Note: Does anyone even like The Shystar Chronicles anymore? I mean the first one was a huge hit! It even got fanart too! But has the series/sequel died down? Comment below.

Another Note: Anything saying that this story is clichè is meant to be a joke. I'm trying to make this as funny as I think I can, along with the author getting knocked out all the time.

BTW: This is the 542nd page on here, and because of "42" I just had to add this. I didn't even realize it until I made it!

Also note: This may contain a few cuss words, so you've been warned.


The Shystar Chronicles: Featured on the AJ Wikia

Part One: What Is Life?

This is three years after the first journal, you've also been warned about that.

"Shystar, tell us another story!!" A young wolf pup said.

"I would love too, but you all need your rest!" Shystar told the group of young animals.

"Shystar's right kids, you all have a good life ahead of you, you should spend it wisely." Duke commented, coming out of the shadows.

"O.K. Duke!" A tiger cub responded, and he raced off to his mother. All of the other pups and cubs raced off too. Shystar looked up at the sky. She heard a roar above and a flock of dragons flew out from a cloud. Duke walked over to Shystar and kissed her on the cheek. "We need to head back to The Fallout, Amelie might be hungry." Duke said.

"Alright, I'll be here a bit. And don't forget about me!" Shystar called after him.

"I won't!"

Shystar walked around the center of Jamaa. She paced back and forth until Ralph flew her home.


Back at The Fallout a few hours later, Shystar was sleeping in her bed. Typical, yes? No. You may have guessed, buut...

:sees something flying toward head:


No wait, not this early! I just got ba-

:object hits head:

Five minutes later

The author is currently in an ambulance, and has a concussion. Thanks story plots!

Two hours later

Hello hello! I'm Eddy, your onboard computer, and I'm always happy! I'll be continuing the story for the author until he/she is out of the hospital again! Yay!


Anyway, a day later...

Duke growled at the person in front of him. That night he had been taken hostage by Anti-Star, and everyone knew that Anti-Star had a certian taking to Duke. Wait, nobody knew that? Oh well!

"Now now Duke, no need to growl at me, after all, you DO want to be here with me, instead of the filthy wolf Shystar, hmm?"

Just then PK walked in. "What did you say about beautiful Shystar?"

Anti-Star snorted. Beautiful my tail. Now, let's see about torchering Duke."

It was PK's turn to snort. "How about we keep 'em as a hostage, after all you want revenge on Shystar, not Duke."

Anti-Star smiled. "Good idea my love, and of COURSE I won't hurt Shystar. Well, not too much."


Shystar walked through the gardens, trying to figure out where Duke had dissapeared to. And figuring out where her tomatoes dissapeared to.

Could I interrupt you for a moment Shystar?

Shystar looked up. It was the narrator. "Uh, sure, what is it?"

Uh, let me find it.... Aha!

If later on in this story Shystar goes missing, we will have to create a whole new story saying that Duke misses her and all that stuff we don't want to get into.

"If I go missing? What does that mean!?"

Nothing dear, just please don't do anything drastic?

"Alright, I'm trusting you narrator."

That would be wise of you.

Shystar sighed and went back inside. She really hoped she wouldn't do anything drastic.

"Shystar, something bugging you?" That was Random.

"No Random I'm fine. Any clues to where Duke might've gone?"

"Shystar, Duke's right-"

"Random, Duke's been captured. Now I'll be in the kitchen."

Shystar walked into the kitchen, where not surprisingly, Amelie was eating.

Shystar sighed. At least it wasn't the mead this time.

"You know I can read your mind, even when I'm eating." Amelie said over a mouthful. "You should be happy I'm not drinking mead with the Dwarves. King Orik would've been happy if I did."

"Your point is?"

"I never even had a point. Were you expecting one?"

Shystar just grumbled and walked to her room. Surprisingly, Torch was there.

"I would like you to meet Anti-Star Voodoo Doll, Gaurenteed to provoke Nightmares!™" Torch said happily. "She is a doll that is a Voodoo Doll and we can attack her right now! The only problem is that it won't let me kill her..."

"Sounds like something Duke would've done. I'll be going to bed if you don't mind."

"This early? It's only eight! Something troubling you?"

"Torch, Duke's been captured! It's like the entire Fallout doesn't know it!"

"Uh, Shystar, Duke's right here." Torch pointed to a figure in the doorway.

He was right! It was Duke, but something was off. He seemed too, well, different. Like his whole demeanor had changed.

(Demeanor means outward behavior and bearing, for the uneducated people out there.)

