second, there was another thought. Maybe...Spaghetti was turned evil by the phantoms. He shook his head, and smiled. There was no way Tomato's brother was still alive after four years. His breathing slowed and he fell asleep.

Awesome was with Tomato in his dream. They were running from something. He didn't know what it was, but if they were running from it, surely it would be scary. They ran and ran, on a narrow dusty road, past weird trees with long vines, until they stopped. Their path was blocked by a giant ivy covered wall. They had nowhere to run. Into the trees? It would be too risky. Heart pounding, they turned and faced the monster they ran from. It was the phantom king. And riding the phantom king was Spaghetti, Tomato's brother. Awesome and Tomato watched as Spaghetti pulled out a spear and threw it above their heads.

"Ughh, what time is it?" Awesome asked groggily. He picked up his phone and turned it on. 9:27. "How could I have slept in? I better go." He looked around his room. Clothes piled up neatly in a stack, books everywhere, in bookshelves and on the drawer, and posters. Animal Jam posters, with Sir Gilbert, Awesome's favorite alpha, battling the phantoms, and one poster with the phantom king himself. Since he was obsessed with the adventures, he spent half of his day doing it. He even spent time with his eagle, Flash, doing adventures. They always picked up loads of rares and betas, but Awesome didn't really care.

Today he promised Tomato he'd do an adventure with him. Not any adventure, but the Great Escape. Tomato had begged him for a week, and today, he couldn't be late. He was supposed to meet up with Tomato at the Base Camp. Throwing his closet door open, he searched through his inventory for something awesome. Once he had everything set, he teleported to base camp. 9:49

A Magical Item?

There have been rumors that the adventures have been glitched, so the Base Camp was deserted. It was a bit eerie, but Awesome summoned all his courage and walked on over to the camp. There was a lot of fog, making it almost impossible to see, but Awesome could make out a few shapes. Crates, trapped phantoms...

But then, he could make out a shape walking towards him. It wasn't big, nor was it small, and its amber eyes glowed in the fog. Tomato? Awesome could make out the shape. It was Tomato, and he was carrying a plastic bag. The bag was glowing slightly, and it made Awesome wonder.

"Hey, potato face. I brought you something, what's that word you use a lot? Oh yes, awesome. I hope you like it." Tomato said, eyes glowing.

"Thanks, my awesome friend! This is the first time you've ever given anyone a gift..." Awesome murmured. He reached his paw inside the bag and took out a headdress. A glowing blue and white headdress. Awesome gasped, heart racing.

"A...a he..head...headdress? I don't know how to respond to this..." Awesome said as he tried to breathe in and out calmly. "This is too much! What have I done to deserve this?"

Tomato rolled his eyes, explaining. "Well, you've saved my life a couple of times and you've been a good friend overall..." He smiled. "Yeah, you've done many things to deserve this. Put it on!"

Tomato actually smiled for once. Awesome thought, smiling to himself. This...this is awesome! He put the headdress on, but frowned when he tried to take it off. It was glued to his head.

"Tomato! I can't take this off!" he hissed. Tomato's eyes were wild, and he growled.

The fog started swirling and swirling and swirling around them, until it turned into a storm. Awesome could see why nobody came to the base camp. The glitches were worse now, and all jammers who came to the base camp where taken who knows where.

And he realized now, Tomato's smile wasn't a happy smile, it was an evil type of smile, like the ones villains would do before they would commit a crime. And that's what Tomato did. He was going to kill Awesome. Something hit him on the head and before he knew it, Awesome blacked out.

On Phantom Territory


Awesome opened his eyes slowly. He had a headache. That was all he could think about. He suddenly remembered the blue headdress and his paws went up to his head. It wasn't there, and that was good. Tomato was planning to kill him. That was why he gave him the headdress. But that was unlike Tomato, he doesn't murder people to get what he wants. Unless...

The headache started pounding harder on his head. Ach, he thought. Too many thoughts and my headache gets worse. Awesome scanned his surroundings. He was in a clearing. Around him were trees, jungle trees, but some looked slimy with phantom goop. He was on phantom territory.

"Not feeling great, are you?" a voice sneered. "Turns out the headdress had a virus too weak. Your systems rejected it. Well, I'm going to have to make a new virus-infected item, but even stronger than that last one."

Awesome turned around. It was Tomato. His eyes weren't amber now, they were some sort of cyber blue, and he had a very unsettling gaze. So it was them, he thought, growling to himself. The Cyber Viruses. They've come to kill me, but why? He turned and faced his friend. "Whatever they've done to you," he snarled, "I will make sure it gets out of your system."

Tomato shook his head as if pitying him. "Aww, you want to help your little friend? He's gone now, trapped by the virus. It's your turn now." Then Tomato growled and leaped at Awesome, only to find himself swallowing a mouthful of dirt. His cyber blue eyes scanned the clearing. "He's gone," he muttered. "He can make himself disappear in an instant. Once we get into his coding, we'll find out what makes him do that."

And in a few patches of blue and yellow, Tomato disappeared.


Awesome waited until he heard Tomato leave, and made himself reappear. He thought back to last night. What if the phantoms took away Spaghetti? Well, I'm on phantom territory, so I might as well go look for him. He ran into the weird forest. He remembered that phantoms leave more phantom goop in some areas if they use them often. Follow the phantom goop road!

