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The lights flickered on and off on the futuristic vessel, drifting casually through space. A small flame flickered on the roof of the S.S Walkmann.

A shadow perched near it, holding a welding device. The shadow, who was humanoid in form, stood up, and wiped her forehead. "Remind me to never volunteer for repair duty on the Starboard wing again," She mumbled to herself. "Unit 4 reporting to control, wing malfunction has been repaired. Requesting permission to reboard, over."

She waited for a reply over the walkie-talkie, but after several minutes, all she heard was static. "Repeat! Unit 4 requesting permission to reboard!" No reply answered her, adding to her unease. 

"God, something must be wrong with the intercom system. I'll just head over to the door." The figure allowed herself to float towards the large metal door that seperated space from the inside of the S.S Walkmann. She banged on the door. "Hello?! Let me in, you laz-"

Before she could finish her sentence, a loud screeching noise sounded from behind her, and her world turned black.

Chapter 1

Back at command center, chaos had erupted. The captain, a user named 625Graystripe, was having a hard time getting the walkie-talkie system to work. "Damn this, I'll just use the intercomm. Maybe I can get Rigby to have a look at the wiring," he muttered. he pressed a large button, and said into the microphone,"All units report to command center, over!"

Within minutes, 19 out of the 20 crew members on the ship were assembled in the command center, with the exception of CloudyJay, one of the technicians, who had been working on the starboard wing.

The wing had recieved damage from a meteor belt the S.S Walkmann had been traveling through, so she had taken a spacewalk outside of the ship to fix it. 

"Someone, please go check on Cloudy. With the Walkies down, she has no means of communicating with us," Gray commanded. "I'll do it!" Nunya said, and she skipped out of the room, no doubt on her way to check on CJ. 

"Also, Rigby, could you please check on the walkie system? You were supposed to be keeping track of it!" Rigby nodded. "I was keeping track of the system. It just went out a few minutes ago, sir. All the wiring is intact!"

Everyone present looked at Rigby. "So you're saying the communications went out for no reason?" Emerald asked, curiousity in her eyes. "Pretty much," Rigby replied.

Before anyone could say something else, Nunya burst through the door, CJ following close behind. "Guys! Something's wrong!" CJ shouted.

"Well, what is it?" Diamond growled,"We don't have all day! We have to get the cargo back to the port by tomorrow, or else the base will have our heads!"

CJ cast a glare at Diamond, then said as quickly as she could, "I think...a SkinWalker has breached our ship."

Everyone looked at each other in shock and horror. One of the greenhorns, a user named Foxstar, prodded Icefern. "I hate to bother, but what's a SkinWalker?"

"A SkinWalker is a type of hostile alien very uncommon in this part of Wikia 9. They board ships, kill a crewmember, and...well...steal their skin, taking on their appearance. Very deadly and hard to find," Asmodeous said in a monotone voice. 

"Wait, they WHAT?!?" The other trainees were horrified. "How come we weren't notified of this when we signed up?!?

"Because we've done this route numerous times, and we haven't had a breach. It could just be superstition, guys. This part of the galaxy is said to be very haunted," Asmodeous continued, smirking,"Why, are you scared?

"Enough!" Gray roared. "Let's split up into 3 teams and search the deck. Everyone so far has been accounted for, so the creature hasn't taken anyone's form yet. Myself and the other officers will remain here and attempt to contact a passing ship for help."

Gray continued,"Team 2, Frost, Silver, Stormclaw, Emerald, Rigby, Nunya, Starfalls, and Nightshade shall search the upper deck, while Team 3, Seaofclouds, Cloudyjay, MC, Felis, Foxstar, Candygirl, Codywife, Kosh Naranek, and Nightmare shall search the lower deck. Any objections?"

Simultaneous replies of,"No sir!" echoed through the cabin.

"Best of luck, guys. Be careful," Icefern chuckled. On that note, Teams 2 and 3 left the cabin, unaware of the fate that lie ahead of them....

Chapter 2

As Team 2 explored the damp lower deck, where the engine of the shuttle lay, the creaks and groans of the large machine left them uneasy.

The engine itself was the lifeblood of the S.S Walkmann, and if it stopped.....well, they didn't want to think about that. The crew would be stuck, drifting in space, until a passing ship stopped by. Even then, there was no guarantee everyone would survive. 

