I had just got home from a long day at school, boy, was I tired. Anyways, it was Thursday, and I remembered that Animal Jam updates were here! "Yay!" I said, logging on to Animal Jam and checking the updates..

"Lame.." I muttered, scrolling through the journal. But then, something caught my eye. All it said was "ADVENTURE_I5X9P2#6" "Huh..?" I said, looking at the blank page. "A new adventure..?" I twirled my hair around my finger as I clicked off the journal and did the daily spin. After that, I decided to go to the adventures menu, to see what there was. It just had a black background, and no title. I clicked on it out of pure curiosity. I joined the adventure, and when the screen loaded, Liza was there. "2#8#91_810+91" she spoke, and me, sitting there so confused. "HUH??!?" I slammed my fists on the desk. I didn't know what to do, but there was a little tunnel ahead, I went into it, and then there was a prize box. "Thats it?" I said. I clicked the box and I got a rare. "OH MY GOSH! A PURPLE TIKI!?" I shouted, and was teleported to Liza. "Happy now?" He once soft but now G-major voice ringed in my headphones. "Wanna see what happens to jammers like you?" She said, and I was forced to click yes. I was behind bars, with my purple tiki on, and there were dead bloody jammers everywhere, blood seeped out of a fox's wounds, and there were 3 weak little bunnies eating it. "Ew!" I said, covering my mouth, it looked so real. "This is how we make your favorite items, and have so much room in Jamaa!" "Because we kill half the jammers!" she laughed insanely, and then slicing her claw into my jammer. "FOUL!" I screamed, as a realistic knife sound went off. "This rare spike collar, your favorite, was made from the poor little tigers' fangs!" She laughed. I, a sensitive girl, started to cry. It was then all over, with a weak, starving, koala who looked like a shop owner, turning my owl into wings to sell. Then, my screen went black. 

Never again would I touch Animal Jam,


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