Chapter One: The Introduction

"Shystar, wake up! Hurry, you need to wake up!" A voice rang out. Shystar groaned and rolled over. "What is it Amelie?" 

"You know what today is?" 


"Today you're going to announce new Dragon Riders!"

"Oh. Wait, what?"

Then Shystar remebered. She had two more dragon eggs left for apprentices! Shystar raced out of bed, eager for that afternoon. 

When Shystar got down to the training grounds, she saw her dragon sitting there. Something wrong Ralph? Shystar asked telepathically.

Yes. Ralph responded sadly, I wish for love, Shystar, but there are no other dragons to love.

Ralph, I wish I could help, but today is going to be very busy, as you know. Shystar ran back inside to prepare for the celebration.


Later that afternoon, Shystar was so busy organizing, planning, and preparing that she called Duke over to help prepare the food. Everyone in Jamaa knows that it was an honor to have Duke the Cyborgwolf prepare food for them.

"Shystar, have you heard the news lately about the Phantom King looking for a bride?" Duke called.

"No, and if someone was in their right mind they would say no."

"Well, he was also talking about you."

Shystar froze. "Me?"

"Yes, and he was quite clear about it too!"

"But why?"

"You never know with phantoms."

Just then Amelie burst through the door, yelling: "ALRIGHT I WAS PROMISED FOOD, WHERE IS IT!?" You see, when Amelie doesn't get food, she goes, well, bananas.

"Amelie, you need to wait!" Duke ordered.

"Fine..." Amelie sighed.


Chapter Two: The Phantom King

Phantom King sat in his bedroom, looking at a photo of Shystar. "Sir!" A gaurd called, "We have sights of a small troop, it appears that Shystar is with them!" The King smiled evilly. "Good, bring them in."


Ok guys, I know this story seems a bit confusing, so I'm going to clear EVERYTHING up, right from the start.

1. The Phantom King has had a crush on Shystar for many years, and Shystar HAS NO IDEA about it! Phantom King admires her powers in battle and is smitten.

2. Conincidentally, Duke also has a crush on Shystar, and they have known each other for years.

3. Shystar rescued a small phantom from Duke's house whenever it was attacked and they raised him. (His name is Torch btw)

Torch the Phantom

Torch, drawing credit to ~Lily~

4. Shystars new apprentices are: Amelie, with her dragon


Sunburst, Amelie's dragon

Sunburst, Dark, with his dragon Icewarrior, and Enchanted, with her dragon Emerald (Which Ralph has a crush on.)*

Icewarrior, Dark's dragon

Emerald the Dragon

Emerald, Enchanted's dragon


Ok, back to the story.

As Shystar, Duke, Torch, Amelie, Dark, and Enchanted walked into PK's** throne room, they gasped.

The whole back wall was covered in pictures of Shystar.

:Someone randomly screams:


"I think its fairly self-explantitory Shystar." A voice said from behind them.

"What do you mean?" Duke asked warily.

The Phantom King walked into the room and sat upon his throne. "As you know I have been looking for a bride, and after seeing all your accomplishments in Jamaa, I think I found her." He grinned evilly. "You don't mean...?" Shystar said, trailing off. "Yes, I do mean you Shystar, after all, your name is Shystar, isn't it?"

*Love is confusing, isn't it?

**PK stands for Phantom King

Chapter Two and A Half: The Realization Hits Shystar

"Shystar, what's your answer to PK's proposal?" Amelie asked Shystar the next day.

"I don't know."

"Shystar, if you say no, he might want revenge..."


Duke walked into Shystar's room just then. "Hey, Shystar I was wondering about something..."

"Yeah Duke?"

"Well, uh, um, I was wondering... would you like to have dinner with me sometime?"

"Sounds fun, what time?"

"Does around 7:30 sound O.K.?"

"Fine by me."


Researchers say that The Phantom King has finally proposed to a (un) lucky wolf by the name of Shystar. What will this wolf say? Let's hope for the best of her fate. Researchers also say...

Shystar threw the newspaper down angrilly. She didn't know who or what she was angry at, but man, she was mad.

Then she remembered that her date with Duke was that night, so she calmed down a bit. Shystar, I finally got enough courage to ask Emerald out! Ralph told her happily. Yeah, and you're going to explode my brain with happiness sooner or later. Shystar grumbled as she walked outside, but she was met with Torch, aaannnddd a bunch of cameras.

"Torch, what are all these for?!"

He snickered and responded,: "To replay the moment and look on PK's face whenever you turn down his proposal!" Then he burst out laughing. Shystar sighed and walked back inside only to find that Duke and Dark had made breakfast. "O.K. guys, why did you make breakfast..?" She asked, wondering if she wanted to hear the answer.

"To celebrate you saying 'no' to PK's proposal!" They said at the same time.

"Guys, I might say yes to him."

"Wait, have you gone mad Shystar!?"

"Considering the area in life I'm in, maybe." (i wrote this over two years ago and i was very morbid, nice)

"Shystar, you can't be serious!"

"I am."

"But what about our date!?"

"I'm still going on the date with you Duke, don't worry."

Duke sighed. He would prove to Shystar that she couldn't marry the Phantom King. And he already knew how to do it.


After their date, Shystar was sitting in her room, writing in her journal.