"So, how do we know if there's a skinwalker nearby, again?" Kosh inquired of Cloudyjay. Instead of answering, she kept her focus straight ahead. Felis answered for her. "No one knows any definite signs, of course. But some say skin walkers have red, bloodshot eyes that stare straight into your soul."

As an extra effect, Felis grabbed Cody's flashlight, and shined it upon her face. "Legend has it SkinWalkers prey on the weakest and most vunerable first, and they gradually rise up the ranks higher and higher until all of their victims are deceased!"

"Stop it Felis, you're scaring the newbies!" Sea chuckled. That remark earned a glare from Nightmare, Fox, and Candy, which was pleasantly ignored by everyone else. 

Once the team had traveled deep into the engine room, Cloudy, who had been leading the group, suddenly stopped, causing the members behind her to collide. "Hey, what gives?!?" said a bewildered Codywife, who was rubbing her head angrily. 

"It's time," CJ said in a hollow voice, absolutely no emotion in her face. Shouts of,"What do you mean?" and "What's going on?!" followed soon after. Suddenly, she whipped around, a menacing, stretched grin on her face. 

The mechanical door leading to the room they were in suddenly slammed shut, as if a gust of wind had closed it. The trapped wiki members looked around bewildered and frightened. 

CJ began to transform. Her limbs grew long and gangly, and her eyes turned a terrifying shade of red. Her mouth became lined with sharp, needle-like teeth, and her nails became claws, sharpened and ready to kill.

The screams echoed throuhgout the entire ship.

The SkinWalker had found some new victims.

Chapter 3

Back at control, things had reached a breaking point. "God dammit!" Diamond roared, slamming her fist down on the table,"From what we just heard, Team 2 or 3 have been annihilated. For all we know, everyone could be dead!" Asmo glared at her. "Jesus Christ, can you not spontaneously combust for once? We'll be fine."

"Both of you, shut it. I'm going to lock the entrance to this room. If everyone outside of here dies, then very well. Someone needs to get out of this damn place alive," Icefern snapped. With that, she spun the control lock shut, condemning those outside of the room to the fate that had been chosen for them. 

"Woah, wait up a second partner. What if a team comes back?" Gray said skeptically, glancing at the door. "Then we kill them. Plain and simple," Cas cackled. Diamond snickered. "Talk about dark thoughts. Say that around the wrong person, and they'll think you're some sort of emo or something."

"Hey, watch it, Whiskers," Cas growled, not understanding the joke. She stood up, and glared at Diamond. "Dude, calm down. It was just a joke," Diamond retorted,"Quit wasting your time trying to act tough, alright? We're screwed at this point.

Something inside Caspiea snapped. Without looking up, she quickly grabbed the wire-cutters off the table, and advanced towards Diamond, an evil look in her eye. "Woah, what are you doing?!?" Diamond said, backing away. Cas didn't reply. She just kept walking closer and closer to Diamond. 

That was when Diamond made a run for it. She leaped over the remaining crew members in the cabin, who had just now noticed what was happening, and scrounged around for some form of a weapon. Before she could arm herself, a massive pair of wire-cutters were slammed down upon her head. Diamond's legs crumpled beneath her, and she collapsed, her four arms sprawled around her. Suddenly, Cas shifted back into reality. "Oh my god!" Icefern screamed,"You killed her!"

The glowing cyan blood was everywhere. Everyone was horrified. "Well, that settles that, Any more questions?" Asmo said, looking around,"No? Good."

Diamond's body was quickly wrapped up in a burial cloth, and moved to a corner of the room. At the least, the blood provided a secondary lightsource for the room. Gray shook his head. "Asmo, you know murdering the Executive Officer is a very serious crime, correct?" "But.. It's just murder, right?? RIGHT??" The murderous Flight Officer giggled twistedly, hugging the wire clippers like a teddy bear, smiling like a maniac.

"Uh...I'll just leave you to that then, Cas," Gray said, scooting very far away from Asmodeous. 

Chapter 4

"Oh my god, we need to get back to the command center and report this," Frost said, horror in her voice. Team 2 was, well, looking at the corpses of what had previously been known as Team 3. After hearing their screams, they had decided to investigate what was happening, and, much to their shock, they found most of Team 3 ripped apart, arms, heads, and legs missing from their corpses. 