More goop appeared, on the trees, on the path he followed, on bushes, mostly everything. "I'm almost there," Awesome whispered excitedly. "I'll find Spaghetti! I'll actually find him!" He started jogging a bit faster now, driven by the fact that if he finds Tomato's brother, he might turn him back into normal. Goop was practically covering the treetops now, and he had to avoid patches of it on the ground. This was it. The phantoms' main road. Surely there was a patrol right no--

Awesome almost slammed into a slimy, gummy-like body. He looked up, and wished he hadn't. Two slimy phantom guards covered in golden armor looked down at him. One phantom guard's eye looked as if it was clawed. It's eye was completely white, and Awesome found that a bit unsettling. The other guard had a spear-like weapon, and it pointed it at him. The phantom spoke in a garbled language as if questioning him, What are you doing here? State your business!

For some reason he could understand a bit of it and said, "My name is Awesome, and I...I've come to see if you have a friend of mine." He found himself speaking the phantoms' language and was shocked. The phantoms raised their eyebrow and smiled. "Come with us," one said. "We will take you to see your friend, but first..." Before Awesome could say anything, the phantom knocked him out with the butt of his spear.

I Saw A Ghost...

Awesome was confined to a small slimy dungeon cell. He woke to find nothing but darkness, and he screamed in anger. "They tricked me! I should've known. Never trust phantoms; that was the number one rule in my phantom book, and I didn't follow it!" He threw himself at the cell's doors. "LET! ME! OUT!" he screamed. Other prisoners began yelling, screaming and shouting. Awesome walked over to the little chair at the corner of the room and started crying. It was hopeless.

"Hey you," a quiet voice whispered. "I can help you escape."

Awesome's ears perked up, and then he slowly raised his head." do?" He looked around. There was nobody there. "Hey, show yourself!" he said loudly. He felt a tap on his shoulder and heard a whisper in his ear. "You're not from around here, eh?" Awesome turned around sharply. He could see a thin outline of a small wolf-like creature. Then that's when he started to appear: eyes, ears, fur, tail, and finally, his smile. He was a ghost, but he was the cutest ghost Awesome had ever seen. "W...who are you?"

The ghost's bright blue eyes dulled a little, and Awesome could sense his hurt. "Well, I...I didn't survive my time here, sadly. My name is Little Quietjammer, but please, call me Little." His bright smile returned, and Awesome felt as if he could stare into his eyes forever. But somehow, he broke out of the trance. "I'm Awesome Coolruler, but I don't mind if you call me awesome." Little snickered, and whispered, "Well, Mr. Awesome, I told you I know a way to get out of here." His smile suddenly disappeared. "I haven't tried it with anyone, but you look desperate to escape, so I might as well help you."

Awesome smiled on the inside. All these people trapped in here...and he chooses to help me? Well that's odd! Nodding, he asked Little, "What's your plan, little guy?" The ghost smiled once again, and explained.

"Well, I have a map of the castle. You see this little circle here? That's this cell. Now right below me is a stone concealing a emergency escape tunnel. It's very short, and it leads you to the outside of your cell and into the dungeon hallway. I'll meet you outside. There's a guard at the very end of the tunnel. He hangs his keys right above his seat. If I can scare him, then you can get the keys and--" Little was cut off.

"And you want me to free everyone in the dungeon? That'd be a terrible idea! Maybe I can free a few, but that's it."

Little nodded, "Well, yes, if that's what you wish. Now go! I'll help you lift up the stone, and I'll meet you outside. We don't have much time, it's almost noon, and that's when the guards bring the food!"

Esc is for Escape

Once the stone was removed, Awesome waved good-bye at Little and crawled in. It was tight and small, and he could feel his claustrophobia coming in. He started breathing in and out. Whatever you do, DON'T PANIC. DON'T. PANIC. ACK! DON'T PANIC! He closed his eyes and squeezed through the tunnel. As he crawled through, he felt the tunnel walls slowly move away from him and he opened his eyes. Sure enough, there was a very faint light coming from the end. Another loose stone, good. Oh no, here we go again. He closed his eyes as he squeezed towards the end. Reaching up, he moved the stone away and slowly stood. Two very cold paws were there to pull him out, and he almost flinched at the touch of them.

"Have a nice squeeze through that tunnel?" Little said quietly and laughed while Awesome scowled as he got up. "Well that's that!" Awesome whispered. "Now, where's that guard?" Little stared at Awesome for a second, then nodded towards the end of the hallway. "You see that empty space there by that wall, you hide there, and I'll go up to the guard and scare him."

Awesome nodded and silently sprinted over to the wall. He could see Little following behind. Once he reached the wall, he hid behind it, breathing silently. That's when the eerie sound began. "Ooooooeeeeeeeee! Oooooeeeeeee! Raaaaaarrghhhh! Oooooeeeee!" Awesome covered his ears and squeezed his eyes shut. How can Little make such a terrible noise? He thought. At last he heard the screech of a phantom and the loud squish-squash of its feet. Awesome uncovered his ears until he heard Little. "Coast clear," the ghost whispered silently. "These are the keys."

"Thanks for helping me out here dude!" Awesome said. "I wouldn't have found that escape tunnel without you, much less the keys!" Little just blushed and smiled brightly. "Well, you're my first and only friend, and I feel a bit a bit sad leaving you." He looked down at his pale feet. "I...I, uh, well...If you need me I'll always be here." He looked up at Awesome. There was something about Little that made him feel warm inside. And Awesome could swear that every time he looked at Little his smile got brighter, his eyes glowed warmer.

"Well, I better get going," Awesome whispered. "Before the phantoms come back." Little just nodded and closed his eyes. He started disappearing little by little, his tail, his fur, his ears, his smile, and lastly, his large blue eyes. "I hope you find your friend." And that was the last thing Awesome heard from Little before he disappeared completely.