Shystar looked out her window and saw that Duke had thrown a rock at it. Duke called up: "I know I'm a little rusty with my playing, but I hope its good!" Then he began to sing:

"This Romeo is bleeding, you can't see his blood?

Its nothing but some feelings and this old keytar..

Its been raining since you left me, now I'm drowning, in the flood.

See I've always been a fighter, without you I'd give up...

Now I can't sing a love song, like the way its meant to be! I guess I'm just not good anymore but baby that's just me!

And I, will love you! Baby! Alwaaayyyss! I'll be there till the stars dont shine, till the heavens burst and the words dont rhyme! And when I die you'll be on my mind and I love you, always...."

"Now you're picture's there you've left behind, or just memories of a different life. Something made us laugh, something made us cry, something made you, have to say goodbye!

When you say your prayers, try to understand, I've made mistakes, I'm just a man/wolf/cyborg/thing. When he holds you close, when he pulls you near, when he says the words you've been needing to hear, I wish I was him and those words of mine to say to you till the ends of time!

And I~ will love you! Baby! Alwaayyss! I'll be there till the stars don't shine, till the heavens burst and words don't rhyme! And when I die you'll be on my mind and I love you always..."

Shystar watched Duke as he played the last note.

"Duke?" She called, "Thank you."

Chapter Three: The Wedding

Amelie burst into Shystar's room along with the other apprentices, panting.

Amelie said/yelled: "Shystar! Pk's at the front door and demanding a response from you, and he's getting pretty irratated at Dark's magic tricks." "Hey!" Dark protested, "Would you rather me do real magic and have him burn down the Fallout!?" But before they could finish their argument, Shystar was already downstairs and at the front door, telling something to PK. "-But Shystar, you know I'll do anything for you!" Logic: But aren't phantoms ev-SHUT UP LOGIC NO ONE LIKES YOU!

"PK, you know I have a place at Fallout, I can't abandon my students!"

"Well then, I'll just marry you tomorrow morning, here at the Fallout!"

"No." A voice said. It was Duke. "What place does a peice of scrap metal have here at The Fallout?" PK sneered. "For a matter of fact, I am one of the teachers here, and I need Shystar."

PK laughed. "Well, you can't have Shystar because she will become my wife tomorrow morning!"

The apprentences gasped. The dragons gasped. The tomatoes that Shystar had planted a few weeks ago gasped. "You can't do that!" Enchanted yelled. "Well I can and I will!" PK responded.

PK By Candykitty

PK being drawn like a french girl.

******** The next day.... Shystar was forced by some nature to wear a dress, but secretly she put her armor and weapons underneath it. Someone knocked at her bedroom door. "Come in." Shystar said sadly. Duke walked in. "I thought you might be hungry before the wedding." Duke said softly. "Not really." Shystar told him. "O.K. then." Duke said and he exited the room. (I have no idea what the porpose of this section was.)

********** At the wedding there was food, cake, games and prizes. No one had any idea how unlucky Shystar was to be marrying the worst person in Jamaa. The preist began: (wait, where did a random preist appear?) "BORING FILLER STUFF SO WE CAN GET TO THE ACTION blah blah blah" After the vows...

"Phantom King, do you take Shystar to be your lawfully wedded wife?" "I do." He grinned a weird smile. "And Shystar, do you take Phantom King to be your lawfully wedded husband?" "I..."

"I don't."

Gasps filled the air.

The preist began again, "Do any of you have any objections to this marrage?"

No one said anything, because everyone knew that Duke would probably commiting suicide by now, but meh. (should I leave that in? yeah)


"The only one I love," Shystar continued, "Is Duke."

"What!?" PK roared. (he is shook)

Then Shystar raced out of the building and into the canyons. Everyone from the wedding chased her. "Shystar, get over here right NOW!" PK roared again. Shystar raced to the edge of the canyon. "I'd rather die than marry you PK!" "Please Shystar, don't jump!" Dark said franitcally. "Shystar, think about your apprentices!" Someone shouted. "I don't care anymore." Shystar said softly. She took another step closer to the ledge.

And another...

And another...

Someone screamed.

Shystar walked off the ledge. (honestly same)

"NO!" Duke yelled and raced toward the edge. (wait, where the hell did Duke come from?) Duke leaped off the edge and caught Shystar, but they were still falling. Just then a powerful roar came and broke everyone's eardrums. It was Ralph! (IT YA BOI) Ralph dived down and caught Shystar and Duke.


"Shystar?!" Shystar sat up in her bed. How did I even get in bed? Am I dead?

"Shystar!" The voice called again.

"Who? What...?" Shystar asked groggily.

"Shystar! Oh thank Mira you're alive!" It was Amelie. "Where's Duke?" Shystar demanded. "He still hasn't woken up Shystar, we're afraid he might be, uh..." Shystar jumped out of bed and raced to Duke's room. He was still, and not moving on the bed. "On no, please, no Mira, don't take Duke away from me..."

"So I see you found Duke." Shystar growled and spun around, already knowing who it was.

"You." Shystar said.

"Yes it is I, the Phantom King." He laughed. "What did you do to him!" Shystar asked angrilly.

"Why, dearest bride, I didn't do anything to him." He responded. "I AM NOT YOUR DEAREST BRIDE!" Shystar yelled. "Well then can I call you Starry? Or Star-Star?" He asked, his voice mockingly.