The only three exceptions were CJ, Seaofclouds, and MC's bodies. Sea appeared to have been incinerated, unlike the others. Half of her body was completely charred, revealing a robotic frame underneath. Further invesigation revealed that she, unfortunately, had been standing over one of the exhaust vents on the ship. 

The exhaust vents in the engine room released boiling hot steam that could char an organism within a matter of seconds. As it was plain to see, Sea had proven this correct.

As for MC and CJ, things were...odd. CJ's corpse wasn't actually a corpse, but in fact, just her skin. MC was just the opposite. MC's corpse was noted to be lacking skin. The only part of him that was indentifiable were the dog tags everyone was forced to carry.

"So wait, CJ was the skinwalker?! She's dead?!" Rigby screamed, only to be slapped by an angry Emerald. "Calm down! We've got to get back to command and shut everything down! Tell them that MC is the skinwalker before it's too late!"

Nunya, who had been attempting to get the intercom system to work, cursed under her breath. "Why isn't this stupid thing working by now?!" 

"Guys, let's hurry up! We don't have much time!" Emerald prodded, and together, the group ran down the hall as fast as they could to the control room. 

Finally, they approached the door to the control room. They noticed an creepy, glowing cyan substance spattered on the walls, almost as if it were..blood. Nightshade stepped forward, and knocked on the door rapidly. "Hello? Anyone in there? Let us in!"

Asmo's voice came over the intercom. "Nobody's coming in here. Just keep your sorry butts intact and hope for the best!" "But Asmo, we have to tell you something! Where's Gray, Ice, and Diamond?!" Starfalls squeaked. "Gray and Ice are fine. Diamond.." She paused for a moment, snickering,"Diamond has decided to occupy herself as a make-shift lightsource, as you can see."

"You don't mean...?" Stormclaw gasped. "Yeah, Diamond wouldn't shut up, so I had to help her with that. My mistake!" Cas cackled. She then turned off the intercom, and gave a sarcastic little wave to the Team outside, leaving them to face the alien themselves.

U.N.S. Hannibalis: Report 57

12/13/3014, 11:14 Intergalatic Units, Kelgar Timezone

This is Captain Jackyllis, reporting from the U.N.S. Hannibalis. We have located the wreckage of the S.S Walkmann. We found it drifting aimlessly in space, approximately two months after it had ceased communication with the base. After several minutes of attempting to contact the Captain, we docked at the landing bay, where we found it in terrible condition. Something must have caused this, presumably a hostile ship of some form?

We found most crew members to be deceased, some apparently missing their skin. It is unknown what caused this to happen, but several bodies appeared to be fresher than others. It can be assumed the last survivors survived on what little food was in the ship's food bay, or even worse..oh god, let's hope they hadn't eaten the remains of their comrades, right? 

The power was out on most of the ship, and what little light we found was from the corpses of the three resident Drazi on the ship. Most if not every corpse with their skin intact had deep slash marks across their throat or stomach. The few that stood out were of course, the skinless corpses of Cloudy Jay (Tech. Crew), Stormclaw (Navigator), and Seaofclouds (Third engineer). In addition to these, the corpse of the Executive officer, Diamonddragon88, had a large concussion like lump on her skull. This can be attributed to the blow of a blunt object, such as a hammer of some sort. Were they going mad?

We had difficulty locating the remaining corpses of Team 2 and 3, only to find Team 2's corpses on the lower deck, and Team 3's huddled in the infirmary, presumably to gather supplies. The bodies in the command center were almost unrecognizable, due to the sheer amount of blood. 

Luckily, we have found one survivor. The subject, who has identified themselves as Flight Officer Asmodeous Paradoxicus Z, was almost starved and mute by the time we located her. She was huddled in a corner. Oddly enough, her current appearance does not match with her Identification card. The main feature that didn't line up were her eyes. They were a deep, blood red, and she was coated in blood, presumably from injuries sustained from whatever decimated the ship. Despite concerns from the crew, I've decided to take her back to the ship to tend to her injuries and get her report of the incident, hopefully so we'll be able to defend against attacks like this in the future.