He started walking down the dungeon hallway, passing cells with whimpering animals. He stopped at one cell, one with loud snoring. Awesome looked in. Three wolf-like animals were in the cell: one sleeping, two sitting. The ginger wolf-like animal's gaze went down to the sleeping ball of sienna colored fur. "You better be bloody quiet with your snoring!" the ginger growled. The other wolf-like animal sitting at the corner yelled at the ginger. "It's not his fault he snores so loud! You are the one who better shut up. I'll whack you with my flute once we get back!"

Awesome recognized the voice. Admiral Fancyfriend! My rival! Ah well, if there's any guy in the world I get rid of, it would be him. He crouched down and whispered into the cell. "Admiral! What are you doing here?" The brown furred head looked back at Awesome. "Why it's you, the ugly red eyed creep. How...did you escape?" His violet eyes scanned Awesome, until his gaze stopped at Awesome's keys. "How'd you get that? You are the dumbest person I know, and you got that?"

Awesome shook his head. "It's a long story. I'm breaking you guys out. Stand back and watch as my keys of awesomeness free you from your confinement!"

The Phantom King

Break Free

Awesome unlocked the cell and two of the prisoners stood. Ginger and Admiral. The only thing that didn't rise was the ball of fur in the middle.

"Oh for StarClan's sake, get up! You've done enough sleeping!" Ginger yelled at the ball of fur. The brown kitty did not budge and Ginger seemed to be getting angrier by the second. "I SWEAR TO--"

Admiral pushed the ginger back. "I'll wake him up." he glanced back at Awesome. "It takes a while. That ball of fur's name is, ahem, Pompeii. He calls himself that. His actual name is Gorgeous Snowycat. Don't call him that or else he will attack you."

Ginger nodded. "I learned it the hard way. But it's such a funny name! Haha, my name's Eternal Magicspirit. Some of my friends call me Mr Angrybrows as a joke, but I really don't like that. Just call me Eternal."

Awesome smirked. "Well, I'm Awesome! Literally." He pointed to himself. "And I'm to help you break out of this phantom castle for good. Once we do, we free every prisoner and blow the castle up. Now I'm not very sure how we're going to do that, but we will." He flicked his red and white tail. "You guys better come with me."

Once Pompeii got up, they silently walked out of the dungeon hall and into another large hall.

"Alright," Awesome whispered. "Look around to where you think the throne room is. Don't get lost!"

Eternal, Admiral, and Pompeii nodded. They split up and started searching.

On the doors was inscribed a weird language, maybe the Phantom's language, and since all of them could understand a little of it for some reason, they knew that the wooden doors didn't hold the entrance to the throne room.

After a while of going out down the hallway, it finally ended at a golden door.

"Psst, guys!" Eternal hissed. "I think this is it! It says Meeting Room, but I'm pretty sure this is like some sort of throne room. Shall we investigate?"

The three others nodded, and Eternal pressed his ear to the room. No sound.

"Maybe it's because the door is made of gold or something," Pompeii yawned. "If we go inside, there might be phantoms waiting to ambush us.

Awesome spoke up. "There's no way we could know if they're going to ambush us." He nodded towards Eternal. "Open the door."

With a creak, the golden door opened, and the group was faced by fifty menacing phantom eyes, and two pairs of green eyes that could only belong to one person.



Two guards stood up and started walking towards the group slowly, electricity buzzing around their slimy black tentacles. Spaghetti said something in a garbled language and the phantoms backed away. Awesome could feel Spaghetti's gaze lock with his, and he could see the shock and excitement sparkle in his eyes.

"Awesome, is that really you?" he asked in his happy-go-lucky tone of voice. "Oh gosh, it is! I thought I would never see you again! Admiral, you too!" He hopped off his throne-like chair and ran up to Awesome to hug him, but Awesome flinched back. Spaghetti broke off from the hug and looked at him, obviously hurt.

"Are you not happy to see me?" Spaghetti asked, tears swelling in his eyes. " you hate me now?" Tears started streaming down his cheeks, and Awesome hated seeing him sad. A whole group of phantom guards started advancing towards them, malicious eyes gleaming.

"No, Spaghetti, I don't hate you! It's just with the phantoms...?" he said, obviously shocked.

The others behind him nodded, then Admiral said, "Tell us how this happened, we deserve to know."

Spaghetti stopped crying and sniffed. "W...well, you're gonna have to come with me." He flicked his tail and led them towards a room which Awesome guessed was Spaghetti's room.

Awesome stepped in and looked around. He had a very big bed, that was for sure, and he also had a couch at the corner of his big room. On the wall was a picture of the old phantom king and Spaghetti.

"Everyone grab a mat from the corner over there, and sit right in front of me. Man, have I got a story to tell!"

Spaghetti cleared his throat and began to tell his story.

How I came to be the Phantom King:

Well, at first it was scary, the phantoms taking me away from my brother and all. But I'm gonna make this story short, so I better cut to the chase.

Once the phantoms took me into the Meeting Room, one of the phantoms told me the story of the phantoms. They tried to be friends with everyone, trust me, but their actions came out as destructive and murderous. They felt really bad about it, and they tried to come up with ideas to befriend the jammers. So they took the animal shards and hid them, since they wanted to do a scavenger hunt. But all the jammers ran scared and started thinking that the phantoms would kill them all. That's when the alphas came in and acted like big heroes as they kicked all the phantoms' butts and sent them off into the forests and jungles of Jamaa. Every single jammer adored the alphas and praised them for being so great and all. This enraged all the phantoms, and that's when their murderous instincts came in. They crafted weapons and armor, and built a castle to protect themselves from the alphas.

