This is about a penguin called Crunchy Smartycat. She takes part in exciting stuff such as first day of school, scouts, swimming, gymnastics and all sorts of clubs. Find out more about her life in this story.

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My name is Crunchy, Crunchy Smartycat. I live in Sierra Navada. I love my life so much. It is September 4th, last day of summer holidays and then first day of school. We're starting swimming tomorrow. My mum is trying to find out what club im going after school tomorrow. "Delamere! Put out your clothes and swimming costume out for tomorrow!" my mum called. My real name is actually Delamere Jones but I call myself Crunchy. I chose out my phantom t-shirt and my blue jeans. I went to the bathroom to grab my swimming costume, which is pink and black striped and my towel. I put my clothes on my desk chair and my swimming bag by my school bag. After all I am just an ordinary 9 year old school girl. I am grade 5 tomorrow. "Hey Delamere! Mom said she gonna put you up to join the poop gang while I go to gymnastics, you snotbrain!" my big sister arctic wolf, Muranda snorted. "Oh yeah!" I replied back. Muranda is a snooty, mean, popular arctic wolf who thinks shes the best at everything. She bullies me and my friends. She calls me snotbrain, Delapoo, Phantomgirl, Poopypants and mostly, nerd. I took off my glasses and fell asleep. All I wished is that in the family it was just me, mum and dad. Life would be SO MUCH BETTER without Muranda. My mum is a deer and my dad is a snow leopard.

I snapped my eyes open as fast as a train. I opened my curtains. I checked the time. 7:49!!! IM GONNA BE LATE! I put on my clothes as soon as possible and rushed downstairs. Here comes Muranda rushing downstairs.

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"Excuse me, popular kid coming through!" Muranda boasted, pushing me out of the way. I nearly fell off the steps but quickly I grabbed onto the handrail. At the breakfast table, all the way Muranda was boasting about how her hair was. "Mom, my hair is really beautiful in this blue bow and my neck looks wonderful in my spiked collar and my precious yellow designer skirt! I can't wait for high school!". "I bet all the children will hate you, Delamere!" she laughed. "Be quiet beetlebrain!" I laughed. "MOM!!" Muranda screamed. "DELAMERE! Shut up and eat your breakfast!" mum yelled. "It wasn't my fault!" I sighed. "Time to go to your schools! Good day!" mum smiled. I grabbed my swimming stuff and walked off. I have never been told to shut up by my mom before. "What nerd, scared of your new school?" Muranda asked. "No!" I said and ran off. I arrived at the school. Those sounds of happy children running around. I ran to school to join them. "Hey Delamere! Long time no see!" my friend Aiden screamed and ran up to me. "Hey Aiden! Missed you too!" I replied. Aiden is my long time friend. In fact, we knew each other when we were babies! I heard the school bell ring. I floated into the big girl corridor and into grade 5. There were cool things about grade 5! We get to bring our pencil cases in, adventure days, outside work, our dinnertimes first, trips to the beach and lots of things. Our new teacher is Miss Arania. "Hello the new grade 5's! Who is excited for grade 5!" Miss Arania asked. Everyone put their hands up except Louis, the weird guy who always moans and groans about EVERYTHING. I was sat next to Aiden and Yvonne. I hate Yvonne because she is popular and she bullies me. She was best friends with Muranda.

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Aiden was just a swift and quick arctic fox. He knows all of his times tables! Yvonne was jealous of Aiden and she is also jealous of me. "Im going gymnastics with Muranda, both of you suck at gymnastics, poopers!" Yvonne laughed. "No we dont!" Aiden cried. "Aiden move to that desk!" Miss Arania growled. I raised my hand. "Aiden hasn't done anything, Yvonne is being mean to us, she said we suck at gymnastics!" I explained. "Yvonne, first warning!" Miss Arania said. A warning is upsetting. If you carry on misbehaving in this school, firstly, a warning, then a second warning, then time out then losing playtime and then the worst one to come.. See the senior leaders, Mrs Halton and Miss Kimbara. I grabbed out my pencil case and started to write my date in my new maths book. Miss Arania came around then yelled at me, "NO PENCIL CASES! I will be keeping that!". I thought we were allowed pencil cases in grade 5! Blake, Yvonne, Aiden and Nadia had their pencil cases took off them too. "Right, addition and subtraction, dice rolled, I will put you in partners. Indigo and Natalia, Owen, Nadia and Gordon, May and Ryan, Widow Twilight and Blake, Aiden and James, Millie and Louis and Yvonne and Delamere. "I don't wanna be with the nerd miss! I wanna be with Blake!" Yvonne yelled. "SECOND WARNING! You sit with Delamere and work with her or else! BOTH OF YOU CAN HAVE DETENTION IF A PAGE ISN'T DONE!" Miss Arania yelled. Miss Arania is being mean lately. She just joined the school as a teacher and she is yelling at us. I rolled the dice and this is what I got. 334422 - 45556. It equals 28886. Easy ain't it! But.. We didn't do a page. Detention. ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!