"Hello Shystar." Duke said, his vioce seemed a little lower than before too. "Torch, could we have a moment alone?"

That was odd. Duke usually never wanted to be alone with Shystar. And that's not a joke for the Internet to enjoy!

Torch quickly left.

"That's not really you Duke. The real Duke's been captured by Anti-Star!"

"So you've figured out our little plan, hmm?"

Shystar took a step back as "Duke" turned into PK.

"I knew it! You coward! I'll have your eye for this!" Shystar yelled, lunging.

She froze in mid-air as PK did a quick spell.

"Hush, we don't want your friends to worry now do we? Just relax and enjoy my company."

Shystar scowled at PK but said nothing.


"Anti-Star what do you want with me! I'm just a wolf cyborg with a fondness of playing the keytar! Let me go!" Duke protested the next day.

"Oh, dear, we both know you're much more important than that!" Anti-Star cooed.

"Just cut it out with the lovey-dovey stuff and please tell me where's Shystar and the Fallout?"

"Ohh, you still miss her? So sad. I can turn into her if you like." And on that note, Anti-Star turned into Shystar.

Duke gasped. So she uses Dark Magic to change he and PK's apperances..

"Do you like me now, Duke?" Anti-Star asked Duke slyly.

"I've never liked you Anti-Star. Why are you even bothering with fighting us anyway? We've never done anything to you. Our only battle is with PK." Duke said coldly.

Anti-Star sighed sadly. "Do you want to hear my tale of woe? Alright. It began about a few centuries ago, when Sir Valkur of Jamaa found out I was practicing Dark Magics and Alchemy. He was my fiancè back then, but not anymore. I loved him, yes, but he never loved me back after that day. I told him it was for the good of the town! He never believed me. The next month he proclaimed me a witch and burned me at the stake. A few hundred years later, when I heard of Shystar, I knew she was a relative of his. How you and your friends live that long is a mystery. PK found my body and dragged it out of the newly formed river. He saved my life. I owe PK a lot, yes, but I'll never admit it. Shystar was just like Valkur. Strong, bold, smart, and devilishly quick. I knew I would get revenge, on Valkur and his family, no matter how many generations. Now do you see how I fight you Duke? Now do you see why I have to do this? Goodnight, Duke." Anti-Star walked promptly out the prisoner door.


Shystar woke with a start. Huh? What happened? I better go to the Orb to see what's going on.

Good news was that after "Duke" had showed up, he left, but not without taking tomatoes. (Seriously? People have a grudge against tomatoes for some reason.) Shystar trudged into the kitchen, not looking up as Amelie had already shoved her face full of a tomato waffle taco. (Ok, no more tomatoes, I promise.)

"You heading out to the Orb? Just don't get lost Shystar. You seemed pretty tired last night."

"I'm fine today. Nobody seems to believe me that Duke is captured by Anti-Star."

I believe you Shystar.

"You don't count Narrator."

Ugh, fine.

"We do believe you Shystar, go to the Orb." Amelie said, "Just make sure you figure out what there're planning, ok?"

Shystar eagerally raced off to the caverns, where the Orb was located.


The Orb had four forms.

Green = Yes

Red = No

Yellow = Dangerous/Warning

Blue = Comfortable/Ok

The Orb also had the powers to show the user and area they have been before, or where an ally is.


"Orb, show me PK and Anti-Star's lair."

The Orb glowed, and then flashed red.

"Orb, please, I need to know where Duke is."

The Orb appeared to sigh, then showed an area.

"Thank you Orb."


"Oh, Anti-Star, you'll love this new feature I put into the castle." PK said as they walked up the stairs to the top floor. "It's a vent that travels all the way from the top to the sewers."

"Good work my love. Now, do you have anything to demonstrate?" Anti-Star asked.

"I considered using the peice of scrap metal, but I knew you wouldn't approve. So I'm using the leftovers of the phantom goop." PK explained.


They had reached the top tower with Duke already there, chained.

Shystar gasped.

Dark, and sticky stuff was piled onto a platform. PK pulled a lever, and the platform dropped and everything fell, down, down into the abyess.


"Thank you Orb, now I know what PK and Anti-Star plan to do with leftovers, but that's not what I need!"

The Orb relented, then showed a prison.


A phantom guard walked down the hallway, keys jingling as he spun them around on his arm/tentacle/thing.

"Orville!" PK shouted to the guard. "Have you seen that peice of scrap metal anywhere? Anti-Star wants 'em as a hostage. No idea why, that woman has plans of her own."