But the alphas did not stop there. They tracked the phantoms down, tried to act like big heroes once again by trying to burn the castle down, but the phantoms were ready. They attacked and took down three alpas. In the midst of the battle, Greely captured many phantoms in cages, crates, in anything. The alphas retreated back to their laboratory deep in a valley, a place not open to jammers yet, and started testing the phantoms. They killed them, amputated them, tortured them, and...

Spaghetti started crying again. Awesome patted his shoulder. "It's going to be over soon. Just you wait." Spaghetti's big green eyes looked up to him and he nodded.

Well, the alphas tortured them and took over the phantom castle, and started shooting at the phantoms, scattering through Jamaa in pure terror. The alphas made it look like the phantoms were attacking Jamaa, and the jammers believed them. See--the alphas are manipulating you--trying to tell you that phantoms are tricky, murderous creatures created for destruction. And that's not true!

So with the phantoms they trapped, the alphas programmed them to destroy everything and thus the adventures were created. There were a few glitches and bugs at first, so they asked the strongest jammers, in their opinion the members, to test everything out. Well, there were some casualties...but nothing else. Then the adventures opened for everyone.

The alphas made them look like a joke in the adventures, and humiliated them, so the phantoms are planning to overthrow them...and that's all I know about the phantoms.

So they said I looked like a nice jammer, a good one that doesn't hate phantoms, and since their king had been defeated and deleted from the game, they made me the king. I was kind to everyone, including jammers that were found on phantom territory, but the phantoms still hated them, so they always threw them in the dungeon.

Here's my plan: we're going to escape, and blow up this castle so they don't do harm to anyone. I'm sorry, but it's what we must do.

Awesome shot up and said, "I agree with your plan Spaghetti, are we gonna do it? Phantom blasters?"

Spaghetti nodded. "Exactly. Phantom blasters. Admiral and the sleepy guy will handle them, shooting at the castle, while me, Awesome, and Eyebrows here use some other weapon to drive them back into the castle."

Pompeii looked excited for once. "I get to handle a weapon?" he said in his sleepy, bored kind of tone. "Wow, that's cool, I've never handled a weapon..."

Spaghetti nodded towards Pompeii. "I'll show you how to handle one. It's really easy. But guys need to get some sleep and some food! And maybe bathe, you guys look horrible!"

Admiral's eyes grew big, and he took off his glasses. "W...we look dirty? Ech! Where's the shower? I need to bathe!"

Spaghetti laughed and pointed at the door behind him. "It's right there, but one at a time!" he giggled. "After that, you guys better eat!"


After everyone took a shower, they were given red scarfs.

"What's this for?" Pompeii asked tiredly. "T...this, does it have a tracking device of some sort?"

Spaghetti shook his head. "It's to let the phantoms know that you are not prisoners that have escaped the dungeon!" he said while smiling.

Awesome and the three others exchanged nervous laughs while they followed Spaghetti down to the eating hall. "There's so much food!" he said excitedly. "There's pasta and pizza and donuts and, ooh, did I forget pasta?"

The group shook their heads, and walked on.

"So, Spaghetti, how's it like in the phantom castle? You know, living with the phantoms and all..." Admiral asked. Spaghetti laughed. "Oh, it's great! They take care of me and feed me pasta! Well, who knows where they get all that pasta from...eheheh..." Admiral managed to smile for a few seconds, and then turned to the group. "I have no idea why he acts like that around me."

Eternal spoke up. "Probably because he's afraid of you, or maybe...just maybe..."

Admiral made a face. "I do not want you to end that sentence. You know dang well that my friend will follow Spaghetti around with a frying pan." The group laughed at Admiral's comment, only making his face turn even redder.

As they entered the eating hall, Awesome could not help but stare at the giant pile of spaghetti with tomato sauce on a huge table.

"Alright guys!" Spaghetti said. "Everyone grab a fork and dig in!" He giggled as he ran towards the giant pile of pasta.

"Pastaaaa!" he yelled, and almost threw himself right in. He started eating all the pasta before anyone could even eat. Awesome grabbed a fork and started eating, then asked Spaghetti, "You eat this every day?" and saw the little cat nod. "After we finish this, I'll explain the plan. Oh, and there's more food back there," he pointed to a door behind him.

After they all finished eating pasta, or whatever they grabbed from the back, they gathered around the big table again. "Ok," Spaghetti said. "Here's my plan. Tomorrow night we sneak the blasters and the mystery weapons outside. There will be no guards or anything since tomorrow night is the Night of the Undead, similar to Night of the Phantoms. They will all be in the giant party room and since they know I don't celebrate it, they'll leave me alone."

Spaghetti looked at everyone. "So, after we sneak everything out, Admiral and Sleepy Guy on the phantom blasters, me, Awesome and Eyebrows on the other weapons, you wait for the signal. And what's the signal? When the phantoms' fireworks light up the sky, that's when you start shooting with the phantom blasters. And any stray phantoms that escape the place, we use the other weapons."

Everyone looked excitedly at Spaghetti, until Pompeii yawned and asked, "Why are we blasting the place up again?" The group nodded and looked expectantly at Spaghetti until he whispered, "In three days time they are planning to overthrow the alphas and burn down Jamaa and everything in it, and we cannot allow that. So, we must destroy all these phantoms until the population of them goes down into a manageable state."

Eternal sat smiling the whole time, looking around at everyone with his forest green eyes. "You know what?" he said. "Maybe... maybe we could use magic..." Everyone turned to look at him and Spaghetti's eyes widened. "M...magic? You really think?" Eternal nodded. "I can use some of my magic to, well, erase most of the phantoms in the castle before the attack to make sure that nobody gets out alive."

