This might be scary to young users or funny...idk...

Today I was playing AJ when a strange wolf went up to me. He had dark, sunken eyes and a twisted face. He kept following me. Even when I turned into an eagle he was able to fly. I got very nervous and went to my den and locked it.

He was there.

He started to do the smiley emoticon. Then, I heard squealing sounds coming from my laptop. My math book opened by itself. Then, I felt watched.

I checked on my dad. He said he was going to work out in his room. He was dead, bloody on the floor. My little brother looked scared too (he was there with me at the time).

My brother fainted. I woke him up 5 minutes later. He opened his eyes and had a weird smile on his face.

He said with a scratchy voice,

"Why aren't you smiling?!"

I jumped back in surprise. Then my brother turned into the wolf and clawed my chest.

I heard one more word...


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