WARNING!!! MAY BE SCARY TO YOUNG USERS!!! (short creepypasta)

There was once a young boy named Mark. He was 10 living in Denver, Colorado. Mark lived with his mom, dad, and dog. His father was very abusive. He would hit and yell at Mark even when he made the smallest mistake. One day, Mark couldn't take it anymore. He murdered his father and ran away.

12 years later, Mark was put in an insane asylum. He had become a notorious murderer in the past years. Mark carved the words "KILL ALL" with a knife on his arm. He was planning his big escape today. The hole dug in the ground led right to a safe area where Mark could find his next victim.

And to this day, he roams the night, looking for someone to murder. And whenever he does, you can hear a scream. Loud, yet silent...

But where is he now? You might ask. Well...

He could be behind you...

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