Awesome was smiling now. "You are a genius," Awesome said. "You are just one awesome guy. But of course, you are not as awesome as me. I still agree with your plan." Pompeii nodded, his eyes drooping. "Maybe we could do that..." 

Eternal, smiling proudly now, said, "And not a soul will escape!"

Not a soul will escape... The words rang inside Awesome's head, and his eyes widened. "G...guys, I have to go for a while. I'll be back though." He got up and ran towards the door that lead to the main hallway.

"Wait!" Spaghetti yelled. "Where are you going?"

Awesome looked back, red eyes gleaming. "I have to go back, I need to bring back a friend."


Save A Friend

Awesome ran and ran down the narrow hallway, now dimly lit, until he reached the end. The stone dungeon door felt cold against his paw. "It was stone...?" he muttered. "Weird doors..."

Pushing it open, he looked inside. No guards. "Probably the break time or something," he said again. He walked all the way down the dungeon hallway until he came to the cell that used to be his. Empty. He looked inside again. Nothing.

"Psst, Little!" he whispered loudly. "Where are you?" Just as he said those words, he felt a paw on his shoulder. "You came back!" something whispered. Awesome felt a rush of relief run through him. He turned around slowly. There he was: the cutest ghost he'd ever seen. Bright eyes, bright smile...only to be killed on an attack on the phantom castle.

"Listen," Awesome whispered. "We've got to get out of here, tomorrow night we're gonna blow this place."

Little's eyes began to water. "A...and all these jammers? What about them?"

Awesome thought for a moment. "I'll make sure my friends help these guys escape. Now you need to promise me something. You have to meet me here tomorrow at dawn. Since tomorrow it's an all-day phantom celebration, they wont care about anything that happens in the castle. We free these jammers, and you come with me. Do you promise?"

Awesome squeezed Little's paws now, and Little nodded. "I promise." he whispered. Just as Awesome turned to leave, Little said something.

"I...I just want you to should stay safe." He smiled brightly again at Awesome, and he smiled back.

Just as Awesome ran out the door, a phantom guard came in, questioning him in its garbled language, almost hissing. He looked at the red scarf around Awesome's neck and squeezed him harder.

Awesome shook his head. "I don't understand! C'mon, let me go!"

Something hit the phantom in the head, and the phantom fell down. It was someone...someone who had escaped. It was...

"Come on," the jammer hissed. "We don't have much time. I heard they blowing this place up. Hey, wait a second! Are you...?" The jammer raised its weapon up again, which Awesome thought was a frying pan.

"NOPE! I have no idea who you're talking about!" Awesome said quickly and nervously. The jammer nodded and motioned for him to come with her.

As they stepped out into the hallway, Awesome looked at the jammer again. She looked vaguely familiar, green-amber eyes, tannish colored fur...frying pan for a weapon...could it be?
Miss awesome herself

"I'm Snickety Daringmoon, but you can call me Snickers. Hey, by any chance have you seen a really dark brown jammer, with a black and white tie?" Her amber-green eyes locked with his, and then he realized.

No! It's Admiral's girlfriend! Aww, come on! She's gonna whack me on the head again!

She realized the same thing about Awesome, and raised her frying pan weapon. "It's you! I'm gonna freaking kill you!"

"No no no!" Awesome wailed as he ran down the hallway, turning left and right, until he reached the eating hall. Snickers was pretty quick, and caught up to him. "Come here you!" she hissed. "I'm not done with you yet!"

Awesome yelled. "The frying pan witch has come to get the awesome me once again! Help!"  He ran in circles around the eating hall, past tables and food, and inside closets, out of them, until he reached his friends' table.

"Admiral!" he gasped. "S...SHE'S HERE!" He took off running again, this time screaming like a little girl. "HEEEELPP!"

Admiral stood up and yelled at Snickers. "Stop! He's a friend now."

She turned to face Admiral, and her green-amber eyes lit up. "It's you! What are you doing with this bunch of idiots?" Snickers stuck out her tongue at the group sitting at the table.

Amiral shook his head. "We're going to break out of here," he said. "Spaghetti has a plan."

Snickers smirked, then asked Spaghetti, "What can I do?" and Spaghetti looked at her, his green eyes filled with horror.

"Well first...go apologize to Awesome! He's my friend! And you can help out in the whacking phantoms unconscious." He gave her a nervous smile, then whispered into Eternal's ear, "They're both really creepy! I don't like them!"

Eternal nodded, watching Admiral and Snickers in disgust. "Yeah, they sure are. Can I kill them as well?"

Spaghetti shook his head. "No! Don't kill them! Please, even though they're creepy, don't kill them."

Eternal nodded. "Got it." He looked around, his forest green eyes scanning the eating hall. "Wait a minute--where's Awesome?"

A white and red creature crawled out from under a table. "Are they done yet? I mean..."

Eternal laughed and nodded. "You can come out now." He motioned for him to come over. "I got something to tell you."

Awesome went over to Eternal. "What is it?" Eternal leaned in and whispered, "She's staring at you right now!" he leaned back and snickered. Awesome looked over at Snickers. She was staring at him. In shock? In hatred? He didn't know. Her green-amber eyes seemed to shine like little emeralds in the light. She rolled her eyes and sat down at the table.

As soon as everyone settled down, Awesome called out his plan. "We need to free the prisoners. All those jammers in there--we can't let them die. We help them get out tomorrow at dawn. I have the keys. Who's with me?"

