Hi Everyone this is my 2nd creepypasta in making. This story is based on servers. I hope you enjoy it!

I love Animal Jam! It's the best game ever!!! My friends and I : Milly, Annabella, Joseph and I. All found it on the same day. A strange girl from our school called, Kayleigh, told us about it. Kayleigh never talks, No one sits with her at lunch, No one talks to her at recess. The point is, Kayleigh has no friends. So I wondered why me, Zooey Montgomery would listen to her. But I did. She basically said : "Hi Zooey, I know a game that you may like. It's called Animal Jam." "Ok, Kayleigh, I'll try to find it." I said back. Then she skipped along humming a tune that sounded sort of familliar. Oh! I know what its from! It's the NutCracker song!!! Aha! Kayleigh was sort of a goth type. She had skull earrings and dark black eyes, No I swear her eyes were actually black. And no contact lenses.

Later that day I told all my friends about this "Animal Jam" game. They seemed to agree that it sounds fun. I went home and created an account. My username was : zooeymont. My friends usernames were : millylilly3, annabellalove19 and josephmax. I found Kayleigh on Animal Jam and her username is itsevil . Why would she make her username "It's Evil?" That's so weird. Anyways, next, I found a server called SawTooth. I went on and everything seemed normal. Tons of jammers flying everywhere. It was too boring. So I wanted change which server I was on. I looked at the list of servers. I got scared because I two servers called Aushwitz and Hell. Instead of the circles being green, they were red bloody. The screen was dripping with blood and I heard a baby crying. I tried to log off but it wouldn't let me. I screamed. There was a box around the two servers. Words on the screen saying "PICK ONE!" I got scared. Very scared. Then it said "If you won't pick one we will for you." Blood was dripping faster and soaking up the screen. I was trying to run away. Then suddenly my server switched. Now I was in the Hell server. The alphas sat before me with blood in their eyes and blood dripping everywhere. Liza was walking with her walker and saying "You ruined it." I was the only one in Hell's server. No other jammers. They were probably in Aushwitz server. "Get me out of here!!!" I cried. Then a black wolf popped out of the screen and thats all I can remember. He killed me. The black wolf is now known as The Forgotten.

Now you know my story. Don't get tricked by any more hackers.

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