I was just being a normal jammer. You know, stuff like that. Then, a New Jammer Jam-a-grammed me saying: "Meet me in Sarepia Forest!" I got out of my jam-a-grams, suspecting it was just a New Jammer eager to get buddies.

I went to Sarepia Forest anyway, something in my heart begged me to go there. I saw the New Jammer, it was black with the boy eyes, witch were blue. They said: Hi! And I just decided not to reply. But they spammed my Jam-a-Grams with hi. I jam-a-grammed them back: Knock it off!

I knew that was rude, and they put the crying emotion up. They said: Why did you do that to me!? So I replied, "just go away." I went to Mt. Shiveer, as always, lots of jammers were hopping on the ice. I just ignored it. The New Jammer was there. I said: "What!? How did you follow me? Your not my buddy!" I put up the angry emotion. I didn't want some random wolf stalking me!

I decided to look at their animals. To my surprise, they had lots of diamond animals. Their main one was a Snow Leopard. I just logged out. I said: "Phew." And got back on, I decided it was a glitch. I logged back on, and someone was in my den. Sure enough, it was the New Jammer as a Snow Leopard. They said: "I am not a normal New Jammer!" I put the question emotion up, and they said: "Good." I was just randomly logged out.

The New Jammer was probably hacking me, I didn't care. I quit that very day.

I'm making something creepy because there's a bad storm outside.

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