Everyone raised their paws. Awesome's eyes shone proudly. "Good. I'll take three people with me to free the jammers, and the rest of you can set up the weapons and stuff. We have one more jammer that's coming with us. I...I can't let him die here."

Jailbreak at Dawn

The next morning, Awesome got up early and woke up Admiral, Pompeii, and Eternal to help him free the prisoners. As they went down the hallway, they realized that the hallway was eerily empty, no noise, no nothing. The torches' fire was dim, as if their little flame would disappear any second. When they reached the dungeon door, they looked around. Nothing followed them, that's for sure. Awesome went ahead and opened the door. Quiet. The goop was cleared up, and the torches bright.

Awesome went in and took the keys from where they were hanging, and handed three keys to the others. Slowly and quietly, they opened the cell doors and motioned for the prisoners to follow them. Once everyone was free, Awesome gathered them at the bottom of a large stairway.

"Look guys," he whispered. "We're going to break out of here. I want you guys to follow these three quickly and quietly out of the castle. We're gonna blow this place up, and nobody can be here. If you see any jammer that hasn't gotten out, help them. We're not leaving one jammer behind here."

He nodded at the three. "Go follow them," he ordered, and walked down the stairs. He saw the mass of jammers go up the stairways and disappeared before he ran back to his old cell. "Little!" he called out. "Psst, Little, you there!"

A two blue eyes and a bright smile appeared inside the cell. "You came for me. I thought you were one of those people that break promises. You promised me, and you came back! I missed you!" He ran up to Awesome and gave him a hug.

Awesome laughed nervously, and patted him on the back. "Yeah, so...we gotta go. We're gonna blow this place up in a few hours and we need as many paws as possible. You wanna help?"

Little's blue eyes widened, and he shook his head. "I can't. Violence and gore is not my thing, much less attacking people or even phantoms." His warm blue gaze drifted behind Awesome. "I think we need to go," he whispered, tugging on Awesome's red scarf.

Awesome nodded and followed the small wolf-creature to the dungeon door. He hung the keys back in place, and entered the hallway with him. Just when they were about to reach the room, Little opened another door and led him up some stairs.

"Er...where are we going?" he asked the small ghost, and Little whispered excitedly, "Just you wait,"

They reached the top of the stairs, and Little opened another door there. They stepped out on a balcony, a small one, but big enough to hold five people. "What are we doing here?" he hissed. Little looked up at him, blue eyes gleaming. "Just watch the sky, and you'll see."

Watch the sky?

Just then, he saw a thin orange line on the horizon, and stared in awe as it got bigger and bigger and turned the surrounding gray clouds salmon pink, tangerine, and lemon yellow. As it went up into the sky, the spot below the orb slowly turned blue, and Awesome watched as the light blue consumed the other colors. Then that's when it happened.

The river that ran through Jamaa was lit a splendid orange, and it spread through the dark colors of the river, eating through the darkness, and lighting up the river with life. The reflection of the pastel colored sky was caught by the water, only disrupted by a few ripples. A soft breeze blew through the green trees, and birds started singing. It was sights like these that filled Awesome up with hope, with hope for Jamaa.

Little looked up at Awesome again, his blue eyes tinged with the orange from the sun. "You like it? I always come up here, every morning, to watch the sunrise, and it gave me hope that someday I would be able to escape with someone, someone...awesome." Little smiled brightly, and Awesome looked at him in shock.

"Someone awesome? That couldn't be me, could it?" Awesome asked. Little just laughed. "You're the one I want to be with, you're just like the sunrise, you give me hope."

For a few seconds, they stared at each other for what seemed forever, then Awesome said, "We have to go. As I said, we gotta set up and everything--"

Awesome was cut off by Little. "I know, I know, if it's so important we should better get going." Awesome nodded, then headed down the stairway, holding paws with Little.

Fire in the Hole!

The phantom blasters where positioned outside the phantom castle, just in front of it. Everyone else who wanted to help out grabbed a spear-like electricity weapon and formed a line at the front of the castle gates, ready to knock out any phantoms that wanted to pass through.

Spaghetti assigned two phantom blasters to Pompeii and Admiral, and let Snickers keep her frying pan. "That weapon is super effective, trust me, but you're gonna need one of these!" he threw an electricity-spear to her and she caught it in midair. She nodded towards Spaghetii and smiled. Spaghetti smiled nervously in return, and ran over to the other phantom blasters when a hint of movement caught his eye.

"Awesome? Who's that you bring there? Why are you holding paws?" he asked as Awesome came into view. Awesome just smiled and waved, and as soon as Spaghetti saw the little ghost by Awesome's side, he screeched.

"AHH! It's a ghost! Awesome brought back a ghost!"

Three jammers armed with electricity-spears stepped out of line, eyes narrowed at Awesome and the ghost. Awesome's eyes widened and so did Little's, and he let go of Little's paw. "No! We're with them!" He pointed to Admiral and the others.

The jammers raised their eyebrows, but with a signal from Spaghetti, they went back into the line. Awesome guided Little back to his group and introduced him to his friends. Eternal's bushy eyebrows raised. "A ghost?" he murmured. "Not bad. You know ghosts tend to--"

"Not now Eternal. We gotta get ready." Awesome interrupted, setting up a phantom blaster for Little.

"You use these buttons to shoot, the pull the lever up and down to aim wherever you like, and pull this other lever down to shoot. You got that?" Little looked up at Awesome, confused, but after a few seconds of thinking he nodded.

"Great. I'll be in the front, waiting for the signal. Remember, when you see the fireworks, start shooting."

Little did a silly salute, then went back to setting the phantom blaster up.

