Hello all! This is a collection of short stories I never bothered to publish. They're all favorites, and depict characters in little scenes. I'll post one at a time. Comment below if you want a certain topic!

Story 1: Stingberry

Gray and Silver stood, back to back, surrounded by mummies. The adventurers had their weapons drawn and pointed at the shuffling masses of linen. But there were simply too many.

Silver grunted. "We're doomed," he murmured.

Gray turned his head. "Not so," he said with a wicked grin. Putting his hand into his pocket, he drew out a strangely shaped green berry. "Eat this," he insisted.

Silver popped the berry into his mouth and chewed. His mouth felt like he had just detonated a warhead in it, and he doubled over, retching.

Soon, his head cleared. Silver dropped his battleaxe and raised his fist. It was encased in a glowing, blood-red aura that flickered and moved like fire.

He swung his fist, scattering over a dozen mummies to the night air. They dissolved into scraps of linen.

Next, he pushed a surprised Gray away from the circle of mummies. With all his strength, Silver lowered his head and charged.

Mummies flew forty blocks away and splattered against the sandy floor of the desert. One knocked over a cactus. Silver wheeled like a bull, drew his axe, and charged one final time.

From far away, MC and FireSlime watched as a plume of bloodred dust rose into the air and was illuminated from inside. Silver leapt out of it, shouting a battle cry. "ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!"

His voice boomed across the dusty plains, scattering linen wrappings everywhere.

When returned to normal, he asked Gray, "What was that?"

Gray grinned maliciously. "Stingberry, my friend."

Story 2: Nitro Creep'd

Pup, Dia and Ice trudged tiredly through the Nether. They were all beaten, burned and scarred. It was no forgiving place. But it was a rewarding one; all three adventurers were laden down with ardite, cobalt and other materials. Ice was holding some berries she had found.

Then the world blew outward.

All three adventurers had no time to react. A hissing sound, quicker than a whisper, had started, and they all flew.

Ice had no time to eat the berries; she was vaporized on the spot. Not so lucky, Dia flew into a lava lake some thirty blocks away. Pup slammed into a wall.

The remaining Nitro Creepers slowly walked toward her fallen form, ready to blow her to high heaven.

Pup ran for the portal and never looked back.

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