"No!" Shystar yelled again in response. "I don't even love you PK, so why dont you just head on home."

"Well I would love to, but I've got something to do." PK said. He raced off hurredly, probably planning out a plan of some evil plan sort.

Chapter Three And Three Fourths: Hold It!

Ok, ok, so you're telling me that we've been though half a wedding, a dramatic fall, several arguments, and I havent given you a desription of the charecters!? Well then that'll be fixed right now. (honestly SAME past me)

Part One Characters:

Shystar: White and gray, with bright green lightning bolts on her fur. She wears a rare elf helmet, freedom bands, her lucky powder blue scarf, green samurai swords, and sparkly ice tail armor.

Duke: half wolf, half cyborg. His cyborg side is black with deep blue lightning bolts, with a glowing black eye. His wolf half is gray and black, still with lighting bolts. He wears a fedora, and his main weapon is a crossbow.

Amelie: Wears a black and white top hat, has red and white fur. Uses her bow and arrow most of the time and loves food.

Torch: A almost full grown phantom, has a orange eye and likes to eat coal.

Ralph: Full grown male dragon, red and has a yellow tinted underside.

Emerald: Full grown female dragon, dark green and has a lighter color green underside.

Part Two Characters:

Spirit-Duke: Looks like Duke, appears to be made out of stars. Lower half is just a wisp.

Anti-Star: Looks like Shystar, fur pattern is slightly darker and her eyes are red. She wears a mask, and she only carries a single red sword.

Warrior: A blue king cobra snake, wears a single sword and helmet. He is ready to fight and protect Amelie at all costs.

Mini Shystar: A miniture magical version of Shystar, only better.

Mini Duke: Same thing as before, just alive. (LAUGHS BUTT OFF AT PAST ME)

Random: AKA RandomCharacters, he helps out a bit in this story.

°°No more characters, sorry!°°

Chapter Four: The Dwarves (Wait, What?)

As PK drew closer to Shystar, she panicked. She didn't know what to do! "What are you doing..." She asked carefully.

Then a phantom footman appeared and told PK something.

"Why, I feel that I should go now!" PK said hurridly, and raced off. "Oh thank Mira he's gone!" Shystar breathed. She looked over at the bed that Duke was laying on. He moved. Shystar just watched.

And watched. (stalker??)

And watched, until Duke sat up in his bed. "Shystar...?" He asked, half mumbling. "Its ok, Duke, you're safe and ok now." Shystar comforted him. "What happened after Ralph saved us?" Duke asked.

"I don't know." Shystar responded. "In fact, no one knows, because everyone had their memories wiped apparently, including us." (thank u dog of wisdom)

"Oh." Duke said blankly.

"Wanna go downstairs and get something to eat?"



When they arrived downstairs, they found dwarves. This may seem like a surprise to you, but to them it was normal. But not this time.

"Ummm.." Shystar asked, "What are you doing here...?"

"We heard about the 'Disaster Marrage!'" King Orik* said. (PFFFTNBFSGKBVD IM SO GOOD AT WRITING)

"It's fine now, rest assured." Duke told him calmly.


"Geez, ok, everything's fine NOW though, right?" Orik asked.

"Yes, sorry I flipped like that Orik, my apologies. Now my question is, who wants to eat?" Shystar asked.

"Meeeeee!!" Amelie jumped up and began serving potato stew with tomatoes in it.

*Orik is the King of Dwarves, and lives in Farthen Dur, which translates to 'Our Father'

Now I wish I could end the story here and save you all from the tragedies that are yet to come to Shystar and her friends. But alas, it is my job to tell and finsh her story about life, love, adventure, and maybe some humour.

Chapter Five: The Final Battle, But With Who..? (SHOOK)

Will this chapter end with a dramatic death? A cliffhanger? Love? A new enemy? Maybe with all four endings! Alas, you must all be tired, no? After a whole day of me talking you must be getting bored right? No? Fine. I was trying to let you leave and have your tears saved for whats going to happen. I feel pain for you, dear reader.... (Im getting Lemony Snicket vibes from past me)


After everyone ate dinner, and the dwarves were full of gossip and they had left, the sunset was the best part of the evening. Mostly for Shystar and Duke. Like every night, Shystar sat outside on the ancient wooden swing to watch the sunset. But she had company tonight.

"Duke, what do you think will happen now?" Shystar asked him.

"I don't know Shystar, but I do know that I love you, and you will never leave the Fallout." Duke responded, turning to face Shystar.

"Duke I love you too, but what if PK comes back?"

"Then I'll protect you."

"I know you will."

Just then a white bird flew over and gave Shystar a scroll.

"What is it?" Duke asked. "It's a letter...from PK." Shystar said as she read it out loud. "'I have sent this bird to inform you that my army will rise. I will bring your precious Fallout down, and leave everyone you love to burn.'" Loves and kisses, PK.'" Shystar growled, but it was a worried growl. "Don't worry, we'll rise to meet his army and crush it." Duke said.

"I'm not worried about the army Duke," Shystar replied. "I'm worried about the fact that this may be our final battle."


One month later...