Awesome padded over to his spot in line, next to Eternal. "What was that about ghosts you said?" he asked him in a whisper. Eternal's green eyes lit up and he smiled. "If ghosts are hit by a weapon, they disintegrate, but after a few minutes they can reappear in some places, either as a ghost or who they were in their past life. But it happens only once, it's as if Mira is giving them a second chance at life. But they don't choose if they come back or how they come back as."

Awesome nodded, smiling. I'll be sure to remember that...but there is a chance I might forget...

The day passed by pretty quickly, and no phantoms noticed the mass of jammers waiting outside the castle gates. Just before sunset, Awesome went over to sit next to Little on a boulder.

" the sky, right?" He asked jokingly, and Little nodded. "Watch the sky."

The sun started setting, and it turned a bright red on the horizon. It tinged the clouds an orange and pink, and cast one last gleam of light over the river before it disappeared out of sight. It was gone, and the attack would begin soon.

"Well, I better get going. Good luck, Little." Awesome patted Little on the back and walked back to his place in line, weapon clutched in his paws. Eternal turned to him once again. "Just you wait," he said. "Phantoms are gonna start streaming out of there as soon as we attack."

Admiral went up to Spaghetti. "Is it okay if I blast Tchaikovsky's 1812 overture, the finale, out of these speakers here?" Spaghetti threw him a weird look and nodded. "Yes, if you'd like."


By the awesome TechSaur

As soon as Admiral clicked the play button, the fireworks exploded above them. There was a boom.

Boom! A few seconds later, Boom!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Admiral was quietly enjoying the whole scene, smiling to himself as he shot with the phantom blasters.

"Take this you little sludgy creeps!" he shouted.

Phantoms started streaming out of the castle gates, and the line of jammers started to attack, jabbing the spears into the phantoms' gelatin-like bodies, killing them instantly. The phantom blasters kept bombing the castle until the ruins were burnt and the castle caught on fire.

A terrible wailing began, and the phantoms realized they were being burnt alive. They tried to escape the flames but melted away into nothingness. As soon as the last phantoms disappeared, the jammers started hooting and cheering. Admiral turned off the speakers as soon as the music ended, and he started cheering as well.

Awesome has a scratch on his cheek, and a light burn on his shoulder. He growled at the remains of the castle, and walked over to Little, who looked up at the castle in horror.

Awesome sat next to Little, trying to smile. "We did it," he whispered. "Now the phantoms are gone." Little silently nodded, his blue eyes turned almost golden by the light. "We did it," Little silently repeated. Then his voice went up in a shriek. "We did it!"

He turned over to Awesome, and before the white and red wolf-creature knew it, Little was touching noses with him. "We actually did it!" he whispered. Awesome stared in surprise, then moved back. "Y...yeah. We did it. Listen little, I better go. We have to clean up and everything." He laughed nervously, backed away, and made a run for it.

"Eternal! Eternal! Eternal! I need help!" he said. Eternal was cleaning the electricity-spears carefully, and his green eyes shot up. "What is it, Awesome? Are you feeling ok?"

Awesome panted. He was blushing, and he looked at Eternal.

"L...Little touched noses with me."

Eternal's eyes widened, and his green eyes filled with rage. "Why that bloody little..." he murmured angrily. "Didn't I tell him not to?"

There was a boom, and sparks of blue and yellow rained down on them.

"I am the Glitch..."

"...and I am unstoppable."

We Are The Glitch

At the edge of the forest, a shining blue orb appeared. It was so large I took down two trees.

In the center of the orb, a dozen blue eyes were shining cyber creepy...

And those blue eyes belonged to someone Awesome knew.

"I am the Glitch," they chanted. "And I am unstoppable."

"I will tear you down piece by piece, leaving nothing."

"I am the Glitch, so watch out, here I come."

"I am the Glitch, and I am unstoppable."

The blue orb had disappeared, only leaving a row of ice-blue eyes staring down at us. Awesome could pick out all the people he knew from the row of 'Glitches'. Juniper...Large...Incredible...and Tomato. His heart sunk at the sight of Tomato's bloodied face. His friend was now a glitch.

"We are the Glitch. We are the Glitch," they chanted. Their eyes were glowing brighter by the second, and everyone just stood by and stared. "WE ARE THE GLITCH!" they shouted, and shot a huge beam of light out of their paws.

The clearing where the castle used to be was in chaos. Jammers running everywhere, screeching, shouting, the smell of singed fur.

"We've gotta blast 'em," Eternal said. "With our blasters. I'll make a run for it! Stay here!"

Eternal took off in the direction of the blasters, avoiding the beams of light. He managed to get one blaster before the rest were blown up into pieces.

"I'll set this up," he whispered. "Now go look for Little! Go!"

Awesome ran off to where he saw Little before. He was cowering behind the boulder, covering his ears with his paws.

"He's with them," he whispered silently, tears streaming down his face. "He's with them."

Awesome was confused. "Who? Who's with them?"

Little looked up at him, his blue eyes full of worry and fear. "My brother, Incredible Thehero, he's with them."

It suddenly hit him. There was something about Little he couldn't quite understand, and that was it. He looked a lot like his brother, only he had curly fur rather than straight fur. His fur was a bit lighter than Incredible's, and Incredible was more rambunctious.

"He's your brother?" he asked, still in shock. Little just nodded and smiled. "What," the little ghost asked. "You've been around him? Yeah, he's crazy, he's easy to take down. One hit from my phantom blaster..."

He pulled it out of the boulder. "I kept it here," he whispered. "He's ignored me for too long, made fun of me. And now I get what you guys call revenge."

