The next day, Greely woke up to banging noises inside the den. He soon found out it came from the "Phantom" eager to get out its cage.

"Stupid thing," he mumbled.

"I heard that!" Called Lyra, emerging into the den.

For a few days, Greely had kept Lyra's secret. Each day he had to put up with lying to the rest, but one day, he figured he couldn't keep this any longer. He had to tell the others.

As soon as he thought about his decision, Greely made his way to Liza and the other alphas, who were happily enjoying some freshly harvested fruit coming from Cosmo's garden.

"Liza", he panted. "I need to talk, alone." Liza stared for a bit, finishing her fruit. Then stood up and followed Greely.

"What is this all about?" asked Liza worriedly as they came into her den.

"L-Lyra", he stammered. He was beginning to regret this. "She's continuing her creation"

"And you knew this for how long?" was her growling in reply.

"A couple of days."

"I must see her immediately."

"Very well."

The two made their way towards Lyra's den, and when they went inside, it wasn't surprising to see the expression on Lyra's face. "Liza," she said in a friendly tone, stuffing a phantom behind her back "What brings you here?"

"Don't act like you don't know!" she growled "The phantom!"

A look of pain and anger flashed in Lyra's eyes. But it only lasted a moment, then it turned into a glare. "You told her, didn't you?" She growled, turning on Greely.

Greely said nothing, only hung his head "Yes. It was for the best."

"For the best?" she looked surprised. "For the best?"

"I couldn't keep your secret anymore, I'm sorry."

"Sorry's not enough," she hissed plainly, then turned to Liza.

"Banish me." she snarled, "I don't belong here anymore, so why stay?"

 "Lyra," began Liza "You don't have to- "

"Banish me." Snarled Lyra "Now."

Liza dipped her head, " If you want me to-"

" No!" interrupted Greely, as she was his sister. "Please don't, Lyra!"

" I want to go, Greely. Let me go."

With that, Liza activated her staff.

"Wait." interrupted Lyra, causing the staff to stop. "One last thing."

"I just wanted to say," she began with a sneer, "I changed my phantoms. They now despise you and your animals, and will do whatever it takes to harm you. Once I leave, they will multiply, and invade Jamaa. And who to blame for this?" she laughed. "Greely." she said, giving him one last ice cold stare."Goodbye."

In an instant, Lyra was gone forever. Havoc spread through Jamaa, caused by the phantoms. From that day onwards, Greely used all his time studying his sister's creation. Determined to find out how she could've made them.

Meanwhile, in the dimension Liza banished her to, Lyra sat in her local coffee shop, getting to like this place. Yet she still wants her revenge. She stepped out into the cold New York air. "I'm coming for you Greely." She whispered.

"When I get out of here, and I will find a way out."