Orville, the guard, turned around and pointed to a cell at the very end of the long hallway. He handed PK a key.

"Thank you Orville." PK muttered.

Orville gave a slight nod and raced off.


"Thank you Orb. Now I know why they have Duke. Tomorrow I will come and see what Anti-Star is up to." Shystar said.

The Orb appeared to grumble but then straighten itself. Shystar raced off to the Fallout.


"Ok Duke. I'm going to send a message through Shystar's Computer and tell her I have you hostage. How much ransom money do you think you'll go for?" Anti-Star grinned.

Duke growled. "I really don't like you Anti-Star."

"I know you'll like me eventually, silly." Anti-Star laughed.


"Narrator, no comments please." Anti-Star said.

Ok then...

"Now, I'll need a minute to hack Shystar's computer."


Meanwhile, back at The Fallout...

"Shystar! Shystar! SSSHHHYYYYSSSTTTAAAARRRR!!!" Amelie shouted.

"AHHHH!" Shystar leapt out of bed. "What is it!? Urgals? Elves? PK? Anti-Star? Duke?" Shystar really doesn't like being woken up.

"None of that Shystar, it's just that it seems Anti-Star is on your computer!" Amelie said, clearly panicked.

"Amelie, gather everyone and tell them to come to the living room. Including Random." Shystar ordered.

"Noted!" And Amelie raced off.


"Ok Duke, I'll tell everyone where you've been, explain my evil plan clichè, and then you can talk to Shystar!" Anti-Star said happily.

"How about I talk to Shystar first, alone, then you talk to her?" Duke bargianed.

"Hmmm. Nope!" Anti-Star laughed and turned on the computer.

"Hello Shystar! And friends..?" Anti-Star looked at everyone in the screen. Amelie, Shystar, Dark, Enchanted, The Minis, a strange green and blue creature, (Random) and Ralph, Emerald and Sunburst were there, just barely in the picture.

Shystar growled. "Let Duke go."

"Does it always have to be Duke with you Shystar?" Anti-Star sighed.

"I focus on many other things, like beating you."

Anti-Star snorted. "Just because PK retreated doesn't mean you beat us. Anyway, I think I'll tell you my plan!"

"Great, this story is even more clichèd than the last. I sure hope somebody still likes it." Amelie grumbled.

"I wasn't expecting everyone to come!" Anti-Star complained.

"Too bad," Dark reorted. "Now give Duke back."

"No. I'm telling you my plan and then you can speak to him."


"I agree with myself, so it is an agreement!" Anti-Star said. "Now, on with my plan. I wish to control the Fallout and everyone in it. To do that though, I need money and for Shystar to sign an agreement term. So I took Duke hostage for ransom money. If Shystar doesn't sign, I'll kill him."

*evil laugh inserted here*

Darn. I need a place for a cliffhanger and switch characters veiwpoints. NARRATOR TELEPORTATION POWERS!


Shystar growled. "You wouldn't dare kill Duke."

"Oh yes I can, Dragon Rider! I can and I will if you don't sign terms and the ransom money! Say bye-bye to your peice of scrap metal soon."

The apprentices gasped. Random was thinking, probably about something irrelevant to this topic. The dragons were having thoughts, messing with their Riders' minds.


Shystar just sat there. After a few minutes she finally said;

"If you let Duke go, I'll hand myself to you Anti-Star, but not the Fallout."

There were cries of uproar from everyone.

"You can't do this!"

"What about the food?"

"Your people need you Shystar!"

The most unsettling came from Ralph.

Shystar, you know that if Anti-Star kills you, I'll die too.

"Well Anti-Star? What do you think about my terms?" Shystar asked coldly.

"Hmm... That seems ok... As long as you don't try anything, I'll leave The Fallout alone. PK will come pick you up."

Then the screen went black.


"Duke, did you hear about the plan? Ha! Shystar's willing to trade herself for you! Pity, she is just like Valkur. Too worried about others to see that all the world cares about isn't her." Anti-Star sighed.

"Can you let me out of these chains Anti-Star. They're cutting into the metal." Duke replied calmly.

"Not yet, you idiot." Anti-Star snarled.

"Fine..." Duke replied. "Even though my paws are really hurting."

"Ugh, you'll be out of them eventually. PK GO PICK UP SHYSTAR AND BRING HER HERE. NOW!" Anti-Star yelled.

"Alright, alright..." Pk grumbled.


"Shystar, what on earth were you doing!? Thinking of becoming a hostage? The Fallout needs you!" Random said.

"Random, I know. Also, doesn't Sir need you to do something here?"