Shystar and Duke and their troop were ready. They stood at the front of their army, ready to attack PK's fortress. No one knew what was going to happen that day. Several deaths, everyone knew that of course. Shystar turned to her apprentices. "Now I want you three to scout ahead and be our areial veiw. Got it?" Amelie, Dark, and Enchanted all nodded their heads enthusiastically. "Got it." Amelie said for all of them.

Duke turned to Shystar and told her, "If I die today Shystar, keep me in memory for all generations to come."

"Don't talk like that, you'll survive." Shystar responded.

"But I may not."

Shystar didn't respond. The army fired the first round of arrows. PK shouted something at his own army, and they shot off twice as many arrows. Shystar saw Emerald's wing get hit. Shystar said to Ralph, Ralph, check the apprentices and heal anyone who is injured.

Got it. He responded, and flew off.

No! I refuse! I can't write about what's going to happen next! It's too dreadful. Please, go read a Creepypasta story or something else, because I can't take it!

You're still here. Joy. I thought I had saved you, but I guess you're REALLY, REALLY determined to finish this. Fine. I'll continue.

Shystar raced across the battle feild, determined to get to PK. But he got to her first.

"Shystar, you should've said yes." PK's voice was heard. (Why does he always appear at the most inconvenient times?)

"I said no because I hate you PK, that's why." Shystar growled, ready to lunge.

"Now, don't be so rash about attacking me, for if you do, I will personally kill Duke."

"You wouldn't dare, PK."

"Oh Shystar, I could...

PK pulled out an Elven Bow. Shystar gasped. "No..."

"You seem to reconize this, yes?" PK laughed. "This is one of the rarest bows ever made, and there is a special poisoned arrow to go with it."

He pointed the bow at Shystar. Duke looked up from where he was and raced over to PK and Shystar.

"Duke! No don't-"

Shystar was cut off by her own scream as PK let go of the bow. Duke had lept in front of Shystar and the poisoned arrow had struck him directly in the chest and wasn't moving.

"No, Duke, please..." Shystar cried.

The apprentices had landed next to Shystar. They had seen the whole thing. "Shystar..I'm so sorry, but he's gone. For good." Enchanted said. They hauled Duke's body onto Ralph. No one knew where PK had gone because he had dissapeared after he had shot the arrow. (why was past me so morbid?)

Chapter Six: The Unlucky Number

The next week Shystar didn't come out if her room. Not even to eat, and Amelie hated that. Enchanted and Dark knew that no spells could mend a broken heart. The funeral for Duke was two days ago, and the Elves AND Dwarves showed up. Everyone mourned for the loss of a great general, and friend.

Shystar didn't know what to do. Each night she sat outside on the ancient swing and prayed to Mira. But one night, tonight, was different. (BUT NO ONE CAME-)

"Oh, Duke, I miss you so much. I wish you could come back to me." Shystar sighed.

"Shystar, I already am." A voice said. Shystar gasped as the spirit of Duke materialized in front of her. "Duke?" But how?" Shystar asked.

"Mira has sent me a warning for you Shystar." Duke responded, in a quiet voice.


"An ancient prophecy was named of you Shystar."

"Me? But why?"

"That I cannot tell you, but here is the prophecy."

There was once a wolf named Anti-Star. She was an amazing general but had evil inside of her. Greely, Shystar's great-grandfather, executed her. From that day on, she cursed all of Greely's family. She was killed in the early beginnings of Jamaa, but she has arisen to seek a thousand-year revenge. She seeks revenge on The Shystar Chronicles.

"I'll do my best to defeat Anti-Star, at all costs Duke."

"I know you will, but before I leave, remember this: I will always be with you Shystar, no matter what."

Part Two: A Thousand-Year Revenge


The next morning...

Shystar yawned and woke up. She was eager to tell everyone the prophecy, but she had to-

Shystar!!!! Emerald said yes!!!! Ralph called, cutting my awesome story off.

To what Ralph? Shystar said.

I, we, eggs...! He stammered, clearly very excited. (he was so excited that i spelled excited wrong)

So what you're trying to tell me is that you have DRAGON eggs? Shystar responded.

Yes!! Ralph yelled.

Shystar winced. Sometimes being a Dragon Rider has it's bad moments. Anways, as I was saying before I got rudely irrupted, Shystar had the worst task of the day: To feed Amelie breakfast. It wasn't that hard, but about every five minutes Shystar had to restock the fridge. Yay.


After feeding Amelie was over, Shystar called everyone into the front room to tell them about the prophecy. The reactions of everyone was a little different...

The Dragons: Feirce expressions, and menacing growls.

Dark: Worried.

Amelie: Hungry. (as usual)

Torch: Researching.

Enchanted: Curious.

When everyone calmed down, Shystar said "I'm not sure when or even if Anti-Star will come. We still have the matter of PK to deal with."

"But Shystar," Dark said, "Even if PK is gone for good, Anti-Star is a more serious threat, to Jamaa AND us."

"I realize that Dark, but we need to find the location of PK so we can track him."

"The only one who knew how to do that was Duke..." Enchanted put in.

Shystar didn't respond, all she did was grimace. Amelie walked back kn from the kitchen, clear that she ate the whole fridge again. "Shystar, I think we all need a break from PK and this Anti-Star stuff." Amelie said to the whole group.

"All those who oppose this idea, say NEIN." Dark said, trying to brighten the room with a joke. It didn't help. His jokes were just as bad as his magic tricks...