Awesome nodded. "Yeah he deserves it. Too annoying, too loud, but other than that, he's one cool, dude."

Eternal got a small group of people to start shooting at the Glitches with the last remaining blasters.

Each time the glitches got hit, a large hole was made in their black bodies. It took at least five shots to take down Large, two for Juniper, and as Little had predicted, one for Incredible.

Tomato could not be taken down. Not with twenty shots, not with thirty, not even fifty. Tomato was looking for someone. He scanned the crowds with malicious cyber-blue eyes, and hissed.

"Where is he?" he growled. "He should be here! I saw that fool of a ghost touch noses with him. I...I..." Tomato's eyes dimmed. "Where is he?"

Awesome ran into the clearing. "Here I am!" he waved his hands. "I'm here okay? I'm here. Just...what do you want?"

Tomato's eyes widened and he smiled. "It's just you and me now." He shot a beam of blinding blue light at him, and Awesome rolled out of the way.

"What do you want?" he growled. Tomato kept on shooting, and Awesome running, ducking, and jumping.

"This is where you end," he laughed.

Just then, Little stepped in front of Awesome as Tomato got ready to shoot.

This was it. The dream Awesome had last night. It...was going to happen.

"I'll do this for Awesome," Little said loudly. "If I have to."

Tomato shook his head and shot the beam of light. But as he shot, Incredible stood up and growled. "No! Not my brother! Not ever my brother!"

He tackled Tomato to the ground and the beam fired into the sky. Incredible started punching Tomato's face.

"Take that! You are one nasty little dude, you know that? You're not killing my brother!"

Tomato pushed Incredible off him, and before he could deal any more damage, he was blasted by a phantom blaster.

Tomato fell back, and his cyber-blue eyes changed to amber, the slick black goop that covered him slithered into the earth. He closed his eyes.

It was over, and nobody died.

A New Beginning

Awesome took a deep breath.

He was still here. Little hadn't died, Incredible knocked Tomato out, and he just stood and stared like an idiot.

Everything was okay for now. He looked around. Everyone was staring at him. Everyone. All eyes were glued on him, and Little pushed him forward.

He looked around, and swallowed hard.

"W...we defeated the phantoms," he said, facing the crowd. "I guess that means that the real danger is over. But, we can't be entirely sure about that. Even though we defeated the phantoms, that doesn't mean that over time their numbers will start growing. Jamaa is safe now...thanks to your help."

Awesome expected cheering and hoots, but nobody talked. Not a single sound came from anyone, nothing.

"Well," Awesome said, steadying himself. "I think this means that...not only have we saved all of Jamaa from destruction, we learned that with can get yourselves out of tough situations. And without teamwork, well, we wouldn't all be here wouldn't we?"

Awesome closed his eyes, and felt a pat on his back. Everyone cheered and ran off into the Jamaasian forest, going who knows where, doing who knows what.

Awesome took down a whole kingdom of gummy-like phantom creatures, saved the Alphas and Jamaa from destruction, and he actually made new friends. He felt...awesome.

"You were awesome!" he heard a small female voice say behind him. Awesome opened his eyes and turned around. It was Peck, the bunny Alpha, and the whole team of Alphas were there.

"You saved Jamaa from destruction, and you also saved us. For that we have to thank you," murmured Sir Gilbert, his green gaze traveling across the clearing.

Greely stepped up, sighing. "Even though you killed almost all of the strangest and most interesting creatures in Jamaa, you guys do deserve something. You guys learned the importance of teamwork, even though I don't like saying this often, we will grant each one of you a wish."

Little's eyes sparkled, and for the first time, he shouted. "I'll go first! Please!"

Cosmo the koala alpha grinned at him. "So what's that you wish for?"

Little's eyes gleamed with excitement, and he said, "I wish I was real again."

Cosmo nodded, pointed his staff at him, and with a whoosh of green forest leaves, Little was real.

Awesome noticed that Little was actually bigger than his brother, and about as tall as him. His tail had a weird curl at the end, and that he had a scar under his eye.

Little went over to Awesome and smiled, and gosh, his smile was brighter than before, almost blinding.

"What are we going to do with Tomato?"

"Just you wait and see."

As soon as Tomato woke up from his sleep, his amber eyes were alert and he looked around.

"Awesome? Awesome what happened? Oh no...don't tell me I caused all of this! No no no, this wasn't supposed to happen!" He jumped up as soon as he saw Awesome and ran up to him.

"You freaking idiot, what did you do?" he growled, but there was a sparkle of happiness in his eyes.

"Nothing much," Awesome looked away, blushing. "Wow, you looked better with your eyes blue."

Awesome went up to Tomato and touched noses with him. "I'm just glad you're back," he whispered.


Let's just make this a long story short.

As soon as everyone got back, Little went to live with Incredible and Eternal, Snickers and Admiral were...happy I guess, Juniper and Large finally got along, and let me tell you, Commander almost had a heart attack when he saw Spaghetti was back. Tomato wasn't afraid of hugs anymore, and Awesome got a custom poster of the "evil" side of Tomato, which Tomato didn't approve of.

Oh well, sometimes there are happy endings, sometimes there aren't.


I'll tell you a secret: every night Spaghetti puts on his Phantom Crown and pretends to be the phantom king all over again, and once he sets it down on his nightstand, the gem in the middle of the crown glows a bright purple.

And every morning when Spaghetti wakes up, he feels less and less like a phantom and more and more like himself.

But he doesn't know that the crown has attracted a very unusual animal, and that it might be living right in his backyard.


The story continues here: Out Of This World

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