"He told me to protect you. He said you were important to an interdimensional space thing."

"Is that so? Well, I'll be packing my things."

"Alright Shystar. Good luck."

Shystar walked up the stairs into her room. She packed about 500 tomatoes, her journal and pen, and a picture. Not very many people know about the picture. It's a very cool picture. I shall describe the picture for you.

Duke and Shystar were standing next to each other, Shystar holding Torch. Ralph is sitting behind Duke with the Fallout in the background.

Did you like that picture? It's a really cool picture. I'll draw it for you the best I can someday. Scratch that. I can't draw.

Shystar sighed and put the picture and her journal into her helmet. She picked up the bag of tomatoes and waited for Pk.

He arrived at the door a few minutes after she had finished.

"Who said you could come into my room!?"

"I let myself in Shystar, it's not like your palace is phantom-proofed."

"Technically, it is. I have dragons out in the garden."

Pk just rolled his eye and motioned for Shystar to follow him. Shystar followed impatiently.


"Pk, where is my hostage?!" Anti-Star yelled. "It was supposed to be here fifteen minutes ago!"

Shystar snorted. I am not an it Anti-Star.. She thought.

"Right here my love!" PK ran up to her. Anti-Star shoved him off.

"I told you not to call me that PK, at least not with guests." She gestured to Duke and Shystar.

"Ok Anti-Star, let me go, and I'll be out of your fur." Duke said, ignoring the "guests" part. Anti-Star studied them for a moment.

"No, I think I'll keep you two, you seem very good prisoners."

Insert evil grin here

"ANTI-STAR YOU PROMISED YOU WOULD LET US GO!" Duke exclaimed, irritated.

"Oh Duke, don't you know I NEVER keep my promises?" Anti-Star laughed. "Anyway, GUARDS TAKE THEM TO THE PRISON!"

"Oh how I hate you Anti-Star..." Duke growled.



"Valkur the First, you know the law! We're not allowed to have two children!" Amy shouts.

"My darling I know, I know, but please, keep Anti-Star, and kick Shystar to the curb! We never liked anyone so..weak.." Valkur the First replies.





But you ask, "How are Shystar and Anti-Star sisters!?! Anti-Star died a thousand years ago, much more than lived!"

My dear readers, time paradoxes are a lovely thing, aren't they?


Shystar paced around her cell. Duke's cell was to the right of her. She paced and thought how to get free. An idea struck her. She would need the Fallout's help, but-

Her thoughts were cut off as her cell door was picked open. A familier vioce said: "Quickly, we don't have much time. Duke is with me. Go to the top tower."

It was Enchanted's voice who spoke. Perfect, that's exactly where I want to go.. Shystar thought.

Shystar bolted out of her cell. She had to get PK's attention, so she yelled at the top of her lungs all the way. "PK SHYSTAR ESCAPED, GO TO THE TOP TOWER, HURRY SHE'S GETTING AWAAY!!"

She laughed to herself. This was going swimmingly.

When she was at the top, PK was already there.

"Shystar lovely, how did you escape so quickly..?" PK asked.

"I had some help PK. Shall we do a duel clichè thing?"

"It wouldn't be the author's story without it, now would it?"

As Shystar and PK fought, the apprentices and the dragons fought against Anti-Star's and PK's army. Duke had raced up the stairs just in time to see Shystar almost falling off the edge.

Shystar knew what she had to do.

She pushed PK backwards, toward the platform that led into darkness. She picked up a rock that was near her paw and threw it at the lever.

The platform flew out beneath her and PK's feet. Shystar caught an edge, but PK fell downwards fast.

Her paw slipped, but Duke caught her.

"Duke," She whispered, "Let me go. PK will still be a threat. Duke, protect the Fallout and the apprentences."

"I won't let you go Shystar!" He said sharply. "You mean too much.." He added in a softer tone.

"Duke, don't forget me." And Shystar let go.

"No! Shysar please! No.." Duke sobbed.

Take It Out on Me-Thousand Foot Krutch (lyrics)03:16

Take It Out on Me-Thousand Foot Krutch (lyrics)

Play This near the end

Oh readers. This is the end. I'm sorry.

Oh wait.

  • checks script*

Maybe this isn't the end.

Everyone gathered around Amelie and Duke who finished the story.

"Young ones, Shystar left for a noble cause. Let her live on in memories and decades to come." Duke said softly.

"Yes, please do." Amelie added.

NOW it's the end. Sorry if it was a bit rushed...


Go read my other stories will you?

~The Author

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