At sunset...

Like usual, Shystar was sitting outside on her bench, waiting for Spirit-Duke. "Hello Shystar." He murmered as he appeared before her.

"I missed you Duke."

"I know you did." Then he hugged her. Shystar plus hugs equals...Run away. But she didn't do anything like that, she just hugged Duke back, but then Duke did something she would've never had a reaction to.

Duke kissed her.

Shystar froze, not knowing what to do. Duke pulled back. "I uh, sorry." He half muttered.

"Don't be sorry, I just don't have a reaction to kissing." (same bc im lonely)

"Oh, well then I should go, I love you."

"Bye Duke."

A camera flashed. Shystar spun around, finding Torch. And Amelie's best friend, a blue cobra named Warrior. Torch burst out laughing. "Oh man! You should've seen the look on your face when Duke kissed you Shystar!" He continued laughing. "Torch, shut up." Shystar grumbled, walking inside.


At dinner, everyone talked about the events of the day. Normal, I guess. But then Enchanted piped up.

"Hey Shystar, Torch said that you and Duke were a two-play act!"

"Oh uh..." Shystar stammered.

"Oh come on Shystar! It would be awesome for you to play for us!" Dark added in, wanting for some excitement.

"I haven't played in forever guys..."

"PWEEEZZZZ" Amelie said, doing her puppy dog face. (DANGIT SAM WINCHESTER)

"Oh alright..." Shystar gave in, knowing that they wouldn't stop pestering her.

"Yay!" Everyone cheered, even though Shystar had a bad day. She sighed and sat down at her keyboard and began to play.

"Even though you're with me, I still miss you~...

Even though you're not hurt I still feel your pain~...

You're still there, in the back of my mind, wishing that you were still alive! I long to hear your voice fill my head, your fur to brush mine! I keep hanging on too tight, worried you might let go...

I still miss you! And you miss me too...! I keep hopin', I keep dreamin', I keep the feelin' that you'll be back here alive~ because I miss you... and you miss me too..." (WHOOO LETS GET SOME BRING ME TO LIFE UP IN HERE)

(-© "I Still Miss You" Shystar (sorry, had to. XP))

Everyone knew who the song was about. Duke. Shystar still mourned for him even though he was with Mira, up in the heavens, with her fancy Brittish tea.


Here is what The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has to say about love.

Avoid it, if at all possible.

(Unfourtunately Shystar hasn't read the Hitchhiker's Guide.)

-Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide.


Shystar woke up with a really bad headache the next day. No not a hangover, cheezus calm down, Shystar's not drunk. Anyway, Shystar walked outside only to find three dragon eggs in a nest.

Ralph, where are you!? Shystar yelled at him.

I'm somewhere, uh, just don't worry, O.K.? He responded distractedly. Shystar sighed. Someday she'll learn where Ralph flies off to, but not today probably. Shystar wandered around and puzzled over the eggs, wishing Ralph would at least come back.


"Ah, Phantom King, I see you have made it to my.. little party."

A voice said. PK spun around, confused, but then he gasped. It was Anti-Star. "I've heard rumours about you Anti-Star, about your beauty and like-ness to Shystar." PK said sheepeshly. (hah what a suck-up)


PK was stunned. He had never heard such, ferocousness, in anyone's words. He was going to like this alliance.

Chapter Seven: Under the Cover of Darkness OR An Unexpected Alliance

Shystar awoke to a start, but then she realized that it was only the storm outside. She had no idea why she was so nervous, but there was this odd feeling that someone was watching her...


When it was morning, Torch shoved a photo at Shystar. "Shystar, why are you kissing Duke?" Amelie asked, trying to sound serious, but couldn't hold her laughter in. "Where did you get that photo?!" Shystar demanded. "Simple, 'cause I took the photo!" Torch added in, laughing. Shystar growled and stormed up to her room, leaving the laughing apprentices in the kitchen.

"Why are you so angry at them?" Duke appeared.

"Because I think it's rude to intrude on someone's social life." Shystar responded, eating a tomato. Duke watched her eat for a bit, then responded. "Tell them."


"Tell them about us, and maybe in the future Mira will bring me back, she always said my time isn't up."

"Alright, but only for you." Shystar grumbled, walking downstairs. (<3)


Whenever Shystar got downstairs, everyone was eating. "Alright, I guess me and Duke kinda kissed..." Shystar mumbled.

"HA! I knew it!" Enchanted stood up. "Ooohhhhhhh, Shystar's got a boyfriend, Shystar's got a boyfriend!" She sang, leaping around the room.

"Enchanted, you do not tease your mentors, remember?" Shystar growled softly at her.

"Alright, I'll stop..." Enchanted sat down again.

"Now, we need to address Anti-Star directly, and soon." Shystar told the room.

"We know, but can't we fool around before we go to battle again?" Dark pleaded.

"Alright, but I want plans being formed too." Shystar sighed.

"YES!!" Everyone cheered. Shystar just walked back into her room.


"PK, bring me the plans." Anti-Star called.

"Of couse." PK grumbled. "Hey, I thought we were co-rulers, I'm not your slave!"

"Oh, now do you want to kiss me, and talk to me like a softy?" Anti-Star growled. "BRING ME THE PLANS." (shook)

"Geez, alright." PK stormed off to the battle room.

