holding a box walk though sarpira forest walking thought the trees untill coming across some bayan trees i walk though thoose facing a plant covered den strangled in ivy going though autumn archway leave crunching oakwood planks creek apperoaching area full of plants with a leaf mat I place the box down and one by one place the sleeping goats down.

Chapter One

prepairing for the day

I woke up... hearing my children harvesting fruits from the orchard and milking the goats i slowly got up breaking into a stretch and padding to the wheat farm i started weaving some baskets for the fruits "Spring! Bring me some goat milk! i wanna teach you something!" I yelled while putting the last basket freshly weaved basket on the ground "coming mother" Spring yelled a picked up a two spoons, two bowls and a bucket of fresh water from the pump spring puffing heavily carrying a full bucket of goat milk "thanks spring" I mewed gently while pour half of the milk in my bucket and my daughter's bucket spring i gently grabbed the spoons and stirred until it was nearly dried my daughter watch so concentrating it feel likes she was born with a hawks eye. she followed at the same pace, the scent of goat milk filled the cliff-side flooding our noses winter carrying 5 basket of different fruit. Tomatos, strawberries, apples, blood orange and apples. a washed my paw and dipped it in the goat milk soap bar... a print with a autumn leaf in the middle, a snowflake to the right a patch of grass on the bottom and a sun at the top.

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