Me and Yvonne, sat in the science room, where we had detention. It was all Yvonne's fault really. I didn't tell you guys but she kept disturbing me so she can tease me. I would be playing outside right now if Miss Arania didn't choose me with Yvonne. May and Ryan are the most cleverest kids in the class and guess what? They did 10 pages! Literally. I feel frustrated and sad at the same DARN time! Ugh! "Delamere Jones, Yvonne Dale, have you learned your lesson?" asked Miss Arania. "Yes Miss Arania!" we both said. I was really.. OMG

"So guys, it is swimming now so can the foxes, Blake, Indigo and Nadia go and get their swimming kits?" asked the teacher. Aiden went as well. "I said foxes Aiden!" she said. Blake and Indigo came back. It seemed that Nadia threw her swimming costume out of the window. ON purpose. She got into big trouble. "Can the seals go!" Miss Arania said. That was Owen, Gordon and May. "Goats!" Those were Natalia, Ryan and James. "Arctic foxes!" Aiden, James, Louis. "Bunnies!" Yvonne, Millie and Widow Twilight. Then I was the only one left. "And penguin!". Of course, you know who that is. "Get with a partner, we're going on the coach!" Arania said. Indigo went with May. Widow Twilight went with Blake. Owen went with Gordon. Natalia went with James. Louis went with James too. Nadia went with Millie. And you'll never guess who Aiden went with. YVONNE!? I thought he hated Yvonne. We walked out to the bus. I sat at the back alone.

Suddenly, Natalia, who was sitting in front of me said this. "Why do you wear those big, lame glasses?". "I can't see without them" I replied. "You look so stupid with them on! Ha Ha!" James laughed. "Hey!" I said. Yvonne turned around. "You have such a lame outfit!" she snapped. "Leave me alone!" I said. "SHUT THE FRICKITY FRACK UP DELAMERE!" Aiden yelled. I was surprised. I thought Aiden liked me. Suddenly Indigo and May turned around and laughed at me. Widow Twilight and Blake spitted at me. Owen and Gordon pointed at me. Louis and James made faces at me. Nadia and Millie said mean things to me. And Yvonne, Aiden, Natalia and James laughed at me. My life was ruined! I hid my tears under my shirt.

We arrived at the leisure centre finally! I got off last. "You seem red in the face, Delamere, are you ok?" asked Miss Arania. "I'll be fine," I whispered. I went to the girls changing rooms with Natalia, Yvonne, Indigo, May, Widow Twilight, Nadia and Millie. I went into a changing cubicle because I wanted to get changed alone because of that bus journey! I put on my swimming costume and folded my clothes neatly away in my emoji swim bag. I went to the teacher for my contact lenses. I put them in. We walked in a line to the swimming pool and sat on the bench.

I was excited. I sat alone on the bench. "Now kids, get in the big pool, I want to see how you swim!" my swimming teacher said. It was my turn first. I was scared because it was my first time. I got in and started sinking and gasping for air. "SHES A CHICKEN!" Widow Twilight yelled. I started doing the doggy paddle and got to the other side. "Nice first try!" the teacher said. I sat where she told me to sit. Aiden swam ferociously to the other side. Only Nadia and me were bad swimmers. Me and Nadia went to the baby pool. "Ok! Big arms to the other side plz!" my swimming teacher, Marie said. I did exactly what Marie told me to do. Big arms! I DID IT! I swam! "I SWAM!" I yelled. "Not so loud plz!" Marie said. I don't think Marie even cares! Its my first time swimming. Then it was the end of swimming. We got changed and headed back.

Our parents were waiting for us but I was walking home tonight. I grabbed my books and bag and walked home. I felt mad. You know what guys. I am going to the Flag shop. Where I can get ANY peace and quiet. I headed to the shop. Aiden was there waiting for me. "GET THE HECK OUT!" he yelled pushing me down the steps. I fell my face and got multiple scars and bruises all over my body. I headed home. "What happened to you sweetie?" asked mom. I sniffled. "N-nothing!" I said and ran to my bedroom.

I jumped on my bed and cried my heart out. I never had such a bad first day of school in life. "Come get ready for scouts!" my dad said. "IM NOT GOING!" I yelled. I cried. My dad came into my room. "Why are you crying?" he asked. "I don't want to tell you!" I sniffled. "Aww! Remember when you watched Woolly and Tig, they have a song called 'Tell and Share your worries', come on sweetie tell and share, your worries will still be there if you don't tell me!" my dad said. I sat up and told him. "When I went to school, there is this girl called Yvonne Dale and she made me have detention because she disturbed me from writing a page of sums then I got teased and bullied on the way to swimming and even Aiden hates me now! I went to the flag shop and then Aiden pushed me down the steps!" I cried. "Aww, I'll phone school ok, thank you for telling me your worries!" Dad said and went to phone school.

I decided to choose to go to scouts. TBA

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