"We will attack under the cover of darkness, while PK's army brings their calvary to the East and West sides. Everyone good? Then we attack tomorrow night." Anti-Star explained, then turned around to face PK. "You do as I say, or I'll personally chop your head off."

Logic: But Phantoms don't ha- AGAIN, LOGIC, NO ONE LIKES YOU, GO HOME.

PK nodded, but then grabbed Anti-Star. "I will obey you in the battle feild, but tonight you will obey me." He grinned that evil grin, and smiled that weird smile, and then he knocked the author out. (WAIT WHAT IM LAUGHING SO HARD RN AT PAST ME)

Wait, what!?


Note: This section has been taken over by a new author, as the previous one has still not recovered from head damage.

~New Author

Today we will be learning about the importance of non-fiction stories. They are real, non aggressive, and do NOT have talking animals. My work in non-fictionary has approved this story as boring, dull, uninformitave, and awful.


Doctor: Miss Shy! You've still not recovered!

Me: Shut up. I know when someone dislikes my story.


I'm back! Sorry about that last section, OK, PK's Army or The Fallout? Hmm, The Fallout.

Back at The Fallout, Shystar pondered about stuff. No, not love-chick hippy stuff, battle stuff. She wondered about Life, the Universe, and Everything. (Yup, I just made that Hitchhiker's Guide refrence.) She wondered if Duke would really be able to come back, and- no. She tried to focus on a battle plan, but she couldn't. She hoped the apprentices had better luck.


Apparently not. Everyone was talking about Duke and Shystar. (And yes, I see you in the comments, shipping ShystarxDuke. Don't you dare.) "Hey, Amelie, since Shystar like adopted you, how do you feel?" Dark asked. "Uhm, I dunno, can I get back to that, while we focus on the importance of goofing off?"

"I guess..?"

Torch started taking lots of photos. Lots. I mean, the whole living room table was covered with them. Warrior was busy talking with the Minis. MD (Mini Duke) shifted uncomfortalbly whenever Amelie said anything about real Duke's death. MS (Mini Shystar) just sighed and ate a tomato. "OK, Shystar asked for us to make a plan, I guess we should." Enchanted finally said.

"OK, I think attacking around 4:00 A.M. sounds good, don't you?

"Heck no! Way too early! Try around 10:00 at night!"

"Ooh! How about 10:40 P.M.? Everyone gets a say!!"

"How 'bout that Dark, you get your four, I get my ten!"

"Seems legit, alright! Let's work out battle formations!"

You get the picture right? OK, I've been meaning to add in a new character, so here he is!

Chapter Eight: An Unexpected Visitor

A portal opened not far from The Fallout, but it was small enough that no one could see the light illuminating from it. A smallish (5 feet as I've been told.) creature stepped through the portal and took out his map. "Alright, I think Sir told me to go to the big castle with the blue-and-white flags around it." Nobody knew it at the time, but this creature's name was Random.



Random, or, if you prefer, RandomCharacters.

He continued to stumble along until he found The Fallout. He quickly knocked once, twice, three times before Amelie answered the door. "Uh, can I help you sir?" Amelie asked.

"Uh, no, my friend's name is Sir. My name is Random."

"Oh. So can I help you Random?"

"Yes, I'm looking for someone, uh named.." He looked at his map again. "Uh, Skylar..?"

"Oh! You must mean Shystar, my mentor! Come on in!" She beckoned Random to come inside.

As Random walked inside, he remembered that Sir gave him a mission: Remember Random, help protect Shystar and whatever befalls her. Oh and don't forget to try some of her tomato soup. He remembered it like it was yesterday. Oh, wait. It was yesterday whenever Sir had told him. Huh, how time flies.

"So, Random, do you want anything while I get Shystar?"

"Uh, I was told Shystar made a good tomato soup?"

"Ha! Good choice! We have some from last night, I'll heat it up."

When Amelie left the room, Random was left to study all of the pictures Torch and Warrior had taken over the years. He came to one with Duke and Shystar standing next to each other, Shystar holding Torch, and Ralph was in the background. Huh, that must've been before the apprentices and everything got confusing. Random thought, remembering what Sir had told him about Shystar.

"Indeed it was." Shystar said, walking down the hallway steps into the living room.

"You heard that?"

"Yes, I am magical, aren't I?"

"Creepy magic."

"Toche." (TOO-che)

"I was told I was supposed to protect you, Miss..?"

"Just call me Shystar, Random."

"You know my name!?"

"I heard your conversation, and the picture is from a while ago."

"Oh. Is he uh here?"

Shystar didn't say anything, she just looked away. Then Amelie walked into the room carrying in three bowls of tomato soup. "We don't talk about Duke much Random, especially after The Battle of Souleater Forest."

"Souleater Forest?"

"The place where Duke died." Dark said, walking in. "I heard conversation and Shystar's soup, so I thought it would be good to intrude."

Dear reader, I know I have tried to save you before more dreadful parts. But I beleive this next part is the worst. (O BOI)


"Hey, PK, where were you, smoochin' Anti-Star?" A foot soldier laughed.

The last night before Random came, I'm afraid Anti-Star and PK kissed. I told you that this part was dreadful. (dangit past me)


"Men, our calvary asists Anti-Star's army for the West and East sides. The ground patrol will be at the North and South sides."

