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The cold afternoon wind whipped over Sparta's cave, who was sleeping away without a care. Sparta was a Secret Fire dragon, and slowly, she sleepily rose from her deep slumber, only to see Icegust blow an exceptionally icy wind into her face. The mischevious Nightwind loved pulling off pranks (usually involving his ability to create cold air breezes) on his friends, and sometimes those pranks ended up with unexpected results. Sparta roared with anger, breathing fire onto Icegust, who was scrambling to get away from her furious flames. "By the staff of Deus, I swear I'll stop, Sparta!" he shouted. She calmed down immediately, her magma-like feathered wings closing, but then Sparta found the time to ask the question, "Then why did you wake me up in the middle of my winter slumber?" "Because," Icegust gasped, "I've heard that the Kingdom of Pure Ice isn't stopping winter this year. I don't know exactly why, but if we don't hurry, winter will go on forever! We don't want that, do we?" She was surprised by this; every year in the realm of Dragon City, the seasons were controlled by various Pure Dragon Kingdoms - for example, Pure Fire for summer, Pure Water and Nature for spring, and Pure Terra for the crisp colors of autumn. Dragons of Sparta's kind would usually sleep during the winter, so eternal winter would be a huge problem! Sparta flew out the cave entrance/exit hurriedly, Icegust trailing not far behind her.

Sometime later, Sparta cooled herself down to prevent melting any ice, landing in the beautiful Kindom of Pure Ice itself, Icegust landing further in front of the powerful chaos-causing dragon. Walking slowly, she took time to take in the icy crystal beauty surrounding her, the masculine friend of hers sliding right down the cold pathway. Sparta noticed the kingdom grounds were way less busier than she would imagine; she thought that Pure Ice dragons would be rushing all over the place like a big metropolis, the chit-chat loud in sound. Instead, a few lone shop signs creaked eerily in the near impossible cold atmosphere, making it hard for her to stay calm and prevent the whole kingdom from melting. If that wasn't bad enough, she already had lost Icegust in the blizzard happening in the grounds, so Sparta forced herself to be ready for any dragons in her face. After what seemed like an eternity, a portal as colorful as the Prisma Dragon and the Rainbow Dragon combined opened up, and Sparta found Icegust at her side once more. Cocking her head, Sparta curiously stepped closer to the portal, which promptly sucked her in. Icegust chased after her, being sucked into the same portal in the process.

After what seemed like eons later, Sparta found herself in a rather strange land, unbeknownst to herself and Icegust. Animals of every imaginable kind were everywhere, seemingly screaming nonsense and trading each other. Spreading her feathered wings, she looked around, but Icegust was nowhere in sight once more. Sparta slowly began to ascend into the beautiful pristine sky, and that's when an event of her intrest started. A wolf stopped and pointed at her, shouting something of unknown meaning. More animals started screaming the assumed same thing, grabbing more attention towards her. Suddenly, what appeared to be an eagle flew up to Sparta, trying to ask some sort of question of her. Startled, she flared fire onto the eagle, roasting it to a crisp. No longer wanting to be the target for dozens of little animal eyes, she carried herself north on her wings, trying to move as quickly as possible in an attempt to flee from the accidental murder her flames caused. Landing in a snowy mountain area, Sparta cooled herself down again, looking around in another attempt to find Icegust. He certainly would be somewhere around here - after all, it looked like he would be right at home here!

Chapter 1: What is this place?

Walking through the cold icy snow, Sparta spotted two caves; one was blocked with ice, the other with rocks. She wondered if Icegust was somehow behind one of them, thus shoving aside the ice which was blocking the one cave. No Icegust. She was just about to shove aside the rocks blocking the other cave until she heard horrendous shrieks coming from it. Afraid there could be a creature of unimaginable horror in there, she dashed back to the icy cave and entered, but behind her back, the ice piled itself up again...

Walking down the natural ice hallway, Sparta noticed there were several doors lining the hallway, but she couldn't make sense of any of them.

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