Afterall, what's the worst that could happe-


Crew Roster Report (12/13/3014):

Captain-625Graystripe (Deceased)

Executive Officer-Diamonddragon88 (Deceased/Nightlight)

Operations Officer-Icefern (Deceased)

Flight Officer-Asmodeous Paradoxicus Z (Skinwalker)

First Helmsman-Froststar1 (Deceased)

Second Helmsman-Silverhexxitfights (Deceased)

Navigator-Stormclaw Of Riverclan (Deceased)

First Engineer-Emerald Pup (Deceased)

Second Engineer-MC Photos (Deceased)

Third Engineer-Seaofclouds (Deceased)

Tech. Crew-CloudyJay (Deceased), Nunyapie (Deceased), Rigby (Deceased), FelisLupus (Deceased), Nightshade (Deceased), Codywife1 (Deceased), Kosh Naranek (Deceased)

Trainees-Foxstar241 (Deceased), Candygirl (Deceased), Nightmare~Starflight (Deceased), Starfalls (Deceased)

Official Report: Alien Species on S.S Walkmann

The S.S Walkmann is a ship owned by AJ Wiki United, one of the largest shipping companies within the galaxy. The employees of this fine company come from a diverse number of species, ranging from humans to Star Jumpers. 

Upon the S.S Walkmann, there are 4 different species of aliens. Each race shall include planet/s of origin, overall species background/appearance (If neccessary), and crew members belonging to that race.


Humans are the most common species of creature on the ship. Fairly hardy, and independant. The human home planet is Earth, but they have spread throughout many solar systems through colonization. Most range from 5'3 to 6'8 feet tall.

Note from author:

If you would like a description of your character to be included, please write it in the comments below, and it shall be added later. 

  • 625Graystripe 
  • Icefern
  • Froststar1
  • Silverhexxitfights
  • Stormclaw Of Riverclan
  • MC Photos 
  • CloudyJay
  • Nunyapie
  • Rigby
  • FelisLupus
  • Nightshade
  • Codywife1
  • Foxstar241
  • Candygirl
  • Nightmare~Starflight
  • Starfalls


A race of furry, bipedal, cat-like aliens with four arms and a large number of spider-like eyes, ranging from four eyes to twelve. Known to have glowing mouths, and luminescent, cyan blood. Most are extremely generous to other species, whoch eventually lead to their near extinction. Homeplanet is Hoyba, a cold, desolate land in the Upper Galaxy.

Able to enter a state of suspended animation when faced with a life-threatening situation for up to 200 years. 

  • Diamonddragon88- A small yet agile young adult Drazi. Twelve bright cyan eyes, long black fur, and large claws prime for attacking enemies. About 5'6 in height. Extremely hot-headed, vulgar, sarcastic, and cynical of others. Her one prime trait is her high intelligence.
  • Kosh Naranek-A teenage male Drazi with 2 yellow eyes, long blue fur, and long claws. Rather cool-headed, intelligent and cuddly at times. He is rather strong and is a technical expert. Best feature is cool-headedness.


This species of alien hails from the Skeletal Forest, a stretch of woodland that is mostly devoid of life. For more information, visit this article.

"Pseudos are a generally-unknown, mysterious race of human-like creatures with cat-life ears on their head, and a flicking tail that varies vastly in terms of quantity. They are only renowned for their astonishing fighting skill, blood-lust, and dark sense of humor, etc. Unlike their human comparison, they lack the frontal lobe of the brain that provides happiness, excitement, etc., and seems to have been replaced by an unknown part that relinquishes only darkness, blood-lust, and generally shadowy persona. However, they are all characterized by an ornate, spiky hair style that covers at least one eye, a randomly colored, intricate set of highlight(s), and shadows constantly enveloped over their eyes. They are not easily identified due to their disguising their appearance by keeping their tail wrapped around their waist, and ears tucked back."

  • Asmodeous Paradoxicus Z-An adolescent Pseudo with black hair, a white highlight intricately curling across his/her hair, one blind eye, and an unknowngender. Generally scornful, contemptuous, and murderous. Is generally described as a crab, but rarely shows trust in others.


Much is unknown about this species, other than the fact that they come from the planet Gliar-V, a frozen planet far from most others in the galaxy. What little is currently known is the fact that they were almost wiped about centuries ago, and only about 1200 live on today. The survivors exist in a somewhat dystopian society. Most have gray skin, white hair, and multiple eyes. Most are suited to forests and grassy habitats, and are quiet, stealthy, and intelligent.

  • SeaofClouds- A 5'5 ft. tall, teenaged Jaenusite with three, blue eyes, gray skin, and short white hair. Often seen roaming around deck wearing a blue beanie. 

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