"SIR YES SIR!" They all shout.

"Good." He grinned.


"Alright, alright, I'm coming..." PK said.


Hm. Interesting. I never knew that Shystar had a crush on Duke. Wait, did I just say that out loud!? Oh no, defense positions for fangirlism!! (saaaame)


During my research for "The Shystar Chronicles", I have come to realize many things.

1. All stories must have a little romance for them to be good.

2. Lot of adventure, Must have.

3. To be an awesome fiction story, you can't have rude interruptions.

[glares at New Author]

4. Forty-Two. It is The Answer. The one and only Answer. The Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything.

OK, back to your normally scheduled program.


Shystar sat crying in her room. Normally she doesn't cry, but she thought she could make an exception. She cried about Duke, and other things that I have no idea about. But yet she cried. Random walked into Shystar's room just then, saying:

"Shystar, I think I have a solution to your problem!"

"Anti-Star or Duke?"

"Duke." He responded, "But I'm not sure it'll work."

"Try it."

"Alright. I need you to chant these words whenever you see his sprit, and then do something you've never done before."

"What are the words?"

Now I can translate these the best I can.

Ramadun, Ramadun, bring thy back to me. O great Ramadun, bring thy back to me fore I love him so, O great Ramadun.

(My best translation, because it was orginally in Ancient Tounge.)

"I'll try." Shystar said softly.


At sunset on the swing...

"Shystar, you look distracted." Duke asked.

"Because I'm going to try to bring you back."

"You are?"

"Yes, Random showed me a way I could."

"Try it, please, I want to be with you again."

Shystar nodded then started chanting. Then the wind picked up and leaves started swirling around and around. Next, a bright flash of light came. Shystar watched and then remembered she had to do something she had never done before. She whispered, "Duke, all my life I've loved you, yet I never got the chance to say it." Then everything went black. (sHook)

Chapter Nine: The Arrival of a New Dawn

Shystar woke up. She heard movements, but she realized it was Duke shifting in the night. His "resurrection" as the apprentices called it was three days ago. She remembered it clearly. Whenever the blackness dissapeared, Duke was standing there, all scars of the arrow gone. She had cried happily, an-

I'm sorry, am I making this too happy or cliche? Probably. Hmm. I think I should just continue where I left then.

And Shystar had run to Duke, wanting to hug him, (Run. Just run.) But Duke didn't hug her, he kissed her. So happily ever after, right? Wrong. Anti-Star and PK are still out there, but they postponed their attack for, uhm, other reasons.

Shystar went back to sleep, cherishing that memory, but she still thought of what would happen if PK still wanted to marry her. She shook her head, clearing out the thought. She sighed and went back to the idea of Duke.


The next morning...

"Hey Duke, can we talk?" Amelie asked him. (Oh, you were thinking Shystar, right?)

"'Course Amelie."

"I was wondering, uhm, are you planning of marrying Shystar?"

Duke froze in the middle of making tomato waffle tacos. (The name says it all.)

"Marrying... Shystar?"

"Uh huh."

"Whatever gave you that idea?"

"Uh, the kissing."

Duke coughed, "Oh, um I don't know..."

"Duke, it's obvious you like her, I mean, have you seen your face whenever she walks by?"

Duke blushed. "Well..."

"Then I suggest you tell her." And with that Amelie left the room with a blushing, stammering cyborg.


"PK, we need to do something about our relationship."

"I beg your pardon?"

"I mean we need to take evasive action."

"And how do you plan on doing that?"

"By taking it one. Step. Further." Anti-Star grinned. (You do NOT want to see her smile.)


Anti-Star leaned closer to PK. He shivered. Her beauty, he thought, is going to be my death.

"Oh PK you worry too much. We need to really do something that'll show our army we've really allied!"

PK paused for a moment and then said, "Well, do you think I should tell you I love you, 'cuz I do."

"Interesting, you love me, but why?"

"Your beauty, your evilness, you plan battles so well, you're an all out evil empress!"

"Thank you. Now, why don't we just kiss and maybe, oh, I don't know, kill some people?" (PFFFTAHAHA HOLY QUIZNAK)

"Sounds like my kind of date." PK smirked.


Shystar was falling. No, this wasn't real, this was her dream, and she was falling. She landed into someone's arms, and look! Their Duke's. She jumped out of his arms and he held her, gently, I might add. You're wondering how I know this? Because I was part of her dream. I had shapeshifted into part of the surrounding land. Shystar in her dream has be kissing dream Duke for a while and I was getting bored. Really bored. I mean, was this all she dreams about? Kissing? Huh, I guess there really IS some love-chick hippy stuff going in her mind. Weird.


"OK Dragon Rider apprentices! We have a job to get Shystar," Amelie pointed to a peice of wood. "To Duke so he can propose to her." She pointed to another peice of wood. "Ideas?"

Enchanted stood up. "Ooohhhh! We can plan a surprise date for Shystar and Duke, but not tell them who the other one is!"

Now Dark stood up. "Yea, and you know how Shystar likes that café on the other side of the bookstore? We could set it up there!"

"Yay!!!" Amelie danced around.

Are you three planning a date without your camera crew? A voice said telepathically. The four dragons flew down to the area, Torch and Warrior on Emerald's back.

"Nope! We were just going to ask you to take a video of the date!" Enchanted squealed.

"Wait, I thought we were just setting it up, not spying on them!" Dark protested.

"We aren't videoing them Enchanted, and we definitly aren't spying on them!" Amelie said.

We'll just be flying overhead, watching. Ralph told everyone.

"Alright, who's ready for "Operation Surprise Date!""


"SHYSTARRRRRR!" Enchanted called.

"What is it now..." Shystar groaned.


Shystar sighed and walked downstairs.

Shystar was met with Emerald, Amelie, and Enchanted. And a dress. "OK guys, I know today isn't April Fools, so why do you have a dress?"

"We got you a surprise date." Amelie responded.

"I don't do dates!"

For someone who doesn't do dates, you didn't mind the one with Duke. Emerald put in.

"That was different!"

"Just try it! PWEEEEEEZZZZ!" Enchanted begged. (mistah Obama?)

"Alright, but I won't like it."


Duke walked outside to the gardens, and saw...

One Torch.

Two Dragons.

One Snake.

One Apprentice.

And One Tuxedo.

"OK, I'm not going to even ask why you guys are smiling like that." Duke said.

"Heh. We found a surprise date for you." Dark said.


"Yea, and she's killer!" Torch snickered.

"Guys, I don't have dates!"

Says the cyborg who asked Shystar out on a date. Ralph remarked.

Duke sighed. He was never going to get out of this.


That night at Sir Nightshade's Diner...

"Guys, I'm not so sure about this..." Shystar said nervously.

"You'll be fine trust us." Amelie said.

Shystar walked into the main entrance, and a few minutes later Duke walked in.

"YOU'RE MY SURPRISE DATE!?" Shystar and Duke said at the same time.

"Apparently so." Duke responded.

"I knew the apprentices were up to something!"

"Yea, with you and that (pardon my language) sexy dress." Duke blurted. (wOAH BUDDY SLOW YA ROLL)


Duke blushed. "Uhm, sorry, heh. got carried away..."

"I should hope so."

After the two ate dinner, they walked back to the Fallout. The apprentices had set up a "party" so they could convice Duke to propose.

"Wanna dance?" Duke asked Shystar randomly.

"Uhm..." Shystar's ears turned red.

"Please? Just one dance."

Ralph had noticed them talking. He nosed Shystar closer to Duke.

"I think Ralph wants us to dance." Duke commented.

Shystar sighed. "Alright...." But as soon as she got the word out of her mouth, Duke held her on the dance floor.

"I didn't realize you wanted to dance this badly.." Shystar said.

"Well I think I should tell you something..." Duke began.

"Hm?" Shystar leaned closer to Duke.

"I love you." Duke finished.

Shystar's ears turned red again.

"I love you too Duke."

"I think this is the dawn of a new beginning." Amelie whispered to Dark. He nodded.

Chapter Ten: The End...?

OK, I know what you're thinking. What happened to Anti-Star and PK? Well, Anti-Star has decided to pause all of the fighting battles so she can...uh... :checks note again: *Ahem* "Continue writing her love story down into her journal." God, why did you make me write this? (@PAST ME)


"Good morning Shystar!" (Insert smug emoticon -HERE-)

Shystar sat up groggily in a bed. Uhm, how did I even get in bed?

"Trouble sleeping Shystar?" The voice said again. "I should hope not, because we have a VERY busy day today! Did you guess who it was? That's right! It's me, Anti-Star!" (Oh god, where is my sanity right now? I need it..)

"Anti-Star, I have alot of questions for you, but the main one is: WHERE THE HECK IS DUKE!?"

"Oh my sweet, he's nice and cozy in my cell. :3" (No emoticons PLEASE.)


"Please, don't get angry at me for locking your boyfriend up."

"He's not my boyfriend."

"Then why did he say he needed to see his girlfriend before I locked him up?"


"Figured just as much. Any last words?"

"Yes. A song." Shystar replied calmly.

"A song. This should be intersting." Anti-Star said. "What's it called?"

"It's called 'F****** Perfect', by P!nk."

"Let's hear it then, shall we?"

Pink - Perfect (clean version) - lyrics on screen

Pink - Perfect (clean version) - lyrics on screen

Anti-Star froze. "Why would you think that Shystar?"

"Because Anti-Star, you're not a villan. You're a good person at the heart, and I believe in you."

"I, I don't know what to say." By then PK had came in, wanting to see why he had heard singing.

"PK, I think we should let Shystar and Duke go, her song made me realize theres some good in this world." Anti-Star said. "NOW DO IT BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND, YOU HEAR?"

"Y-Yes Anti-Star!" PK stuttered and rushed off.


Two Weeks Later....

"Shystar! Tell us the story again!" A bunny squealed in delight.

"Please Shystar!" A tiger cub said.

"Alright, one more time, but then all of you have to return to your homes."

"Yaaay!!" The group of animals cheered.

Shystar sat down again and opened her journal. She had kept all of her adventures and spells in there. Shystar began again.

"Shystar, wake up! Hurry, you need to wake up!!!" Shystar groaned and rolled over. "What is it Amelie?" 

"You know what today is?" 

You all know the rest my friends. I'm afraid my time is over now. This once was, and always will be, The Shystar Chronicles.

I have also made another story on here, called 'Rose's Story'

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